Monster Integration - Chapter 1512 - First Boost

Chapter 1512 - First Boost

Chapter 1512 - First Boost

Soon we appeared next to each other and attacked, the attacks are just of Physical Strength, but they are more powerful than the normal attacks of the 'Monsters.'



Our weapons clashed and surprised flashed across her face as she took a step back, "My my, such a physical strength, you have become quite a brute, Micheal," she said in surprise.

"I hope you did not lose any of your intelligence in gaining such physical strength," she added while completely discarding the gasp from the crowd, seeing she had taken a step back in the first clash.

She is not the only one surprise by this clash; I am too quite surprised by her physical strength. Others may not understand it, but I used all my physical strength in this battle and could only make her one step back.

My physical strength is extremely good; no one in the champions.h.i.+p could match it, but Ellen had come pretty close to matching; the attack just now she had bored it with her physical body without using any defensive or offensive move.

If it had been other 'Monsters' in her place, they would have clashed directly on the forcefield hundreds of meters away if they did not use any of their moves, but all Ellen took was one step.

"Don't worry; physical strength is not the thing I have," I have and muttered 'The first Boost.' As I did, a powerful aura flared across my body.

"Nice," Ellen commented, seeing my aura flaring up, and the next second, her aura flared up too, and we both attacked again, and this time our attacks are lots faster and stronger than before.

Earlier our attacks were just of physical strength with enhancements from our Armors, but now we are actually using our moves; naturally, our attacks would be stronger than before.


Our weapons clashed with no one is getting the edge before we launched the second attack, and this time, Ellen had disappeared from her spot and appeared at my left with her sword already covering half a distance from me.

A smile appeared on my face as my sword abruptly changed the direction but still kept the grace and power of attack despite the abrupt s.h.i.+ft of the direction.


Our weapons clashed again, and this time, I disappeared from my spot and appeared behind Ellen and swung my sword at her neck.

My sword had covered more than half a distance to her neck when suddenly, a sword glowing in a gentle, holy glow appeared in front of my sword and blocked the attack.

Deafening sounds begin to spread through the arena with us fighting all over it; at each attack, we would disappear from our spot and tried to attack the other sneakily, but since we both have powerful senses, we can easily track each other movements and respond.

Usually, I did not change my place in battle or at least in the first phase of it, but Ellen brings out the compet.i.tiveness me, and I wanted to beat her in everything, and I am sure she also feels the same.

It had been happening since the first day I joined the school, she was the teachers favorite before I joined the school, but after I joined, she had to compete with me for the teacher's attention; the compet.i.tiveness of us continued to increase till we begin to compete in every small thing.

And I think this was the reason why she had gone after the girl I had a crush on; I was quite angry with her when she did that as it had gone very personal, and she understood that too as she had repeatedly apologized to me for a month and we even attended a couple of therapy sessions in school due to this subject.

We still compete just as before, but we have never let it became unhealthy like that time.


"You seemed to have learned quite a few things in that Ruin," Ellen said as I smoothly deflected her attack. Her attack is quite finer than the ones she used before; the technique and energy control in it was phenomenal; normal monsters would be crushed under such attack.

"A few," I nodded and attacked her; the attack was slightly stronger than the previous attack, but when she saw it, her eyes widened in surprise, and she moved her sword speedily to intercept it, but she found, her sword could get close with my sword.

There seemed to invisible waves around my sword that are pus.h.i.+ng against anything that came near it. These waves are one of the advanced applications of Battle Techniques and Energy Control.

Those with keep eyes could my sword is making moves like a wave as it moved toward Ellen; these wave movements are very small; they are like slow vibration, one needs to have advanced control and technique to do something like it.

The smile in Ellen's eyes disappeared, and a smile appeared on her face as her sword move toward mine, and this time it did not get repelled.


Her sword clashed against mine; she had stopped my sword before it got too close to her. I tried to move my sword by crus.h.i.+ng the energy running in the sword, but she evaded it easily; she created her own waves to evade mine.

"You are not the only one who knows the tricks, Micheal," she said as she looked at me with a confident smile.

"The let me see how many tricks you have then; First Boost!;" I said and activated the First Boost.

As the 'First Boost' activated, strength begins to fill into every part of me, giving me immense power.

After the 'King Stage' upgrade, the power of the first boost increased a lot, and it became a lot more comprehensive and balanced; now there are barely any inconsistencies when it filled part of my body with strength; I feel amazing whenever I activated it.