Monster Integration - Chapter 1358 - Last Day

Chapter 1358 - Last Day

Chapter 1358 - Last Day

It has been five days since I have come to this Ruin, and I could not believe the advancements Ive made in the past four days.

My body and soul have been strengthening at an amazing rate. That is helping me harness more power from my wonderful Inheritance Runes; seeing the progress, I can't but remember when I had actually throught of not coming to this Ruin.

It was when the aura surrounding the runes begin to show its wonder in my practice, and for a second, I thought this Ruin would not be able to help me practice than the aura.

I have reason to think that as the aura had made my practice speed doubled, just like it had reduced the time I needed to consume the 'Green Source.'

In these past five days, I had constantly been fighting against the Ghouls; other than five to six hours I spent in the Abode, the rest of my time would spend in fighting the Ghouls.

I am using the same strategy of the first day, though which I would constantly fight against Ghouls for at least sixteen hours a day without taking a break.

I would first find Ghaoul and fight it long enough to attract more ghouls, and when their numbers reached five to six, I would kill a few and run away before and continue with fighting with fewer numbers, which would increase in half an hour.

It is the best strategy; it may be a little risky, but it is worth seeing the benefits I am getting from it, and these benefits are necessary for me to content against these ghouls whose power is increasing every second.

If it is not for me to take a risk, I would not have been able to fight against the six Ghouls at the same time whose strength is increasing.

In the five days, I have helped more than twenty people I had found running from the Ghouls as they could not match their progress against the ghouls; most of these people are Princes, but there are many Kings too.

Since it is the five days, I only have today in this Ruin, which is very regrettable. This Ruin is wonderful; I wish I could stay here for at least a month; the month would have been more than enough for me to make jaw-dropping progress.

Clang Clang Clang…

With only a day remaining, Ive decided to make the most of it and had taken a little bigger risk and now fighting the Eight Ghouls together.

It is extremely hard to find so many Ghouls, who never get tired, and their strength increases at every second. I had to be very careful of their every attack as I could not let any part of my body get touched by it.

I continued fighting these ghouls for ten more minutes before killing half of them and running away while pocketing their cores.

I may not be able to use these excess cores, but they will be very useful when I get outside, and due to their life expectancy, they are even more expensive.

These necrotic cores could only stay outside of this realm for three months; after that, they will begin to vaporize on their own, no matter where one stores them.

Only in this Ruin, they remained unchanged, but their value is huge despite their limited expectancy. Academy sells them at a very high price to.

With the number of necrotic cores Ive, I am going to be quite rich. Ive already decided on what I am going to do with them; I will be exchanging them to an academy for the resources.

Some of the b.a.s.t.a.r.ds from Wisdom Tower and Hawthorn Sea have collected more necrotic cores than me. Yesterday, I saw one member of Hawthorn Seal alone fighting against twenty Ghouls without showing much stress.

She is extremely powerful, well she should be. She is not only a mid-level King but also a host of Apex Inheritance; her having such strength is not surprising.

I will have to work hard on my Inheritance to create something that will surpa.s.s the Apex Inheritances, its good thing for the King Stage, half of the work had already been finished by my runes, now I have work on designing the great Inheritance.

Fifteen hours pa.s.sed by, and now only two to three hours have remained till the beacon s.h.i.+ne and we brough back from this Ruin.

I had decided to fight for one more hour before I stopped. These Ghouls have a strange ability to disrupt the working of the ruined gate that is instrumental in bringing us back.

One has to maintain at least two hundred meters from them Ghouls to have safe teleportation to the ruin gate, and I am willing to sacrifice two hours for it.

Though according to the direction given by the Academy, we should stop fighting the ghouls six hours before the declared time of the coming back, but that is too much for one to sacrifice, seeing the value of continuous fighting.

Pachac Pachac Pachac Pachac…

An hour pa.s.sed, and my vines move like a razor, cutting the neck of Ghoul after another. I wanted to continued fighting for another hour, seeing the speed I am digesting the herbal essences, but I have no choice but to do that.

The killed Ghouls turned to smoke, leaving behind the dark black necrotic cores. I could consume the Green Source present in these cores since it has nearly one and half a day since I had consumed the last.

But I will not do that as usual; I consume them in the safety of my Abode, which I could not activate due to its interference with Ruin Gate, s.p.a.ce is a complete 'no-no.'

I will consume the 'Green Source' when I returned to the Academy a few hours later; till then, I have to wait until the beacon bracelet I am wearing begin to s.h.i.+ne and be careful of Ghouls.

I don't want any Ghoul to sneak up on me when it was time to return; that will be disastrous for me.