Monster Integration - Chapter 1441 - Old Friends II

Chapter 1441 - Old Friends II

Chapter 1441 - Old Friends II

"Its delicious Micheal, I did not know you were a culinary artist," Sophia said as she took a bite of her food. "It is a hobby of mine," I replied humbly.

Cooking is my hobby; it is like meditation to me, which helps me relax, and I enjoyed doing it.

"From what I heard, the culinary art is not easy; it takes years of work under an expert to reach the level you have reached," Raina said. To that, I smiled.

She is right, and I had practiced for years; it is nearly years since I have gotten the Tome and counting the time dilution inside it, I could say to practice for two to three years to gain such skill.

The recipes I had cooked at not my best; they are in the initial two hundredths, not late two-hundredth. The difference of skill requite for me to cook them huge; if I had cooked them, they would have been even more shocked than they are right now.

We ate while talked; we talked about many things, the things we have learned, the runes we have explored, and other things; it felt good to talk to them after so many years.

"It is getting lake Micheal; we should get going," Said Sophia after some time, "Why don't you guys spend the night? There is plenty of room in the mansion," I asked.

"Some other time Micheal," "We have bunked the meeting we were having at night, and we did not return. Adept Charles will have her hide in the morning," Sophia said, shuddering a little.

"Ok," I said and walked them out of my room, "Buy Micheal, we will meet soon," Sophia and Raina said in unison as we got out of the mansion and took the air.

Those in the list of Supreme's get the same special privileges as winners of the Continental Champions.h.i.+p, which seemed a little unfair, but there is nothing anyone could do.

I watched them till they disappeared from my view before walking back into the mansion and slept right after.

When I woke up the next morning, I freshened up, showered, and cooked breakfast for Ashlyn and me. After I finished eating, I walked into the practice room and summoned out my sword.

I looked at my diamond-wood sword before charging its weight enchantment till my hands begin to shake. The Enchantment has grown very powerful; even with all my physical strength, I could lift it at its full power.

With Enchantment to the limit of what I could hold, I begin to swing my sword. My movements are extremely as in this practice; I am not going for the speed but the fluidity.

Ive seen how fluid the Silver Ghouls and Green Kings movements were, and I want to gain their fluidity. I have to practice non-stop and gained some success with it; most of it could be attributed to the thousands of battles Ive fought against the Ghouls.

Time pa.s.sed by, and before I know it, three hours had pa.s.sed, Ive been completely sweaty; there is not a single part of me where sweat isn't coming; the sweat had wetted my hair and clothes I am wearing.


I let out a long breath as I summoned back my sword; I am feeling quite tired. The Sheer physical exertion have put on my body was too much; during the practice, I had continued increasing the weight of my sword, always keeping it my limit.

I had to keep practicing such heavily if I want to control my physical strength better, I need to practice.

I am not a narcissist or anything, but I have one of the greatest Physical Strength King stage humans. It is a powerful blade, and like blades of metal, I have to use it continuously and sharpened it, so it would not lose its edge.

I rested for a minute before taking out the tub and filling it with water, and unloading the alchemical solution bottle before getting in.

As I did, I begin to circulate the Supreme Combat Exercise.

After coming back from the Ruin, I went back to my old way of refining, which I found slow; if I were to calculate, it is about thirty to thirty-five times slow, which terribly slow compared to my progress in the Ruin.

Still, I found a silver lining, the Supreme Combat Exercise. The new circulation route I got after creating Diamond Seal magical; it is like a suction motor; when I circulate it, it sucked all the herbal energies that are floating around me.

Though it could not be compared to my speed progress in the Ruin, it is something. Still, I am not giving up on that formation; I even begin to put more effort into creating it; once it is created, I would not have to worry about my body and soul's strength.

I showered before I went to the kitchen and began making dinner for myself, and this time I had tried one of the experimental recipes that I am trying to use for the test; I am very close to perfecting this recipe, and the moment, I did, I will pa.s.s the test and learn the further recipes.

I need to keep improving my culinary skills, and these advanced recipes play a big part in it. The advanced recipes not only introduce me to the delicious dishes but also keep improving my energy control, which is absolutely necessary for controlling my Inheritance.

An hour later, I finished cooking my lunch and ate with Ashlyn before laying on my bed comfortably and entering my inheritance s.p.a.ce.

Today there are no meetings and no spars from me; there were supposed to be some meetings, but I declined all of them, saying I have to practice, and I do have to practice, especially work on my Inheritance.

To increase my chances of winning the Champions.h.i.+p, I like to level up soon, which is not easy seeing the changes I am making, but I believe I could do it before matches for Top 10 begin.

I may seem overconfident, but with my current strength, I have full confidence in getting into the Top 10.