Monster Integration - Chapter 1348 - Teacher's Call

Chapter 1348 - Teacher's Call

Chapter 1348 - Teacher's Call

Drop Drop…

I closed the tap when the tub is filled sufficiently and added eight drops of diluted Miasmic Astral Solutions before dipping myself in.


I let out a clear m.o.a.n as the familiar pain hit me; the pain is still immense, but I got so used to it that now it did not affect me as it used to affect me before.

As I settled myself in the pool, I begin to take the energy of the Miasmic Astral Rose into my body and was quite surprised when my Inheritance Ruins did not react to the energy.

Before, whenever I took the energy inside me, the runes would be the first to take a share of this energy, but now they did not seem to have lost interest in it.

I am not surprised seeing the runes' current quality; I would have been surprised if those runes would have still gone for it despite a huge upgrade.

The runes may not have had an interest in it, but my body sure has. That interest seemed to increase manifold as just as the energy increased my body, it immediately sucked by my body and veins that not a speck of it has remained for me circulate in my veins.

I again tried, and it again disappeared as it entered my body; the energy has disappeared so fast that I couldn't continue with a constant flow.

Seeing it disappearing just as I take it inside me, I begin to take a huge amount of inside me, but that did not seem to be enough. My body seemed to have an insatiable l.u.s.t for it that no matter how much I took it, it would disappear immediately.

The disappearing but merging with me if I concentrated, I could see where every speck of the energy is going.


I continued to take more and more energy before finally, I saw the limit. The energy did not disappear immediately; it took a moment for it finally disappeared, seeing that I couldn't help but get disappointed.

The ravenousness of the body is good for me; the greater hunger it will have, the more energies I will able to merge it with, and further, it will strengthen my body and soul and widen my veins. That way, I will be able to harness more power from my amazing Inheritance Runes.

Still, I am very happy that my body has got such ravenous hunger; this way, it will strengthen at greater speed.

I continued to suck more and more energies into my body; I have so extreme that the blood begins to come out of my nose.

I had to take as much energy as possible and continued with that flow, only that way; I will be able to circulate the energy through my veins and create the Supreme Combat Exercise seals.

Seeing the number of energies my body is sucking at every second and the speed of my strength increasing, creating the seals of Supreme Combat Exercise seemed inconsequential, but it is important, extremely important.

Each ruby seal gives a 30% increase in strength, which is huge, and not to forget, my target is Diamond Seal (1000 Seals). The benefits the diamond seal could give me are far beyond a simple increase in strength.

The benefits of it are so beyond amazing that even if there were no benefits to be gained from the Ruby Seals, I would have continued creating the seals for it.

It only took me ten minutes to suck off the eight drops of diluted essence of the Miasmic Astral Rose; in my joy, I added ten more drops and continued practicing, but to my regret, I was not able to absorb all the energy before my body had reached its limit.

Seeing the amount of energy that remained in the tub, I would say I had absorbed about the seven drops worth of energy, which means my body's capacity had reached the fifteen drops, which is almost double.

This increase in ravenousness and limit of digesting all because of the runes, or might I say because of aura that is radiating from them.

I stayed in the pool for a few minutes more before getting out and walking into the shower. This time when I walked out of the shower, there were clothes on my body.

Feeling hungry, I walked into the kitchen and started to cook something for myself. Forty-five minutes later, I was finished cooking and sat at the table, eating alone. Ashlyn still had not woken up, so I am all alone.

Tring Tring!

After finis.h.i.+ng with dinner, I went to my room and taken out Tome and about to seep my consciousness in it when my holowatch begin to buzz, and it is from the teacher.

"Your girlfriend seemed to have occupied too much of your time that you forgot to call your teacher even after twenty-four hours of returning." The teacher said as I received the call.

I looked at the time and saw it is an hour extra since they let me go after questioning yesterday.

"Its not that, teacher; the load at the hospital was too much that I had forgotten about calling you." I lied. I had forgotten to call the teacher; I was going to call her after dinner but forgot about it.

"Humph," the teacher humphed, totally not believing me with my lie, "Anyway, I had to call you to tell you that the 'I' Ruin will be opening four weeks before our prediction." "So, you have to return a month earlier than you have planned." Teacher informed.

"What?" I asked, surprised. The 'I' Ruin is the Resource Site of our academy, the only resource site we have. This rune is extremely important to our academy; it opened every six month, and people were not able to stay in it for more than a week, but it worth going there.

Those who enter 'I' Ruin have a clear transformation in their strength a week later; as long as one survives in it, one will automatically return stronger.