Monster Integration - Chapter 1417 - Atavism

Chapter 1417 - Atavism

Chapter 1417 - Atavism


"Two hundred and seven Grey Cores," Professor said breathlessly as she looked at the necrotic cores from the Green Kings.

Cores of the Green Kings are the most desirable cores of all, and their value is ten times more than cores in the two big chests.

The Core of Green Kings not only provides the biggest benefits but also can be consumed by anyone.

Unlike the normal cores and silver cores, which needs strong will power due to the soul-crus.h.i.+ng pain they induced, the cores of Green Kings does not do that.

The feeling it gave the opposite of the other two cores, instead of soul-crus.h.i.+ng pain, one will soul-numbing pleasure from it.

"This is far more resources than I had thought you had brought," Teacher said finally; she had been silent while opening the chests, decided to observe quietly, making calculations inside her mind.

"What do you want in exchange?" Teacher asked directly, hearing that smile appeared on my face, "I will send you the list." I said and tapped few b.u.t.tons on my holowatch as I sent her my already prepared resource list.

I had thought about it in the Ruin and made a comprehensive list; hopefully, the resources would be enough for me till I reached the Emperor Stage.

If its not, I could always demand more from the Academy; I had provided the Academy with new Inheritance, I could demand as much as resources I need from them.


Teacher was looking at the list I had provided her when suddenly, a startled voice of Professor rang out across the room; only Elina, who was beside her, had dense purple fire coming out of her.

Not only it, the cores floating toward her on their own before melting into the purple fire that had covered her wholly, which again making that dense purple fire denser.

I couldn't help but feel surprised seeing purple fire coming out of Ellen's body, the last time I had seen something like it in the 'I' Ruin when she was fighting against the tens of ghouls.

As she was taking Core after Core, I saw a half of the cores in three of the chests disappear; I do not have to think where these cores went; teacher had taken them in her storage.

She is the mother of Elina, but she is also headmistress the Academy. She has to look after Academy too; she could not let her daughter have all the precious resources, no matter how much her daughter needs.

The teacher had left half of the necrotic cores for Elina, which is huge; I had personally consumed hundreds of cores and knew how much energy present in their Green Source, and unlike normal people, Elina is not only consuming the 'Green Source' but also sh.e.l.l that is covering it.

It is extremely dangerous for normal people to do that; in the Ruin, people could turn into the Ghouls, and here, they would get poisoned to death.

Ellen is not normal; the flames of her are considering these cores as food and seeing how her aura is increasing as she consumed one Core after another.

We all watched in silence as Ellen consume cores; with consumption of each Core, her aura will rise, and flames will get denser and denser. Earlier, her silhouette was clear in those flames, but now she is barely seen in it.

"Lets more move to a different place; some things in the cabin are irreplaceable," the Teacher said, and the next moment, I found myself in a huge training room.

Teacher had teleported to one of the practice rooms that are reserved for tyrants. She feared if the fire around her daughter went out of control, it might damage some stuff in her office, which she can not let happen.

This office is the office of all the Headmaster/Headmistress of Academy since its inception and contains many things from the past headmistress, including the founder and her excellency Roosevelt who had also been headmistress of Academy.

Time pa.s.sed by, and fifteen minutes later, Elina finished consuming half of the Core's, and her aura continued rising steadily, making me wonder how high it will reach.


Few more minutes pa.s.sed by as they continued to consume cores when suddenly, a deep aura blasted out from Ellen as she started to level up to peak level of the King Stage; at the same, she begins consuming more and more cores.

Seeing how speedily she had consuming necrotic cores, I readied myself to give her cores if she needed it. I did not give all the cores to the teacher; I had kept some for my own needs.

I do not need the cores, but people close to me did; still, if Elina needed it, I could spare some hundred cores to her.

More and more begin to sweep inside her the purple fire, which had become extremely dense and covered five meters area. I could not see what happens inside the fire, but I am not worried.

Ellen is going through Atavism; in this process, her Bloodline will become powerful, and her strength will rise explosively; I couldn't help but feel excited about that prospect.

I had never seen bloodline atavism, and now I see it, I couldn't help but feel excited. The Bloodlines are an amazing thing; seeing how quickly Elina's strength is increasing, I couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy.

I crushed down that feeling and observed it with even more focus; I especially focused on her bloodline aura and flames.

Observing in few minutes, I could tell it is Beast type Bloodline with fire affinity, the beast type bloodline have untamed ferociousness; one could feel their aura's if one concentrate enough.

Though I know it is a Beast type bloodline, I don't what type of Beast Bloodline it is. There are thousands of Fire Beast Bloodlines that one could not tell unless the Phantom of it materialized itself.

I won't have to worry about knowing it; if what I read about Atavism is right, then by the process ends, the Phantom of Bloodlines progenitor will appear, and I will know which beasts Bloodline she has.