Monster Integration - Chapter 1457 - Battles IV

Chapter 1457 - Battles IV

Chapter 1457 - Battles IV

"She is good," Elena said, looking at the fight that is happening in front of us. It is Clair who is fighting, and her opponent is her group's strongest.

Today is the eighth day of the Champions.h.i.+p, and in all eight days, the battles have started from the morning ended at midnight, sometimes even later if the battle between two opponents lasts for hours.

Till now, I had fought a total of Ninety Seven battles; only two were a little challenging, one was Samual, and the other was this guy who had a similar level of power as him.

Now, only three fights remained, and one of them would be very exciting as, till now, I had not fought the strongest of my group. That person had defeated Samual just as easily I had, and his intel states he quite powerful, a step below that of 'Monster,' which is a huge deal.

Except for Elina and me, everyone from Aacammy had finished their battles, and the result was below our expectations. We had not expected them to be in the Top 100, which was way above their grade, seeing the strength of partic.i.p.ants.

But we have expected one of them to be in the Top 200 and at least five in the Top 300, but nothing of that sort had happened; if my calculation is right, then Mark might be able to get into the Top 300 while three others will be Top 500.

It is not up to our expectations, but we couldn't blame them much either, the strength of partic.i.p.ants this time was really great and far greater than partic.i.p.ants than the past Championsh.i.p.s in thousand years.

"She is quite scary; I hope I would come too early in Top 100," Elena said, looking at battle in front of us.

"The conventional Offensive Type Inheritance is quite easier to deal with than the unconventional Inheritance as Clair's," I said with a sigh.

Clear fighting, the most powerful partic.i.p.ants of her group. I don't know whether its could be said fighting when her opponent was even able to catch her. It is not due to her speed he cannot catch her but due to her traps.

"Poor guy, I really pity him for him coming across such a difficult opponent as your friend," Elena said.

"Yes, Poor Guy," I said as I heard that muscle guy howl in frustration as he tried to catch her, but no matter how much he tried, he could not catch her or land any of his attack on her person.

Clair had one of the very rare Sealings Type Inheritances, the same Inheritance her monther has which she used in sealing the Curse Ive had inside me.

In the ring, they are fighting; there are runic circles are everywhere; most of these Runic Circles are some kind of traps that makes one stuck in his position or slow down the movement or seal the ones.

These Runic moving at very fast speed and striking at slightest chance get. The muscle guy is very powerful and has quite good speed, but despite that, he was not much able to deal with those runic circles.

In more than ninety battles Clair had fought, she had finished them with the single move; only in this battle did she reveal her strength and begin playing with her opponent.

She is a 'Monster'; I have received intel about her. When I had the first time read about her exploits, I was quite shocked. She is unbelievably powerful, and three months ago, she was able to wipe our team of hundred Kings.

These were not normal Grimm Monsters Kings; they were 'Linking' Type, a very rare Grimm Monsters which could link to each other to create a Phantasm, even average strength hundred Grimm Monster Kings could create 'Phantasm' that have power equal to that of the monster.

It is a good thing that linking Grimm Monsters is extremely rare. Even for the Grimm Monster, linking consciousness and energy of tens of people is an extremely hard thing, and Grimm Monsters needed to have a special talent and raise together.

I am not surprised Clair was able to come across the linking Grimm Monsters. Those are very protected and rarely came about before reaching the Tyrant Stage, where they gain the power to bring true terror.

"If you were in place of Hans, how would you deal with it?" Elena asked, seeing struggling muscle man.

"Her Runic Circle hard but there the several ways to deal with effective, the foremost are speed and strength,"

"With the speed, you could avoid them, and with strength, you could simply crush them, these Runic Circles are powerful, but they could be destroyed," I said.

"and if you are expert level Runic Knowledge, then you would not even need to use the raw strength to destroy them; you just have to attack the weakness of those Runic circles, and they will be destroyed," I added.

"Snort, the only Bookworm like you have can Expert Level Runic Knowledge," Elena said; she lightly hit me across the shoulder while giving me a look.

Elena is one of few people who know the truth of my Inheritance, and to take my Inheritance where I am 'Expert' level knowledge is a must. h.e.l.l, to design King Level Inheritance, one needs of 'Master;' Runic Knowledge which barely few Tyrants have.

Even a Master's is runic knowledge, though what she knows is far greater than me, I am confident I could catch up to her.

I was not much good at Runes a few years ago; I had needed more than a year to barely understood something from the first 'Runic Book' I found, but when I started designing my Inheritance, my knowledge deepened at speed at unbelievable.

I was quite lucky that I had a huge amount of material to study; without it, I would not have been able to gain the knowledge I have.

The battle lasted for quite a while; Clair had kept playing with her opponent till he finally admitted defeat in frustration an hour later.