Monster Integration - Chapter 1594 - 30:70 Potion

Chapter 1594 - 30:70 Potion

Chapter 1594 - 30:70 Potion

"What a strength!" I said as I turned my palms into the first; the runes have just finished releasing the energy, and the physical strength they have given me is amazing.

I feel like my body is storing a tsunami of energy, and I just need to release this energy; with it, I will be even able to crush the mountain, which, of course, is an exaggeration.

I am nowhere close to gaining the strength to crush the mountain with a single fist; very few people throughout history were able to do something like it.


A few seconds later, a depressed sigh couldn't help but escape from my lips. It is the last Bloodline my body could handle while I am in King Stage; I had reached my limit.

Now, if I want to consume even more Bloodlines, then I will have to level up to the Emperor Stage, and if I do not want to level up, then I will have to increase the limit, which I could do by strengthening my body and soul which may seem easy but is exceptionally hard.

My strength had increased immensely just now, but it is still not strong enough to handle the consumption of another Bloodline; I will have to take the strength of my body and soul a notch higher.

The easiest way to do it is to create Diamond Seal; the special energies of Diamond Seal would easily help me consume another three to five Bloodline, but how easy it is to create a Diamond Seal.

I had been trying to create a second one ever since I had finished with one, and I had made great progress, but I am still a distance away from having a second Diamond Seal.

The other option I have is to drink a potion that will increase the strength of my body and soul enough that enough s.p.a.ce for consumption for another Bloodline to be made.

Such potions are very rare, and few could get hands-on them outside, but here, there is some hope; the treasure palaces are known to house such potions but getting them is hard.

I will try for those potions; the stronger I am before reaching the Emperor Stage, the better as I will able to get more benefits when I finally reached the Emperor Stage.

I shook my head of those thoughts and cleared the battlefield; I erased all the proof that will help anyone connect it to my real ident.i.ty.

It took me few minutes, but I was able to clean the battlefield thoroughly; after doing that, I did not call back the black sphere which is covering me; instead, I had activated the gate that is imprinted back of my palm, there is no need to get deal with those who are waiting, they are weaklings anyway.

If they had some strength, they would have attacked me by now, but they did not.


A faint buzz rang out, and runic formation lit on the back of my palm before it flew off my hand and started to grow bigger; it continues to grow bigger till it became three meters long.

I looked at the huge gate, marveling at the beauty of runes before I went inside while having a great hope for the reward I want.

As I walked out of the gate, I found myself in the white hall; the hall is neither big nor small. It is fully white in color, and it is completely empty that I could not even spot the door.

"Congratulation Partic.i.p.ant YU897 For First To Clear the First Challenge And Thus You Have Right To Choose Your Reward." The mechanical voice said, and as it finished saying, about a hundred palm-size bubbles appeared around me.

Seeing the bubbles appearing around me, my eyes couldn't help but widen up in shock. Each of the bubbles contains a treasure, and when I focus on the single bubble, a little information about the object inside appeared in my mind.

There are many amazing things are present in these bubbles, potions, weapons, formations plates, rare and precious herbs, books, and many other things.

My mouth couldn't help but drool seeing all these amazing things, there are many things I need, but unfortunately, I could only choose one. The mechanical voice did not explicitly say I could only choose only one thing, but it was implied.

Still, I will try to see if I could get a second thing, but I should choose the thing I want from the hundred bubbles before that.

I was lucky first to complete the bubble, which gave me the opportunity to choose my reward. If I had been second or any other number, I would have gotten a reward directly; those after the first did not have the luxury to choose their own reward till they reach the last challenge.

I looked at things inside the bubbles, looking at their appearance and info about them.

In half an hour, I am finished looking at all the bubbles, and I had chosen more than ten things, but regretfully, I could only take one.

Of the things I had chosen, they are potions, herbs, and books each had their use to me, and I have to choose the thing that will help me the most, and after more than an hour of things of thinking, I had finally chosen the potion.

The potion I had chosen is the 30:70 Stregthning potion; it will strengthen my body by 30% and my soul by 70%; drinking this potion, the strength of my body and soul will became equal, if I am lucky, it will able to increase the limit of me enough that I would be able to consume another Bloodline.


As I touched the bubble-containing potion, a popping sound rang out, and a small bottle containing purple and red color liquid appeared in my hand while the other bubbles disappeared instantly.


Seeing that, I couldn't help but sigh; I wanted to get my hand on that book, but unfortunately, I could choose only one thing, and I choose this potion.