Monster Integration - Chapter 1382 - Silver Pearl II

Chapter 1382 - Silver Pearl II

Chapter 1382 - Silver Pearl II

Gritting through the pain, I begin to move 'Green Source' into my veins. It isn't easy, but I am doing it.

If I had a choice, I would rather let this energy work itself, but I did not. It took me fifteen hours to kill the Silver Ghoul, which is very bad, and not to forget, these Ghouls will get stronger and stronger every second.

So, whether I want it or not, I have to do it, or this ruin will be the end of me. I can't let that happen; there are many things Ive accomplished, and unless I accomplished those things, I would continue fighting even if my chances of survival are extremely bleak.

Finally, the thick energy has created a seal; during this seal, I feel no resistance. Despite its slow speed, it had railed down all the obstruction, not even stopping for a fraction of a moment.

It did not take long for the next circulation of the seal is finished and then of another before another; with four new seals, the seals of Supreme Combat Exercise have reached eight hundred and eighty, and amethyst seal begins to form in me while energy is still circulating inside.

I refined the seals' energy through my refinement tower while directed the thick energy to create even more seals.

Seals after seals begin to form in me before; finally, all the energy expended by the time I had created the eleventh seals. Reaching the seals in me to eight-hundredths and eighty-six.

This number is greater than my usual number; if I continued to create such numbers of seals at such a pace, it wouldn't be long before I have a thousand seals to make Diamond Seals.

It is not going to happen, though, especially after I create a 9th Ruby seal. If what I read is correct, then creating seals after nine-hundredths will be very hard, far harder than any seals Ive created before, but I will do it as the benefits also be far greater than what I had received before.

I opened my eyes and found myself unusually free, Ive only felt such free one time, and that was when I had fully practiced the Secrete Method and Body Cleansing Method, which had cleansed my body and soul thoroughly.

The 'Green Source' from the Silver Ghoul is the best cleansing resource. I had cleaned my body thoroughly of all the impurities.

With me taking a lot to essence daily, there have been a lot of impurities have been acc.u.mulated into my body.

Though my body expels them natural and 'Green Source' I had consumed every other day had also help, but it was not good as the 'Green Source' from the Silver Ghouls, which had cleaned all the visible impurities of my body and made my soul even more robust.

Crack Crack…

Cracking sound rang out as I got up; the coat of impurities have dried up, and now it is cracking whenever I made any part of my body.

Seeing that, I covered myself into the flames and burned away all the impurities covering me before walking into the shower. There I spent nearly half an hour scrubbing myself till all vomiting smell flowed into a drain with the water.

I walked out of the shower and looked at myself in the mirror. Even after three months, I could not get back to my previous weight, but my condition had improved very much.

If I continued with my current eating regimen, I might able to gain my weight back by the time I walked out of this ruin.

While I may not be able to gain my weight back, I was able to gain something more. Every part of my body is strong as steel; a single look is enough to know the destructive power it packed.

A single punch from me is akin to the bullet, and I single punch from me could easily tear through the steel plate. I had a nice body before it is incomparable to what I am making right now.

I stroked my narcissism for a couple of minutes before I went to the kitchen and heated the food I had cooked in the morning before eating with Ashlyn, who always has room for food in her tiny stomach, no matter at which we eat.

After eating, I did not go out immediately; instead, I had slept. I had been awake for nearly twenty-four hours. Though I could go out and fight the Silver Ghouls, I would not be able to give my hundred percent if the fight longs on.

Not to mention it is against the schedule I have decided.

Fighting is not the only thing I am focusing on; there are other things that indirectly help me increase my strength. If I fought without doing anything else, I would die faster.

Tent Tent Tent…

I slept for six hours and woke up as the alarm on my holowatch rang out. I continued to lay on the bed for a few minutes before getting up and walking to the bathroom to freshened up and shower.

Half an hour later, I walked out of the bathroom and went to the kitchen after wearing clothes and begin to cook Recipe No. 183, Recipe No. 197, Recipe No. 173, Recipe No. 179, and Recipe No. 192.

With my vines' help, I could cook a five-course dinner in under an hour, which amazing seeing the amount of food Ashlyn and I consume every day.

I have finished learning two hundred recipes more than a week ago and am now stuck because of the test. Every hundred recipes, there is a big test, and that big test is inventing a recipe.

The being gave certain parameters, and I have invented a recipe in those parameters. It isn't easy, and it gets harder and harder as further I go into the cooking.

It took me an hour to finished cooking, and after that, the butler golem served us the delicious food that I cooked.

I like to use the Golem for some, seeing it doing the work, I felt some sense of normalcy in the utterly unnormal place I am stuck.