Monster Integration - Chapter 1379 - Silver Ghoul IV

Chapter 1379 - Silver Ghoul IV

Chapter 1379 - Silver Ghoul IV

Chapter 1379

The whip-like vines came at me and stopped just a centimeter away from my body. I had to use all the energy to stop them.

"I had not believed you would be able to counter my attack," it said with a slight surprise, but the next moment that surprised had turned into the provocative smile, "But it must have taken a large chunk of energy, right?" It asked provocatively.

Its meaning is clear, to counter such an attack, one needed to use a huge amount of energy. I had needed a huge amount of energy, and more than half of it came from it, but still, the counter took quite a chunk of my energy.

I have to start my offensive, while it has unlimited energy, and it won't get tired no matter how long we fought. I, on the other hand, have limited energy, and I will get tired as I fight long-on.

I have to finish the fight soon; I do not have unlimited energy like it, and if it continues to attack like this, then it won't be long before I got completely drained, and it finished me off.

"You are right, the attack had taken a large chunk of my energy, but I still have more than enough to deal with you," I said and attacked it with my three wh.i.p.s, which moved like a vicious snake toward it.

Its mocking eyes became serious, seeing my wh.i.p.s come coming at me, and it moved its Trident with a speed that my eyes barely able to catch. Looking at the waves that had appeared behind the Trident, it is very clear that it moves from the art.

Clang Clang Clang

It moved its Trident swiftly and defended against the vines, but this is just a start. One of the strengths of my vines are their flexibility; they can be moved in any way.

Just as these vines clashed against the Trident, instead of recoiling back toward me, they moved toward the Ghouls; all the recoiling force was absorbed and covered by me and used to power up then next attack.

The Ghoul got a little surprised by that, but it immediately delivered its Trident that was coming toward me and toward the vines that are moving toward its fatal spots.

Clang Clang Clang…

After defending against the vines, it tried to attack me again, but my vines did not give me a chance as they moved toward it. I cannot let have an offensive position again; I will keep attacking it till I find a flaw in its very mature fighting style and kill it.

My vines have become faster than its Trident, but not a single one of them was able to breach its defense. It is effortlessly dealing will three vines that are faster than its Trident and also looking for a way to attack me.

I had to keep this b.a.s.t.a.r.d busy every second; a second is more than enough for it to charge a powerful attack, which again will make me fall into the defense; I don want that to happen.

The Diary had said that there is so much to learn from the Silver Ghouls and Golden Kings. Fighting them for moths had helped her excellencies furnish their fighting style so much that there was barely any match against them.

I have to learn from the Silver Ghouls, so I would be able to fight against the Green Kings. The Diary said, the Green Kings are one of the oldest Ghouls, and their fighting experience is extremely great.

When they had fought against the Green Kings for the first time, they have nearly lost their lives. Ramona Hawthorn had got fatally injured by the first attack, and they had to run for their lives against it.

So, not only do I have to kill these Ghouls, but I would also have to continue fighting Ghouls every day to furnish my fighting style so that I won't lose my lives against the Green Kings.

That is a thing of the future; currently, I should think about killing this b.a.s.t.a.r.d who is dealing with my vines without feeling my problem.

Currently, I do not see any surefire way to defeat it, but as long as I continued fighting it, I will find a way, and that time, I will stake all my strength to finished it off.

Clang Clang Clang…

An hour pa.s.sed by since I had begun fighting, and I had finally started to see the faint cracks in its fighting style. These faint cracks are far from enough for me to exploit, but if I fight it long enough, I will be able to widen those cracks enough a way to kill it.

This Ghoul is one of the most difficult opponents Ive ever fought. I do not have much power difference, but its fighting experience is so great that I could not see headway into killing it.

Two more hours pa.s.sed, and it became even more elusive; half an hour ago, it did something that I did not think it would do. It had changed its fighting style, using the same art to move its Trident, but it uses a completely different style to use it.

It speaks the depth of the experience it had and the frustration I feel, and since it had changed its fighting style, I have to study that fighting style from all over again.

It had been eleven hours since I have been fighting against it, and in these eleven hours, it had changed its fighting style four times, and currently, I am fighting against fifty-one.

It seemed to be having fun changing the fighting style after fighting, just to rile me up. Till now, I had been calm, but I am started to get angry, which I really shouldn't against such an opponent.

The Diary had mentioned Silver Ghouls using different fighting styles, but these Ghouls are extremely rare ones, and the fighting style they could use is not more than three.

Which made me realize that I should not completely believe what Diary said as information inside is ancient, there are many changes that must have occurred in this ruin in the last three thousand years.