Monster Integration - Chapter 1377 - Silver Ghoul II

Chapter 1377 - Silver Ghoul II

Chapter 1377 - Silver Ghoul II

The diary said the most dangerous thing about Silver Ghouls and Green Kings are not their strengths but the battle experience.

They have thousands and thousands of years of experience, and I should always remain on guard even if I am gaining an advantage on it.

I had just taken two steps back when I saw a trident coming at me; it had already more than half of the distance.

I lit up runic formation what I had readied and moved my sword to counter it. Seeing that, it moved the smooth trident motion toward my head as if its's read target was my head and targeting the chest was just a faint.

The chest was no faint, it was the real target, but after seeing my sword, it had changed the target without losing the momentum.

Seeing it had changed the target to my head, I moved my sword toward it to defend against the Trident. I may not have the fluency and experience it has, but I have power and speed, and I will use it to my complete advantage.



My sword stopped the charge of its Trident; as it clashed, it did not let go and pushed its Trident against my sword and before moving upward wanting to flung my sword away so that it could pierce the Trident to my head.

The runic formations on my hand lit up, and my sword stopped in its place without giving out a single inch.

For nearly three months, I had been training hard to match against the Silver Ghouls and Green King as I know they are the only things that possess the thread against me.

When I read about them in a diary for the first time, I could not believe it is true; it had made me quite horrified, but it is also due to that, I had pushed myself hard, even during the level up, I had specially made arrangements in my armor to contend against them.

"Hehe, you are quite good." It said with a laugh, but soon that smile turned a mocking one, "But if that's all you have, then you will die in next ten seconds." It said, and faint change in its aura had occurred.

"Hundred Wave Tsunami!" I said, and the next moment trident came at me, but unlike before, it is not a simple attack but an attack from the powerful Art; yes, Silver Ghouls could use the Arts, these are the Arts they had gained from their former human self.

If I am not wrong, then this move it had used is from 'Oceanic Rhythm Art.' It is quite good Art from the Wisdom Tower, them once upon this Ghoul must be a member of Wisdom Tower.

The Trident came at me, and this time, it did not look Trident anymore but a raging wave that materialized behind it; this attack was going to be extremely powerful.

Sup Sup Sup…

Seeing my sword would not be enough to stop the tsunami, I called my vines finally. Six vines came out of me at extremely fast speed and moved toward the Trident; seeing the vines, a surprise couldn't help but flash in the Silver Ghoul's eyes.

Though it got surprised a little, it did not change anything about at attack. Its attack still moved toward me like a tsunami.


The tsunami-like attack crashed against my delicate crystalline, but nothing happens, except for the faint rustle of leaves, the attack was not able to produce any other effect, but it was just a start.

"Second Wave, Third Wave, Forth Wave…"

After the first attack, the real attack started. The waved after waves stacked one behind another till I could see ninety-nine waves, and all of them have come toward my vines.

I don't know why it had not used a hundred tsunamis together instead launching an attack of the lone tsunami at first as the real power of this attack lies in its stacking effect.

Clang Clang Clang…

Its attack clashed against my vines one after another; first, these attacks were nothing, but as more and more came, they became powerful, sending a huge amount of energies into the attack that is enough to tear apart even a powerful King.

But my vines are not normal things; they are faster and stronger than my limbs and capable of taking an immense amount of damage.

One after another, attacks clashed against my vines, and these attacks may seem simple destructive attacks, but they are anything but that in the hands of who is trying to find a way to weakness to my vines, so it could exploit it and target my body.

But my vines have created the tight defense, that even with its huge battle experience, it wasn't able to breach them to come at me.

It is not just due to vines but also due to my killing Rule, which I am using at full power since I started fighting against the Silver Ghoul.

It is due to the exchange senses provided by the killing rule and sensory field, Ive created around had made my defense near perfect.

Seeing the problems, it had tried to release the soul blasts to wreck my sensory field, but that attempt of it turned futile. If it had been my mind directly controlling the sensory field, it would have wrecked by its soul blast, and I would even receive the soul injury, but nothing of that sort is happening.

Like the Swallowing field, I am controlling the sensory field through the formation. So, all the damage it is trying to deal were simply handled by the formation, which I operation without damaging my mind directly.


The last 99th wave crashed through the combination of vines and which only able to shake them a little moving them back an inch.

"You have honestly surprised me, human; I have not thought you would be able to handle my attack with such ease." It said with a smile.

There is no speck of anger in its eyes; instead, there is bubbling excitement and cruelty, which is scaring the h.e.l.l out of me. Making me dread the move this undying monster is going to make next.