Monster Integration - Chapter 1443 - Top 1000 II

Chapter 1443 - Top 1000 II

Chapter 1443 - Top 1000 II

"Clair," I said slowly; it's had been a decade I have seen her, and there are lots of changes that occurred in her, but I could still see the face of my childhood friend that has grown with me.

She had grown in extremely beautiful women rivaling that of Ellen and Sarah. She still had that Pink hair, which now grown darker, and her soft blue became piercing.

"Its nice to see you, Micheal," She said softly, "You too, Clair," I replied back before both of us flew away toward the host; this is no place for a long talk, and we needed to have it.

There are many familiar people around; I spotted Rachel, Sarah, and Samual; Jim is not with them; he had made it clear to his organization that he did not wish to fight in the compet.i.tion.

I was quite surprised to know the number of people I know here personally. Hundreds of people here that I know personally, many of them are friends and colleagues that I met in Grimm Battlefield and Ruins.

The Top 1000 gathered on a huge footing ring, looking at the millions of people that are looking at us in all directions.

"It is quite a surreal right being focus of millions of people," Elina said, to that I couldn't help but nod.

I had been in crowds of millions, but I had never been the focus of them; here, I saw every person in the arena looking at me, it is giving me quite stage fright.

"These are the Top 1000, The Champions of this decade, the finest of humans," Marla said loudly, rousing the audience to its extreme.

"From today, they will fight each other for the t.i.tle of Battle King/Battle Queen," Marla said, rousing the audience further, making them frenzied in excitement.

She spoke for few more minutes; each of her worlds excited the crowd further that some of them barely control themselves. This excitement had loosened their control over their energy in a matter of few minutes; the whole arena was charged with stray energies.

Such concentration of stray energies is extremely dangerous, so dangerous that a normal Knight would explode in such an environment.

"Now, I will state the rules for the battles of Top 1000," Marla said after the excitement of the audience died down by a little.

"The Top 1000 will be divided into ten groups of Hundred from Group 1 to Group 10," "Each Group will fight, all their members, mean every partic.i.p.ant will have to fight 99 other of their group, and from each group, 10 of those who win maximum battles will get into the Top 100," Marla said and waved her hand, and a huge screen appeared on the arena with images of all the partic.i.p.ants.

As they appeared, the images on the huge screen begin to shake. Everyone watched with bated breath.

The preparation of the groups may seem random, but those at the high position have already divided; the screen is just for show.

Still, the partic.i.p.ants did not which group they are in, but one thing is clear, the partic.i.p.ants in each group would be balanced; they will put too many strong people in one group.


With a buzz, images stopped shaking, and screens divided themselves into ten smaller screens, each showing a hundred partic.i.p.ants.

I quickly scanned the screen and soon found myself in the Group 3 Screen; as I found myself, I begin to look at the other nine members of my group, all of whom I will have to fight.

There are quite powerful people in my group, and one of them is Samual, whom I had beaten two times.

I was just looking at people in my group when I felt a sharp gaze on me and when I looked toward it, I found Samual looking at me with his eyes blazing.

Seeing him looking at me like that, I smiled at him and waved a little. The reaction of mine had caught him off guard, and he glared at me angrily before moving to his gaze toward the screen.

None of my good friends are in my group, which is a shame; I really wanted to fight them, but I am not sad.

I will get a chance to fight them later, and its not like there is no powerful individual in my groups; there are plenty of them and some of them I had studied extensively, not forget, there will be some hidden gems who will show their powers when they come against the powerful opponent.

Seeing such powerful people in my group, I couldn't help but feel excited. The more powerful they are, the more challenging it would be for me to finish up my target, and what my target is, it is to defeat all my group, the whole ninety-nine.

It is quite a challenge seeing there are some very powerful people in my group, but I am ready for them, and I will give my all to defeat them.

"Now that the groups have been decided, it is time to start the battles," she said, and again, the images begin to shuffle in all ten screens.

I am looking at Group 3 with hope; ever since the Champions.h.i.+p had started, I did not get a chance to fight, and now I had entered the Champions.h.i.+p; in reality, I want to fight as soon as possible.

The images of screens shuffled for five seconds before they stopped, and I found my image opposite to a handsome young man about my age.

Edmond Rose

It is the name of my opponent; he is a member of Supreme, Silverstone Academy. He is not on the list of the ten, but he is quite powerful; according to our intelligence, he is in the Top 50 of powerful Kings in his organization, which is a lot seeing the Supremes have thousands of Kings both hidden and visible.

"Those chosen to fight, please go to the a.s.signed fighting Rings while others go to your respective waiting area," Marla as she flew toward the small floating platform at the end.