Monster Integration - Chapter 1567 - The Strange Forest

Chapter 1567 - The Strange Forest

Chapter 1567 - The Strange Forest

The city has formations to lessen this suppression, and so had the airs.h.i.+p I have come, which should not be surprising seeing the city may be of the Emperors, but only Emperors does not live there.

There are many noncombat lower-level persons; they are necessary people to run the city, a city could not be run by the powerhouses only.

I took a deep breath and felt the suppression that had seeped inside me and knew that this Supression had suppressed 35% of my strength effectively, and this is just a beginning.

The magic that created this suppression is very high level and very hard to deal with; I could feel how it had suppressed my body, soul, and energy. If I want to find a way to deal, it will take months.

If it had been normal suppression, I would not have much problem dealing with it, but this suppression had affected a Tyrant level curse that is hiding inside me, so one could imagine how powerful it is.

I spent few minutes observing this suppression before I begin walking away.

In front of me, there is open ground for few kilometers, but after that, there is a vibrant forest, and from what I heard, it is as beautiful as it is dangerous.

I did not fly away or run at high speed; I simply walked, enjoying the beautiful suns.h.i.+ne that had enveloped the whole region.

This suns.h.i.+ne is not the result of geography but a high level of magic that is involved in this piece of land. The level of magic this suns.h.i.+ne is from above that of the suppression; it is theorized that it is suns.h.i.+ne that is powering up everything.

It seemed unbelievable seeing this suns.h.i.+ne is just normal suns.h.i.+ne to me; there is nothing special about it except for being faintly golden and slightly soothing that one wants to remove all one's clothes and sunbathe.

Many people do sunbathe in it; I have seen quite lots of people do that on their rooftop as unlike the normal sun, which does not affect us anymore due to our power, this suns.h.i.+ne affects us as if we are normal people.

This is the reason why there are a lot of tanned people around; I am sure many of my friends loved to get an exotic tan from suns.h.i.+ne.


Half an hour later, I reached the forest and walked inside unhesitatingly, and felt another change.

The trees inside the forest are special; most of the trees here are of the common variety, but they are anything but common. These trees are not only strong, but they are also releasing some faint waves that seemed to want to destabilize my energy.

It is a very peculiar feeling; ive never felt something like it. I observe the waves for a couple of minutes like I did suppression before I started walking again.

I did not resist the waves, as they could be resisted by expanding some strength; instead, I let them affect my energy. These waves are a great way to test and increase one's energy control over energy and who I am to throw away a great chance of training.

The suppression and these energy stabilizing waves would increase as I go deeper into this humongous forest, and I would even experience the strange things that would affect my body and soul too.

This forest is humongous, and it is said that in the central part of it, the suppression and these strange feeling became so intense that no Emperor could survive in it, and only tyrants could reach close to it, but they could not enter the central region.

The entry of Tyrants barred from there, and it is said that even old monsters from humans and Grimm Monsters could not be pa.s.sed through it despite using all their strength.

It is quite amazing that even after ruin had merged with the world, the environment of this place remained the same.

Most of the time, when the ruin merged with the world, its restriction begin to dilute till there is barely anything remain, but in this piece of ruin, nothing had changed.

I may be overestimating saying these, but I want to try to reach the central part of the forest, which many sounds overconfident, seeing, even very 'Monster' Emperors did not able to reach close to the central part, only Tyrants reached there before getting repealed.

I will try it; I am here for six months, and who knows, I may be able to craft the anti suppressing formation and become powerful enough to reach there; it would be amazing for training if I can do that.

I walked into the forest a few more minutes before I stopped as it is time.

'You can come out now,' I said to Ashlyn after half an hour of entering the forest; the teacher had warned me specifically not to let Ashlyn out, but I could not that.

She had become extremely bored in one month of travel and wanted to come out badly, so I let her out, and its not like she will be discovered by Tyrant.

The forest is huge, and soul sense here is heavily suppressed; a Tyrant can track everyone. There was a sliver of soul sense tracking me since I had left the city, and it tracked me till I entered the forest before letting go.

So whether it is risky or not, I am letting Ashlyn out.

Chew Chew

A faint chirp sounded as Ashlyn came out of me, and if anyone familiar with Ashlyn to see her now, they would be quite surprised as she is quite small, very small.

Her current size is no bigger than three inches; she looked like a baby chick, extremely cute that I just want to hug her to his cheeks and shower her with kisses.

Chew Chew

She gave me a look as if sensing what I would do before chirping and disappeared with a flap of her wings. Her speed is quite fast; she is faster than me, even if I used all my strength to run, she would still beat me.

I had tested it three months ago; she had easily beaten me, that I still don't know how fast she is.