Monster Integration - Chapter 1455 - Vs. Samual IV

Chapter 1455 - Vs. Samual IV

Chapter 1455 - Vs. Samual IV


"Do you have anything more powerful? I am getting quite bored here, Samual," I said as I counter his attacks that are coming from every direction.

He just glared at me and continued attacking, wanted to find a crack in my defense for his sword to slip through.

It had been five minutes since he activated three of his moves and began fighting. For four minutes, every move of his had more powerful than previous, but in the past one minutes, the increment of power had slowed down, and now there is barely any increase in the power.

With no increase in the power of his attacks, I have been feeling less and less excited, as I am basically predicting where his attacks are coming from.

If the power of his attacks did not increase in the next minute, I am going to finish the battle. There is no meaning to a fighting opponent that is already defeated, no matter how fun it is.

"Really, man, give me something; I am getting really bored here," I taunted him. "You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Samual roared, but the strength behind his attacks had not increased much, though he tried to surprise me further with his domain which is not affecting much from the beginning.

"Looks like I really have to finish the battle," I said with sight when the speed of my rapier increased suddenly, greatly surprising Samual as he hastily moved his sword in front of him to defend.


A resounding clang rang out, and shock filled Samual's face as he got pushed back a meter.

Since we have started fighting, n.o.body was able to get the upper hand against each other. I have been countering his attacks with the perfect force, not gaining but not giving a single inch, but now that I want to beat him, I don't have to control myself.


I laughed evilly and launched another attack that is more powerful than the previous attack.

"Angels Fortress!"

He activated his defensive method seeing my attack; a layer of white and blue spread through his body, transforming his battle robe into a defensive mode that covered every bit of his body and created a sphear of the strange field around him.

Seeing that smile couldn't help but appear on my face. If I wanted, I would have easily finished him in a single attack, but I took it a little slow; I wanted to check his defensive method; such high-level Apex Inheritance must have some great Inheritances.

His defensive method is different from the conventional cage-type defensive method, which packed the body and gave very little s.p.a.ce to launch an attack.

It is an offense-defense Type defensive method; it provides powerful defense without sacrificing the offense.

My sword moved toward its, and just as my sword entered the field around him, I felt a powerful torrential force that wants to move away from my sword away from my intended target.

I have to say; this defensive method is quite amazing, one of the best Ive contended against, and that is something those Green Kings Ive fought have very powerful, very strange defensive methods.

As I felt the torrential force of the field, I applied more pressure to my sword that it cut through the force; it had quite surprised him as Samual hastily moved his sword to defend.


Samual countered, another of my attack, albeit barely. I smiled, seeing that, and attacked again with more power than before; my attack is powerful enough that the defensive method he is using is inadequate to defend against it; I want to see what he used next.

My sword again pierced through the strange field and cut throught it as Samual looked at it with great seriousness.

"Wing Aegis!" He roared, and his white wing folded at swift steep and appeared on the front of my sword; these wings are big enough that when they are folded, they are able to cover her fully.


Another defeaning metallic sound rang out, and this time, I got surprised, not because he was able to defend against me because but because a metallic sound was produced when my sword clashed against his wings.

These beautiful give an impression; they are divine feathers, and their feel is the world's softest, but instead, they are metallic that looked like feathers.


Smiling, I launched another attack, and this time too, he defended, but unlike before, he got pushed a few inches back, laughing; I launched another attack and then another, pus.h.i.+ng him back further and further.

'It is time to finish this battle,' I thought, seeing him getting pushed back repeatedly without activating another defensive method.

"It was a good battle Samual," I said and disappeared from my spot; faint panic appeared in his eyes, and as he begins to search for me, seeing my speed, he knows he only has a moment to find me and counter the coming attack.

In the final moment, he spared nothing. I felt a huge amount of soul energy released from; the soul energy is so dense that even a particle of dust could not escape his senses.

Since I had taken no precaution against his sensory move, he found me just as he used the move and moved his sword to attack but stopped a moment after as he finally released my sword at his next with me at his right.

Samual opened his mouth today something but closed it; his sword disappeared, so is his wings and robe; he had accepted the defeat seeing that, I also removed my rapier from his neck.

"I lost," Samual said softly as he looked at me; lost look in his eyes, he is lookin at me, but his thoughts are somewhere else.

He continued to look at me for few seconds before flying out of the ring with the same lost look in his eyes.

"Micheal Zaar Winner," The voice announced, and the whole arena that had been silent for the past few minutes let out a defeaning cheers.