Monster Integration - Chapter 149 Daffodil Bees II

Chapter 149 Daffodil Bees II

Small cracks started to form on the bodies on the bodies of monster Hogs but the bees still did not take out their protrusions.

The cracks grew bigger and bigger as time pa.s.sed.

It's been some time the mournful grunts of monster hogs are stopped but their bodies are still twitching showing they are still alive as daffodils Bees still aren't finish sucking the monster dry.

''You know, we have to arrange large force containing only our elites and super elites to hunt for Daffodil Bees honey and have to fight tooth and nail to gain victory over this bees." Said jill.

I can understand why they need only the elite and super elite against these bees.

A single dart from the bees could make one unconscious, although armor could block the darts, there are many areas on the body which couldn't be protected.

To fight against tens of thousands of monsters will surely need top and experience force.

The cracks on the monster Hog become more and more obvious.

From the distance, they look like giant clay figurines that experienced age and now has cracked over it.

'It will be over soon.' I thought over sigh as monster hogs are barely twitching right now.

Time pa.s.sed by and soon daffodil bees started to fly up leaving dry and husky corpses monster hogs on their wake.

Some of the corpses even collapsed leaving behind fine dusk.

This is the horror of these bees, I would prefer to die by straight blade than this horrible way.

As Bees flew up the air, they merged with the rest of the yellow cloud and started to attack both camps again like earlier.

''Take a quick rest, we will have to fight soon!" Rachel loud voice rang out in everyone's eyes.

Unceremoniously jill and I sat on the dead monster Hogs back.

I took some fruits for us to eat as we watch thousands of bees tried to attack our camp.

We currently don't have the ability to fight near ten thousand bees, the only this we can do holed up in our camp till they.

It looked for hours have pa.s.sed but when I looked at my holowatch, I got quite surprised to find it been less than half an hour.

''How much time do you think it will take these Bees to clear up?" I asked Jill as she only seems to most of my answers.

"I don't know," she said while shaking her head. I am a little disappointed in hearing that but decided not to dwell on it.

Bitsy and Ashlyn playing beside us, more like bitsy following Ashlyn to play and seeing her enthusiasm Ashlyn also responded as they play chasing game.

We sat in silence as the time pa.s.sed by.

Thousand of Daffodil bees kept attacking for the past half an hour but the stopped suddenly.

Everyone stopped chatting and looked up, hoping the monsters would leave.

The big cloud of yellow separated into two groups, one big and one small.

There were around ten thousand monster bees in the large yellow cloud, now that it got separated, the big cloud has around seven thousand while the smaller one has three thousand.

I watch the clouds bees concentrate lately and just as big cloud turned to leaves, I became very happy.

As the big cloud is leaving, the smaller cloud resumed its attack on both camps.

"Everybody gets into formation!" Rachel said ten minutes after the Large cloud of bees left.

"I am going to open the quarter of the forcefield for Daffodil Bees to come in like monsters earlier," She said we stood standing on the bodies of monsters Hogs.

"They may be a fewer number than monsters earlier but they are more dangerous. Those who have long range abilities and skill do not hesitate to use them all," she ordered.

"I am going to open forcefield in ten seconds! Be careful of its tranquilizing darts," she said.

I started the countdown in my head, the monsters are really few compared to earlier and if we give it all the fight should be finished in half an hour.

I already activated all my artifact and fully vigilant to guard against any tranquilizing attack hitting my opened spot.

I gipped my sword and ready to use my skill as a monster enter.

'Dimp!' The quarter of the forcefield opened of both camps, the small yellow cloud quickly divided into two to attack toward the camp.

'Buzzz!' The buzzing sound out of their wind traveled in ears as a large group of bees came inside.

''Fire Strike!" I shouted seeing the bee monster coming toward me, only when a silver bolt of fire shot through my sword did I detect the level of the bee monster that coming toward.

But I did not see my shot flying through the air as all my concentration on eating a piece of treant heart.

''Thud!" Sound I heard when I popped the piece of the treant heart in my mouth.

I am not surprised seeing mid-level Bee getting killed by my skill, I am sure that I can even kill peak specialist stage Monster bee without a problem.

I was about to start preparing a second fire strike when I saw two extremely sharp darts coming toward me.

Without thinking, I moved my s.h.i.+eld in front of my face.

''Ding ding!" Two darts collided against my s.h.i.+eld, that fully I was able to react on time.

Using s.h.i.+eld in front of my face, I again started activating the fire strike.

As long as I protect my face I would be fine, even if that tranquilizer darts collided against my armor.

I will feel acute pain but the blow will be blocked.

I kept using fire strike one after another while defending against the darts released by a bee.

That G.o.d these monster did not have much freedom in this enclosed s.p.a.ce otherwise it would have been h.e.l.l.

Many monsters are getting killed every minute but so is many people getting tranquilized.

Two members of my team also fell unconscious after tranquilizing dart hit them.

My speed is good as I am killing the monster by a few minutes but Rachel is best as reigned down her red arrows killing tens of monster every minute.

The enclosed s.p.a.ce turned out to be the bane of Daffodil Bee where close combat specialist can also kill them after making the high jump.

The fight rage on, as people kept using their full power without reservation but this enclosed dome still becomes a playing field for midrange attacker who expertly kept killing the monster.

By the time fight is finished our camp is filled with so many monster bodies that we aren't able to see the open ground.