Monster Integration - Chapter 1601 - Step In

Chapter 1601 - Step In

Chapter 1601 - Step In

"I should collect the badges as soon as possible," I said to myself as I had become completely sure of Copper Maned Lionman leaving. That Grimm b.a.s.t.a.r.d had wasted nearly an hour of mine, and I am sure it had already cost me few ranks.

If I still want to get a good reward, I should not waste any time and start as soon as possible, and that brings me to an important question, 'Which direction should I go?'

The Lionman had been pretty silent when it left, and since I was hiding down in a tree hole, I did not see it leave. I do not want to choose the wrong direction and end up meeting with it; that would be very bad.

I was able to get away from it one time; it would not let me get away a second time, and not to forget, I am still feeling slightly weak due to the blood I burned; it would take some time for me to recover.

I thought for a while and tried to find a clue about its direction, and when I did not find anything, I choose the random direction.

I had already wasted enough time, and I do not want to waste any more of it. Every minute counts here, and the more time I waste, the more chance I give others to get my much-deserved reward.

I moved with the blurring speed; I had already collected more than half of the badges, and with a time that had pa.s.sed, I am sure I will have to kill less than ten Grimm Monsters before I collect the rest of the badges.

Seven minutes after I left, I spotted a ratman and which had '5' flas.h.i.+ng on its badge; seeing it, a smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

A look of alarm flashed into its eyes as it saw me coming toward it and tried to run away, but it was already too late for it to run away.

Puch Puch Puch

Black ribbons were released from my armor and pierced through its body without much resistance, and five-second later, it was completely wrapped in fiery ribbons like a mummy.

As my ribbons completely wrapped it, a dark fiery field covered myself and the ratman, which deactivated two minutes later. Any sign of Ratman had disappeared; there is not even dust of its husk had remained.

The ratman did not have a bloodline, nor it activated when I harvested, but it still gave me five badges, storage full of treasures, and Essence Rose, which I had safely stored in my storage.

After dealing with the Ratman, I did not waste even a second and begin hunting for other Grimm Monsters.

I found my next prey twelve minutes later, and it was not a Grimm Monster but an idiot human who attacked me with intentions of taking my badge. I broke a lot of its bones before I took his badge; he had '7' badges collected which is a nice number.

I hunted one prey after another for badges, and nearly two hours later, I had '98' badges collected, and now I just need two more badges or a single prey with two or more badges, and I will finish with this challenge.

It did not take me long to find my last prey; eight minutes after finis.h.i.+ng my previous prey, I found my last prey, a Scarlet Snakeman whopping seventeen badges, who is moving toward me speedily.

It is the second Grimm Monster who had more than fifteen badges in his kitty after Coppery Maned Lionman, which had more than fifty badges.

Its eyes scanning every inch of the area around it as it moved, searching for the prey, and soon it spotted me, and a cruel smile appeared on its face. It opened its mouth to say something but froze up when it saw the fiery black ribbons coming toward it with the blurring speed.

Its expression became serious immediately, and long thin golden moved toward my ribbons with great power, and at the same time, a defensive layer enveloped it; in just one look, it realized the danger my ribbons represented and acted appropriately.

Unfortunately, even its good instincts are not going to save it as its strength does not match its instinct.

CLANG Puch Puch Puch

Its sword was able to clash against the single fiery black ribbon of mine, and only because I let it while all the other ribbons pierced through its defensive field before piercing through its body.

If this Scarlet Snakeman had been powerful, I would have fought it, but it is quite weak compare to me, and I don't want to fight it, no matter how interesting it is, especially when I am on a tight leash of time.

Soon, my ribbon finished wrapping it like a mummy, and I employed Black Fire Field to stop anyone from seeing the harvesting process.


Just as the harvesting process begins, a sound of surprise but escaped from my mouth, this Scarlet Snakeman had a bloodline which is quite surprising as its armor looked quite similar to Inheritance Armor rather than Bloodline Armor.

I would not have this problem if I had the soul sense. The Inheritance Energies and Bloodline Energies are quite distinct, and I would have known it had Bloodline the moment I sensed the aura of its attack.

A few seconds later, the Green and Silver runes covered my body before they covered the ribbons, and harvesting of the Bloodline had to begin; it had lasted for more than a minute before it stopped as Scarlet Snakeman had turned to a husk.

Buzz Buzz

My Runes begin to release the power energies through my body and soul to strengthen it, and at the same time, my badge had transformed into the Runic Gate as I collected more than a hundred badges.

I did not immediately step into the Runic Gate; I waited till my runes finished spreading their energy in my body and soul. The moment my runes finished distributing the energy, I stepped into the runic gate.