Monster Integration - Chapter 133 Treant Horde II

Chapter 133 Treant Horde II

"Grrrr!" It roared loudly with a weird grating voice and started shaking heavily to disrupt my fall as I am using its twigs as leverage.

I have one and half a second to attack before its branches return for its defense.

Falling down, I balance my fall with twigs and branches.

'f.u.c.k!' i cursed internally, this f.u.c.king treant is smart, while falling I was waiting for its tongue to attack me but instead of attacking me, it spread over its weak spot as a defensive measure.

Making my mind, next moment I quickly activated my s.h.i.+eld and flex my legs on the twigs to increase my speed.

"Ahhhh!" I screamed loudly and used my s.h.i.+eld to directly collide against its barbed tongue with my full strength.

"Bang!" my s.h.i.+eld collided against its barbed tongue that guarding its weak spot.

I used my full force against the tongue, I know that I will get only one chance to kill if I missed it then it would be really hard to kill it.

The barbed tongue which had fixed in bark moved by few inches but it is enough as I attack it with my sword.

"Grrr!" It roared loudly seeing my sword coming toward it and tried to attack me with its tongue but it cant as I am forcefully holding back with my sword, I cam only keep this for few moments but it is enough.

I lighten my sword with my fire ability, this monster has terrifying vitality and it might just heal after getting injured.

No matter how useless my ability might be but it will still able to burn something when it went inside.

''Shluuck!" My sword felt an obstruction but I started to burn all the mana I had in my body to power up the strike.

"Grrrrrrr!" "Baang!" My sword finally went in but next moment monster wailed so loudly that my ears started to bleed and its uncontrolled tongue hit me squarely on the chest and sent me flying.

"Bang!" "Puh! puh! puh!" I vomited a mouthful of blood as crashed against the giant tree.

My bones have broken on multiple places but the worst hit is my chest which looked little mangle.

When its tongue hit my chest, many thorns on it struck my chest, although it looks serious, its just flesh wound, most of the power of the blow is diffused by armor.

I quickly drank multiple bottles of potion and stook despite many broken bones.

When I looked up, I was little shocked to see that monster isn't dead and still wailing like crazy with its grating voice.

It had gone completely crazy as it branches flailing uncontrollably, so is its tongue.

I have to finish it quickly before it heals and gains what little sanity it had previously.

Seeing the other monster eyes are not on me, I nimbly ran toward the wailing monster with its flailing uncontrolled branches.

I got many times. .h.i.t reaching near it and my injuries had become more serious but still.

"Pachac!" another of its branch hit me, breaking another of my bone.

I did not stop my sword, seeing monsters uncontrolled branches attacking me, I still kept attacking through the hole, I made during the previous attack.

Although that hole on its trunk in half healed, it is enough to for my sword to pa.s.s through it.

"Puh! Puh!" I vomited blood again as I hit by its trunk and branches, I got hit by them my times but I still kept attacking it despite it.

''Grrr!" Finally, it released barely audible roar and still, it's dead I thought and sat by it as tiredness took me.

Every bone of my body had broken and I am bleeding at many places.

With my weak hand, I plastered bandages all over my body as I sat weakly by a treat.

'I did it again!' I said in my mind, I promised I will not overexert myself in the fight but I did it despite that.

I am seriously injured and potion effect it's still slow, it will take me at least half an hour before I could fight again but half an hour is too much.

By that time many more monster will come and I can feel the number of monsters rising by minutes.

Many people fighting nonstop, everyone fighting two monsters at minimum, jill is fighting against three and she had already killed two.

Looking at her, shook perfectly fine with barely any injury when I had looked at her earlier she had more injuries than this.

She must have a drink that potion which she fed me when I got injured in marshland.

I have to ask her name off that potion and try to buy it if possible.

As I am looking at the fight, I am also circulation supreme combat exercise at its maximum to heal quickly, I noticed that when one circulate the supreme complete exercise and drank potion, that potion is quickly get digested and it takes effect early.

"Bang!" "f.u.c.k!" one treant had attacked me with it single branch but it's quite fortunate I was quite vigilant, I saw coming and dodged it barely.

Seeing its attack failed it called back its branch, I took a sigh of relief seeing that, if it had attacked again, I don't think I would have able to dodge it, even if it is a single branch.

I became more vigilant after that and I hide in the shadow of a tree to guard against such attack.

Although it's not perfect camouflaged, it is still better than nothing and I just have to hide for half an hour before I am good to fight again.

Minutes ticks by and its been five minutes since I killed the treat but in these five minutes, I notice that more and more treant started to appear on the battlefield.

Despite Rachel and Max trying their all, they can not stop all these treats.

"Micheal eat the Treants heart!" I heard a shout from Jill.

When I looked up, I saw jill taking a bite of crystalline green thing while dodging the branches of four treats.

Jill to say such a thing and ate it during the fight, heard of this treant must very useful to jill to do that.

I moved my injured body sneakily toward the treant trunk and tried to remove its hear from inside.

The bark of its is two string, if not for the hole I already made and enlarging it slowly, l wouldn't have able to remove it.

After a few minutes of the work, I removed the heart of treant but got very surprised when I disnt see the core inside it.

Every Specialist grade monster and above had a monster core attached to their heart, even plant type monsters had it.

This is the first monster I've seen which didn't have the monster core inside its body.