Monster Integration - Chapter 1361 - Trapped I

Chapter 1361 - Trapped I

Chapter 1361 - Trapped I

With Elina disappearing, I looked down at the beacon on my wrist, only to see it is still red; there is no change in it.


I couldn't help but curse loudly as nearly all my energy has drained in pus.h.i.+ng back the Ghouls, and whatever I have will be drained in less than a second, and that time, I will be in real trouble.

"F.u.c.k it!"

Seeing things have turned bad to worse for me, I cursed out loud and called back Rose Cover and spent toward the sky; I have less than 2% of energy remained in me, and I want to use it to make my escape create distance with the Ghouls.

As the reason why Elina was able to get away, and I did not, the answer is simple. The domain, it is which I had summoned, it is connected due to which the interference has occurred to my beacon.

I shot through the sky the moment I called back my Rose Cover, and that is what these Ghouls seemed to have waiting for, as they came at me in a frenzy; within a moment, I am fully surrounded by Ghouls from all directions.

If I want to fly into the sky, then I would have to make the way. I will have to slay these Ghouls if I want to escape, and it is a good thing I have prepared for them as sixteen vines released from my back.

I have to be quicky; I would only have a second to kill these before I had to call these vines back as I would need to energy create the distance between myself and Ghouls to get extracted.

Pachac Pachac Pachac…

My vines moved like Grimm Reapers Scyth, slaying all the Ghouls that are blocking my way. In less than a second, they have created a sizable hole through which I could pa.s.s through.

With the way appearing, I did not waste any time flying through it. I just have to pa.s.s through it, and once I did, I would not have any problem creating the distance from the Ghoul as I still have the power of the first boost in my body.

I moved closer and closer through the hole and soon reached the hole and pa.s.sed through it.

Seeing that smile couldn't help but appear on my face but the very next moment smile on my face stiffened as I saw a group of twenty-something Ghouls came at me from above and coming down on me.

I don't know where they came from, but they have appeared, and I have to deal with them if I want to keep flying up. I would have changed the direction of distance between us had been greater, but they are too close to me, and their speed is too high for me to do that.


The Ghouls scremed ear is spitting as they came with me. My gaze hardened, and vines again released from my back toward the Ghouls; each vines usage cost me energy, which I don't much have.

Pachac Pachac Pachac…

The vines moved like vicious snakes and began repeating the Ghouls' lives, turning them into the smoke and releasing the necrotic cores, which I did not even glance at.

If it had been normal times, I would have used one vine at least collect the cores seeing how precious they are, but now they are nothing to me in comparison to the prospect of getting out of this ruin.

Pachac Pachac Pachac...

My vines killed the ghouls, but there are too many of them, and they all h.e.l.l-bent on killing me and as; some of them moved past my vines, and I used my sword to kill them, but that did not seem to be enough as four ghouls were able to reach very close to me.

Pachac Pachac Puch Puch!

Seeing I am in danger, my sword moved at even higher speed and reaped the lives of two Ghouls at record speed, but I seemed too late for the other two as their claws moved toward me and burrowed in my shoulder and waste, bypa.s.sing the defense of my Armor.


If it had been a normal injury, I wouldn't even look at them as these claws not even able to burrow a centimeter inside my skin, such injury would have healed within seconds, but this will not.

Pachac Pachac!

I killed the two Ghouls that injured me and shot to the open sky while hundreds of Ghouls followed behind me in a frenzy, but I did not care about that; the only thing I care about is the two injuries to my shoulder and waist.

I had sealed my fully that not a speck of outside energy could come inside me and also begin to focus all power of healing Rule and healing ability on the two injuries.

My healing attempt seemed to have no effect on the injuries as I could feel sharp searing they are radiating, thwarting any attempt to heal; not only that, I could feel a sort of whirlpool forming over those wounds.

I had read about what happened when that happened, and I am trying to heal those injuries, but all my attempts seemed to be futile.

I have to create distance from the Ghouls before my injury reacted; once it reacted, it would be impossible for me to leave the ruin, which will be good as dead.

I am trying my all to fly as quickly as possible while also refining as much energy as possible, but I could feel the weakness coming over my body as the boost I got from the 'First Boost' begin to seep away.

As weakness begin to seep in me, Ghouls seemed to gain ground on me slowly. The nearly hundred meters gap I had created between Ghouls and me is closing rapidly, and injuries also begin to give me pain that I barely stopped myself from screaming.


Few seconds pa.s.sed, and I cursed loudly with my voice full of sadness as injuries have finally reacted, das.h.i.+ng all my hopes of leaving this ruin.