Monster Integration - Chapter 1329 - Battling Spider I

Chapter 1329 - Battling Spider I

Chapter 1329 - Battling Spider I

I felt frost climbing on my hands as I placed both of my palms on the Crystal Sphear. Feeling such cold, I wanted to remove my palms from the sphere.

There was no indication of it being so cold; the air around is quite warm that one wouldn't even think of being cold. If I knew I would feel such a temperature, I would have been better prepared.

Feeling my blood is freezing, I nearly removed my hands from the crystal sphere's glossy surface, but I resisted.

Still, I have to do it, and if I did not remove my palms soon, there is a very high chance I will get frostbite if I did not remove my hands from it. The frostbite is very serious; in most cases, one has to cut one's body part.

The frost is spreading, and soon it had reached my elbows and spreading even further as the seconds pa.s.sed, and before I know it, half of my body has been frozen, and now only my legs and head have remained; they will also freeze when if I did not do anything.


I was thinking about what to do when a faint buzz rang through my body, and my Armor disappeared, and before horror could fully set in my mind, I saw silvery and green runes coming out of my body and spreading into the sphere.

The runes are spreading in the sphere and also through my body; I had now started to s.h.i.+ne in Green and Silver runes, which had spread through every part of my body.

The runes have also solved my frost's problem, too, as I could feel frost is decreasing by the visible pace.

The hidden Being had taken over fully; it had not only taken over the situation but also taken over my body. I had nearly control over it; the only things I could control are my thoughts and eyes.

Soon the Green and Silver Runes finished spreading over Sphear, and now they are spreading inside toward the small Spider, seeing that my heartbeat couldn't help but beat faster.

The runes started over toward the Spider before climbing on its body, but there was no reaction; it is continued to lay motionless with its eyes closed.

The runes continued to spread around faster and faster, till they have covered every part of the Spider's body, but there is still no Spider reaction, which is a good thing; if it had reacted, I don't know whether if I could survive or not.

The runes continued to spread for ten more minutes before stopping, and now they have covered every inch of the Crystal Sphear and the Spider inside in a very complex formation.

The runic chains have covered the Spider fully, and it is connected to runic chains, which are in turn connected to the Sphear, which is in turn connected to my hands.


I was observing the runes when I felt an intense crus.h.i.+ng force coming at me; it felt as if the whole world was crus.h.i.+ng me; it took me all my willpower to move my eyes and look at the source of this crus.h.i.+ng feeling I am getting from.

Soon, I come eyes with dark eyes of delicate Spider; they are black as ink and filled with vengeance.


I was looking at those eyes when I felt buzzing across my mind. I felt my vision blackening till I could see only darkness; this darkness only lasted for a moment before everything cleaned, and I found myself in a completely different s.p.a.ce.

The first thing I noticed is twilight; there is neither light nor darkness, and around me is the deserted rocks of all sizes; some are big as the hill, and in this strange s.p.a.ce, there is no sign of any vegetation.

It is clearly a wasteland.

I looked around and found nothing but rocks; there is a biting wind that comes in now and then, which felt like an attack; if I had been an average duke, this wind would have seriously injured me.

Thud Thud Thud…

I was looking around for something when I started to hear a faint sound, but that sound got bigger and bigger till it felt like as if an earthquake that has come.

I flew to the biggest rock, which is big as a hill, and looked from here, pink hill coming toward me with extremely fast speed, and before I know it, I found it a thousand meters ahead of me.

The pink thing is the Spider; it looked save as the delicate Spider in crystal spear, just thousands of times bigger, and now this Spider had appeared in front of me.

It is about fifty meters long and looked extremely dangerouns, unlike its small delicate form. Seeing it, 'delicate' would be the last word anyone would think; most people would think of it as an extremely dangerous war machine.

"Human became ready to die," "That being promised me as long I kill you here, it will not only give me freedom but also help me get rid of planner suppressions so that I could consume the essence of the humans of this plane without feeling any resistance from it!" An enchantingly feminine voice had said it in my mind.

The Spider!

I did not have to think about for a moment where this voice came from, it is from Spider, and it is surprisingly enchanting; it could be said to be the most beautiful voice ive ever heard.

It is a Spider that had talked and what she said is shocked me to the core and also made me feel hurt. I used to consider the hidden Being as my mentor, but now that mentor is willing to sacrifice people of my race, even help the Spider consume them if the Spider could kill me.


I was in my thoughts when suddenly, I felt a premonition of danger. The feeling is very intense; it means whatever is coming at me extremely dangerous and capable of taking my life.