Monster Integration - Chapter 1397 - Diamond Seal II

Chapter 1397 - Diamond Seal II

Chapter 1397 - Diamond Seal II

My injuries flared up in heat as if they are burning, and the next second small wisp of fire of ghostly green fire released from them.

These ghostly green fire wisps looked similar to the green fire that appeared in the sky a while ago. Injuries released these wisps in hundred of numbers, and now they are moving everywhere in my body.

Half of the wisps moved toward the Herbal Essense while the other half spread all over my body, kickstarting Ghoulification with the increased speed; seeing it working, I calculated, it won't take it more than two minutes to turn me completely into the Ghoul.

On the other hand, these wisps have totally ignored the energy released from the Ruby Seal, which is healing my injuries at a tremendous speed, which ghostly wisps are latching on right after.

The only saving grace of that the melted essence; it is melting at amazing speed. The wisps burrowed into it and began attacking like a frenzy, which increased its melting speed by more than twenty times than before.

The melted energy is merging with me, strengthening my body further and further, but I am not happy as every second. The injuries are releasing more and more Ghostly wisps, which burrowing in my body and essence.

The essence is melting at the visible speed, and now there is less than 20% of it remained, which will be melted within five seconds.

Seeing that, I have a very big decision to make, whether to consume King Grade Herbal Essence next or consume Emperor Grade.

The Essense that is melting has the highest medical efficacy in King Grade; if I consume herbal essence of similar efficacy, I will going lose my edge to edge to my injuries, and once it gets the upper hand, it won't take even a minute for it turn me into a Ghoul.

But I drank the Emperor Grade Herbal Essense, even the lower grade ones; there is a high chance that I might explode within a second, but if I survived somehow, then I will have at least a minute, which I think will be enough for Diamond Seal to materialled.

Gulp! "AHHHHH…."

Right when the remaining essence in my body is about to be melted, I drank the essence of Devil Flame Saffron and scremed as might body light up in blue, and fiery blue flame came out every part of my body.

Crack Crack Crack…

Not only that, the cracks begin to form all over my body and smoky blue fire came out of them as I scremed like never before.

My eyes ruptured and began to bake while my dry skin begins to begin to melt slowly, not only my bones to begin to soften. I have come extremely close to dying; there quite a great chance that I might die next second.

Yes, I had drunk Emperor Grade herbal essence, which could make me explode the next second, and I don't regret my choice. If I had chosen between hope and defeat, I would choose hope even if it extremely painful chose and might kill me the next second.

As my body reaching close to an explosion, the Ruby Seal stopped releasing energy and moved toward the other nine ruby seals, but unlike normal seals and amethyst seals, these nine ruby seals did not begin to spin.

They directly begin to merge; at every merge, they would glow brighter and brighter, and Ruby Red's glow became lighter and lighter.

At the same time, the wisps that had burrowed into my body moved toward essence and began to burn in a frenzy as if sensing it is going kill the host they are trying to convert into the Ghoul.

With every ghostly wisp on my body attacking the essence like crazy, the essence began to melt like tap water and begin merging with my body and soul, strengthening them further and further.

The essence is merging with my body like never before; its quant.i.ty is so much that I could feel myself getting stronger every second, but this did not make me happy as I am very close to reaching my limit.

My body will reach the limit in less than ten seconds, and that time, it won't be able to strengthen further as melted essence would not be able to merge with my body; if that happened then, I would die within three seconds.

Ive consumed a comprehensive strengthening type, Emperor Grade Essence. It is very powerful and needs more minutes to melt completely, so one can imagine what it will do after my body reached the limit.

There are two ways to increase the limit, the first is to level up, and the second is a Supreme Combat Exercise seal. Higher the level of the seal, the more potential it will able to provide the host.

The Diamond Seal is the second-highest seal of Supreme Combat Exercise, and it worked differently than the other three types of seals, but one thing is clear about it, it provides an absolutely huge amount of potential.

All the Ruby Seals have merged together, and now the seal is s.h.i.+ning bright diamond light that I can't see what is happening; the only thing I could see is glowing brighter and brighter.

I hope the seal comes out soon; I do not have much time. If it came too late, then n.o.body will able to save me from an explosion.

Second, pa.s.sed, and more and more ghostly wisps came out of injuries and melted the essence greater rate that my body and soul reached the limit second before I had predicted.

Now, the melted energy stopped merging with me, and blue flames had again taken over, burning my body with greater intensity.

I only have three seconds at most; if something doesn't happen in three seconds, then I am going to explode, and even G.o.d won't be able to save me.

1, 2, 3


The second pa.s.sed at excruciatingly, and when three seconds finally ticked in, a loud 'BANG' rang out. The sound was the loudest I had ever heard.

I thought my body exploded but a second later, I noticed my consciousness is still stable, and when I looked with my soul sense, I saw most…, I don't even have words to describe what I am seeing or feeling right now.

It is beyond my imagination.