Monster Integration - Chapter 1465 - Training

Chapter 1465 - Training

Chapter 1465 - Training


I walked into my room and closed it behind me; today was really satisfying, I had a good fight, and I get to meet my enemies. My only wish is that I could meet them in an arena; with my current strength, the arena is the only place where I could take a little bit of revenge.

Shaking my head of those thoughts, I walked into my bedroom and removed my clothes before entering the shower.


I vaporized Ice cold water off my body and wore new clothes before walking into my training room and take out my sword, and began practicing.

All the Top 100 are powerful, but most of them are not my match. There are ten people who are really a challenge to me, and I will have to give my all to defeat them, and I am not confident that I will able to defeat some of them.

Ellen and Jill have barely used their power; they have finished all their battles in three moves, they needed less than ten seconds to finished up their fights, and the opponent they face was powerful, Reagen powerful.

The only thing I could do right now is train and prepared myself to face any opponent. I will be fighting both friends and enemies, and just thought of that couldn't help but make me excited.

It had been years since I had last fought with Ellen o Jill; the last time I had fought with Ellen, she had beaten me very badly. The difference of strength between us too large at that time.

The last phase of the Champions.h.i.+p will begin the day after tomorrow and will last for four days; the whole world will be watching the four days with wide eyes.

This Champions.h.i.+p is like never before, one can see from the sheer number of bets that had been placed and their amount, it is seventy times greater than the previous Champions.h.i.+p, and by the time finale, it will surely go past hundred times.

The sweat began to flow from my body; the sword I am swinging is too heavy. I am not just swinging my sword; I am swinging it with consistency, without a single shake and increasing the weight of the sword every minute.

This training may seem simple, but it is very hard; I am trying all efforts in swinging the sword by stopping my body from producing a single s.h.i.+ver or shake, Control of the Physical Body is just as important as energy, and I hate to admit that my Physical Control is quite behind my energy and soul control.

Physical Control is harder than Energy Control; while it is easy at first, but after initial success, it became harder and harder to progress in it. That is why one should regularly practice it, and I had made the mistake of not doing that.

In the ruin when my Physical Strength rapidly increased, I understood how weak my physical Control was. I am still not where I want to be in my Physical Control and would need the constant practice of at least a year before it reached a similar level of my energy control.

Time pa.s.sed, an hour, two hours, and finally three hours, and I stopped. I am feeling very tired; it feels like I had fought battle for a day.

My hands are aching, and sweat is coming down from every part of me; I am completely drenched in sweat.

I put down my sword and dried myself with my ability; I would have like to shower first, but there is one more important has remained.

As every drop of sweat dried from my body, I sat down and closed my eyes to enter my Inheritance Place.

The upgrade is nearly finished; I would now need to make few small changes that would be finished in three days if I am lucky; I will try to work the whole day tomorrow on my Inheritance.

The Inheritance humanoid is now lying in thousands of pieces; some pieces are small while others are big; all these pieces are formations.

I am now looking through each formation and checking its efficiency and working; it is very important to check that and test their strain in extremely working, and creation heart let me do that.

I had performed this test one time already; I am doing this again while some tiny changes.

I stayed in my Inheritance s.p.a.ce for more than two hours before I opened my eyes and walked into the shower; the dried sweat feels too lucky; I could not sleep with it on my body.

Ten minutes later, I walked out of the shower and wore my sleep clothes before laying on the bed. I did not sleep immediately despite feeling tired; instead, I opened my holowatch and began surfing.

"11th, really!" I said when I said ods, I couldn't help but get a little angry. I had defeated the whole group, one of seven people, to do that, but I was still not on the list of ten people who could win the Champions.h.i.+p.

What is more infuriating is Herman is on the list; he is on the tenth number; they think he had better chances of a win than me despite winning only ninety-seven battles in his group.

They think he is hiding a great amount of power, and if he wished, he could have easily defeated all his group. They had made this conjecture by the power he displayed in the past year.

There another hidden reason behind it, politics; all the lists that published probable winners, all the partic.i.p.ants they have in them, at least till Top 10 belong to Supreme. It had not only happened in this Champions.h.i.+p but previous championsh.i.p.s as well.

Though, the thing worth noting that nearly all the Championsh.i.p.s, won by the members of Supreme.

Still, let them underestimate me; I will show them the cost of doing that by winning the d.a.m.n Champions.h.i.+p.