Monster Integration - Chapter 1485 - Forth Group I

Chapter 1485 - Forth Group I

Chapter 1485 - Forth Group I

"Its was quite a battle, don't you think?" Marla asked the crowd as mock fanned her neck; the crowd responded with a loud cheer.

The battle was really amazing; the only disappointment is that Elina and Rachel would not be able to make it into the Top 10; I would have liked them in the Top 10, but with Jonathan and Elijah, the Champions.h.i.+p has become even more interesting.

Especially Elijah, who is very powerful. If I am not wrong, then if he were willing to show his real strength, he would have been able to defeat both Rachel and Jonathan.

"The Third Groups Battle had been exhilarating; I hope battle of Forth Group will be the same," Marla said, and a screen with ten images appeared in front of her, and it begins to shuffle.

Soon five images came out of ten, making a group of five-five; seeing it, I couldn't help but feel excited and sad at the same time.

"The Forth group members are Sophia Addington of Bloodsun, Sarah Graves of the Sky Saber, Victor Madden of the Blazing Spear, Rick Abram of Rogers Academy, and Lute Darwin of Hawthorn Sea," She announced, and five partic.i.p.ants flew out of their place.

While they flew, Raina and I looked at each other, and as we are part of the last group and definitely going to work together seeing the other three partic.i.p.ants.

The five of them landed on the arena and began eye talking, the alliances are forming, and it is not good news for Sophia.

According to the intelligence, Sarah and Victor are good friends and see how they are looking at each other, they are going to corporate, and it is not good news for Sophia, who is the third 'Monster' of the group.

The other two members are powerful but not monsters, so they did not count; they will be out of the battle in the first ten seconds.

It will be very hard for Sophia to deal with the two monsters together, especially Sarah, who is one of the most compet.i.tive people I know.

Both Sarah and Rachel have similar strength, but in a compet.i.tion like Champions.h.i.+p, Sarah perform better, it is her thing. Rachel had no interest in competing in the compet.i.tion; she had done due to her organization's insistence.

If it had been a real battle of life and death, Racheal's performance would have been far greater than earlier; Jonathan and Elijah would have to work hard to kill her.



The countdown begins, and the battle started; Inheritance Armor appeared quickly on their bodies, and they are beautiful.

Sarah had equipped her Angel Form, The War angel to be exact, and while Sophia blazed with dark red fire that transformed into her armor, making her look like she is a demon from h.e.l.l.

The Bloodline Armor of the Victor is also good, but its still pale in beauty compared to the armor worn by two girls.

As the Inheritance Armor appeared on their body, they attacked without wasting a moment.


The first ones to attack were Sarah, Victor, and Sophia; three of them had attacked at the same time. Victor attacked Sophia while Sarah attacked Rick and Lute, sending them cras.h.i.+ng into the forcefield while Victor and Sophia's attack clashed, with no one gaining the upper hand.

Next second, Sophia and Victor appeared closed to each other and attacked Sophia together, seeing that I couldn't help surprised. They are very close; between them, there barely a distance of one meter.

Even when Rachel and Jonathan corporated, they kept a distance of five meters between them, but these two have only distance to one meter, and the way they are standing, one could say they are fought together quite a few times.

It seemed like intelligence did not predict the level of friends.h.i.+p these two have, and it again made things difficult for Sophia as they would not betray each other; Sophia will have to actually defeat one of them to get entry into the Top ten.

The battle was intense from the start, just like the last battle, but this time the difference is that two people trust each other quite much, and they have experience of fighting together, and that is making things hard for Sophia.


Sophia's hair is burning in the fire, and she swings her sword at blurring speed to counter the attack from Sarah and Victor, but sometimes, one of the attacks would be pa.s.sed through their defense and strike the armor.

At first, the attacks did not do much to Sophia; she had a very strong defense, and that handled the previous attacks quite well, but as time pa.s.sed, the attacks started to become stronger and stronger, injured her whenever they strike Sophia.

The crystal on Sophia's temple glowed brightly, and suddenly her speed gotten faster, and she attacked; her attack is extremely powerful as she launched a tsunami of thick fire at her opponents and merged into that tsunami.

The tsunami had drowned Victor and Sarah, so is the huge arena; it is due to the forcefield that the fiery tsunami is contained within the arena; if not for it, it would have spilled out.

The fiery tsunami is the first attack of this scale launched in this Champions.h.i.+p, and a crowd had gotten absolutely mad over it; they broke the record of their screams.


The tsunami was able to keep Sarah and Victor captive for three seconds before they flew out of it; both of them look fine, they both have the defensive s.h.i.+eld protecting their bodies.

As they came out, a huge fiery wave of over a hundred meters wide moves toward them with a speed that one would not expect the tsunami to have, but this time Victor and Sarah were prepared, as they saw a wave coming, both of them launched the attack and their attacks were no less impressive than the fiery tsunami that Sophia had summoned.