Monster Integration - Chapter 1346 - Meeting

Chapter 1346 - Meeting

Chapter 1346 - Meeting

"I am cooking; what do you want to eat?" I asked; I said as I walked out of the shower, it feels good to have a shower again, which I have not in had nearly a week.

"Everything you cook is amazing; I will eat whatever you cook." She said as she appeared next to me kiss before walking toward the shower n.a.k.e.d. Her pace is very slow, tempting me to join her but seeing how hungry I am feeling, I shook my head and walked out of the bedroom toward the kitchen.

In the kitchen, I took lots of stuff out of my storage and began to think about what to cook. It had been nearly a month since I have eaten something freshly cooked. I barely got time to eat in the realm, much less cook, no matter how much I wanted to eat something delicious.

I looked at all the things in front of me before finally deciding what to cook for dinner; it was a painful decision.

I put away all the extra things and began cooking and was quite surprised that my skills hadn't rusted after nearly a month-long break; I am cooking at a similar familiarity as I had been a weak ago.

This time, I had not only used my hands to cook but also six vines, which I usually use when I am cooking in the hospital.

I wanted to cook an elaborate five-course meal, but I don't want to spend hours doing it, and using the vines is the best choice to cook lots of dishes in a limited time.

The vines are akin to limbs; I could not only use them finely as my hands, but I could also use my abilities through them. With help from the vines, the cooking has become quite easy and fast.

As I was cooking, I heard the sound of a door opening, and Mira walked in wearing nothing but a white t-s.h.i.+rt, which was mine. She looked amazing, and if I did not have so much food to cook, I would have continued staring at her.

She looked quite surprised when she saw the vines and arched her brow in question; to that, I just smiled.

She sat on the chair by the counter and watched me cook silently as I usually do. She is fascinated by my cooking and always watched silently; I had offered to teach her, but that attempt did not go well.

Mira did not have a talent for cooking; she is absolute worst that even a five-year-old kid could cook better than her.

"Its ready," I said as I called back my silver fire and handed everything to the crystal golem, who begin to put everything on the table.

Soon everything is ready, and we sat at the table, the golem a professional butler as it has begun to serve us the food. "Umm, Micheal, you have no idea how much I had missed your cooking," Mira said after taking a first sip of the soup.

She is not the only one that missed it; I am also missed cooking, and the food I made with it had become part of my routine.

Speaking of routine, the days in the realm, Ive missed very much on my practice, not only on the refinement of my body and soul but also my times in Tome. If not for that, I would have definitely reached near the 100th recipe.

I am quite far behind, but I hope to catch up soon; I still remember the smell of the dishes that the teacher had during her birthday; the level of those dishes was far above what I am cooking right now.

Whenever I think about those dishes, my mouth couldn't help but water up; I can't wait to reach a level where I could cook those dishes and share them with Mira.

Tring Tring...

We were eating when my holowatch begin to ring out; it is my parents who are calling. I had already felt bad for not calling them as soon as I got the signal, so I received their call after flas.h.i.+ng an apologetic to Mira.

"Micheal, thank G.o.d nothing happened to you; I got so worried when I heard about the accident in Miasmic forest!" Mom said just as I received the call.

"I am a fine mother; nothing had happened to me," I said, trying to relieve the tension she had on her face. Mother about to reply when a small form appeared in front of holowatch with misty-looking eyes.

"Rose was worried to brother." My sister said in a cute toddler like voice. The month I had not seen her brough huge change in her; she had become even cuter than before. I wish that I am Tyrant right now so that I could teleport to her directly kiss those beautiful puffy cheeks of hers.

"Brother had missed you too, rose," I said to a little lady whose misty began to return normal, and now she did not look like a little girl that would burst into tears at any moment.

"Are you alone, Micheal, or are you with someone else?" Mother asked suddenly, and her tone is quite inquisitive. She knows I have a girlfriend and even seen photos Ive posted with her on social media.

There are many instances where my parents called, and I was with Mira. I had not introduced her to them; that time, I had not felt our relations.h.i.+p had reached that point, but now I felt like our relations.h.i.+p has matured enough that I could finally introduce her to my family, but I could not be the only one who felt that it is important she feels that too.

I looked at her to ask her permission, only to see she is not on the present in her seat; she had disappeared from it.

"Nice to meet you, Mrs. Zaar; Micheal has told me a lot about you." I heard from behind me, only to see she is standing behind me, and when I looked back at her, she smiled and gave me a small kiss on the lips before turning to my mother again.