Monster Integration - Chapter 136 Treant Horde IV

Chapter 136 Treant Horde IV

For the past hour, the numbers of monster kept decreasing and now I only one monster remain in front of me.

''Shluch shluch shluch…." I kept attacking its trunk without caring for getting attacked from its flailing branches.

Only after receiving another of my four strikes did it stilled and gone dead.

This one was extremely tenacious, normal treants will be dead after receiving six to seven strike of mine with skill power but for this one, I had to attack eleven times before it got dead.

After removing treants hearts and I ran toward dead treat which is killed by Rachels arrows.

First Tide! Second Tide! I activated my skill and pierce the treant trunk and removed its heart, next moment I ran toward another dead treants body.

I am not only one doing this, but many people are also doing this.

These things are extremely precious akin to a second life, the more one had the more chances he will have of surviving.

'Whoos.h.!.+' I dodge the branch of treant and quickly ran with the power of my skill.

There are many people still fighting and now and then a monster will attack you.

I did not waste my time in fighting monsters as I already killed my share and they would also do not want my help.

As time pa.s.sed more and more people started to search for treant heart and finding unharvested treant bodies is becoming difficult.

There are many people looking for the heart but no one fighting as everyone is only harvesting from a specialist grade monster that killed by Rachel and Max.

As Corporal Grade minster that had been killed by them is out of limit, they had announced it earlier loudly.

In Marshland many people had fought for the core of the monster and harvest any monster that they could find and many fights erupt because of that, many people even got seriously injured.

Seeing this Max and Rachel had announced rules if harvesting in our second day in marshland.

One can only harvest monster material if the monster killed by them and or it is Rachel and Max which they left unclaimed.

Those who break the rule will seriously be punished and death is not out of option either as one boy died and many severely got injured because they didn't follow the rules.

As this thought come to my mind, I looked up for that dreadful monster.

Max uses is its monster to exact the punishment as corporal level evolver can see what their monster seeing.

Max's monster is two meters long sky blue-white Eagle monster. First time when it had an attack to exact the punishment, it had cut out a hand, the second time it was the only palm but the third time that eagle's wind blade had cut off the head directly killing the boy.

Not only that, those who receive punishment is not allowed to drink regeneration potion for three days.

One girl died because of that in the fight as she had to fight with only one hand.

No one question Max's about his cruel punishment as those who broke the rule were adventurers.

Even if all adventures were to revolt because they won't be able to do anything to the max as he could easily kill a quarter of adventures himself much less he Rachel and full support from the organization members.

Outside, it won't matter much as organizations are fiercely protective of their members no matter how wrong they are and Max is not at fault as he just trying out punishment.

"Chew chew!" Aslyn suddenly comes out of me suddenly but I am not surprised.

She wanted to come out earlier when I finished my fight but I ask her to wait for a little till the whole monster are killed but now that nearly all treants are killed, she came out without asking.

She flew away from me searching for something to eat, she will not have to try much as this forest is filled with many wild fruits and herbs.

People don't touch any unknown fruit in fear of being poisonous but Ashlyn has no such fears.

I left Ashlyn on her devices, this is most safe for now and she will return after her stomach is full.

I keep searching for the unharvested treats bodies, although there are not much as before there still many as Rachel and Max killed thousands of treat, it's just that I have work little hard to find it.

Half an hour pa.s.sed by and Rachel had announced that we are going to set a camp in this place before dark.

Looking at holowatch we have roughly an hour to harvest Treant heart before Rachel activate the protection artifact.

I search for more and haste and tried to call back Ashlyn so she could help me in finding more unharvested treants.

There is utter chaos here as all people tried to treat the heat, the only good thing is that there is no fight because of rules or it would have been a pandemonium with many bodies laying around.

"Chew chew.." Ashlyn came back and brought two things in two different claws.

One brown fruit same size as her and other is look like some kind of her, seeing her flying in front of me waiting.

I quickly understood and open my backpack a little so she could drop the things inside.

''Ashlyn help me find unharvested bodies of the treant monsters!" I asked Ashlyn.

''Chew chew!" She chirped and affirmation and went to find unharvested treant monster.

Times pa.s.sed by and half an hour is pa.s.sed, in this half a with Ashlyn help, I found three unharvested treants, this is a very good result.

Not only she is bringing the news of unharvested treant with it she also brings a few herbs fruits every time she came with new.

I have seen Jill and William also searching for cores, these two usually didn't even look at the monster core of monster they had killed but now just they are searching for the treants heart just like me.

We kept searching for the treat when I suddenly experience sudden excitation in Ashlyn emotions.

"Chew chew chew…." she suddenly came chirping and wanted me to follow her.

I've only sensed this much excitation from her when she had found Miracle fruit.

Without wasting time, I broke into a run and follow after her, they're a major chance that Ashlyn had found another miracle fruit.