Monster Integration - Chapter 1388 - End

Chapter 1388 - End

Chapter 1388 - End

Three minutes pa.s.sed by, and I have less than 1% of the Energy remained in my storage; every moment, the huge amount of Energy would move out of my storage, and nearly the exact amount would fill in the next moment.

After digging out every bit of willpower I have, I can barely refine the Energy I am expanding.

It is taking everything I have, and my head is hurting as it had never hurt before, and I want to let off everything, but I did not; I have still a Ghoul to defeat, and until I do that, I will not stop, no matter how much my head hurts.

Clang Clang Clang…

The Ghoul is still surrounded by the thirty-six vines which are attacking it crazily. It isn't easy to concentrate when one's head hurts like mad, but I am doing it and hoping one of my vines would pierce it, luckily, so I could let go of everything.

It is still fighting like before; there is no worry that could be seein on its face as it fights against the thirty-six vines, defending against them, not letting even a single one of the vines touch it.

Which is a good thing; let it fight at its heart content while I spread the net. When the net is completely read, I will pull it all and kill this b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

Seconds after seconds pa.s.sed, and three more minutes have pa.s.sed, and the smile on the b.a.s.t.a.r.d's face grown even bigger. It looked like it is having the time of its; I used to have such expression on my face when I found a particularly challenging opponent.

Since I begin fighting silver Ghouls, I did not even felt a speck of such emotions. Both Silver Ghouls have utterly dominated me, and if not for their habit of playing with their opponent, I wouldn't have lasted against them for such long if they used their full power at the beginning.

Clang Clang Clang…

Another two minutes pa.s.sed, and now I have to fight against it for one minute more. After that, I could finally spring my trap and kill this b.a.s.t.a.r.d, but till then, I have to continued fighting.

"Human, how long can you hold on? I could feel you barely have any energy to continue, like a spent candle you could go out any second." It taunted as it continued fighting.

I did not reply to its taunting; I am concentrating everything on refining and attacking. If I were to spare a single thought to talk to it, then everything might collapse.

So, I just glared at it before concentrating on vines to make their attack even deadlier, using every bit of data I collect from it every second.

This time, I am not holding back using the data; I am using everything I am collecting. I can't keep everything hidden if it lost interest, then it might try to run away or try doing something I do not want to see it do.

I want it to continue fighting, as it is doing right now, the time of springing the trap very close, and I don't something unexpected happened at such time.

'It's time!' I said as two more minutes pa.s.sed; I had only planned to wait for one minute but waited for one minute extra to be more sure, and now I am completely sure it is time to end this b.a.s.t.a.r.d.


An invisible buzz rang around the huge roses when powerful suppression brough down on the Ghoul. As it felt this powerful suppression, its eyes couldn't help but widen in shock, and its mouth moved to curse.

Since I had activated the Rose Refinement, I had held back on its 90% suppression. Second, after a second, I let it build, only to use its full power at the right time, like now.

It immediately understood what is happening and began running away, but how can I let it happened. It is weakened under the suppressive of Rose Refinement, and also it is getting lesser Cosmic Energy than usual.

With months of research and help from Rule Bending power, I created something that was able to block 10% of Cosmic Energy of ruin.

The Cosmic Energy of this ruin is different; there is no way to block it. Even a normal s.p.a.ce abode could not stop it; only a s.p.a.ce special s.p.a.ce abode like mine could stop it.

I have created a form with the help of rule-bending power that could help me block 10% of cosmic Energy; I could apply it on Roses Refinement or even on my Armor.

It may not seem much, but it is a lot, especially for a purpose I have created it for. The purpose I have created this formation is injury.

If Ive ever got injured again, I want to use this formation on my Armor to slow down the flow of Energy into the wound; this formation is a lifesaver, and I plan to continue researching it to make it even more powerful.

Puch Puch Puch…

My vines begin to pierce through its tearing it apart; the only thing it is capable of doing now is protecting its vital spots, and unlike the Ghoul of yesterday, this one keeping its hands safe from my vines.

Still, it will not survive for long; I have already had it fully surrounded in my vines, and suppression that is increasing at every second; it will die in a few seconds.

If it had been Grimm Monster in its place, it would have died, as my vines sucked it dry from any position of its body, but I could not do it with Ghoul. Its body is made of something which I couldn't suck, which is really frustrating.

"Hu" Puch Puch Puch!

Finally, after minutes of struggle, I was able to pierce through its head; after one vine, others also pierced till the head of it completely disappeared, and it turned to smoke.

It died before it could finish its taunting words; if it had focused on defending more than taunting, it would have lasted for some more time.