Monster Integration - Chapter 1327 - Shriek

Chapter 1327 - Shriek

Chapter 1327 - Shriek

I watched the process with bated breath, I wanted to stop them very much, but I don't know how?

If it had been only Kings, I would have taken the chance with Ashlyn, created the uproar, and attracted the attention of spider, but with Emperors present, I could not do something like that.

As soon as I created a ruckus, the Emperor Stage Grimm Monsters would be on me, and they would not need even second seconds to reach me. Crossing hundreds of meters in a second is no big thing to them.

So, I remained hidden and watched everything; if I am lucky, I may get a chance to do something that will kill these Grimm Monsters, and I will do something, whether I want or not.

It had been nearly a day since it enveloped everyone and started sucking off Grimm Monster. If I am not wrong, then in two to four hours, it will be finished off sucking the Grimm Monsters and gain enough strength to begin on the humans.

I could not let that happen; I will have to do something. The millions of Grimm Monsters that Grimm Monsters have sacrificed may not affect their strength much, but if something happened to the millions of humans, it would seriously hurt us.

The humans that have come to this ruin are not normal humans; they are above average, with over 90% having the ability to reach the King Stage, with thousands of reaching Emperor Stage, and we might even get some Tyrants from these people.

So, even if I have to sacrifice myself, I have to fight for the chance to save humans, and in this fight, I am not alone. There is that Hidden being who had asked me to come here; I am sure the being have something in mind; otherwise, the hidden being would not have asked me to come here.

The Disk that Grimm Monsters are standing and the Armor they are wearing have completely lit up, and it stayed for a few seconds in that stated when the leading Emperor raised its hands and created a hand gesture.

As hand gesture appeared, the bright runes on their armor and the disk begin to change. They started to weave together and became chains which moved out from their bodies and connected to runic chains to persons beside them.

Within minutes, the runic chains released from their bodies connected to each other and formed a center on three Emperor Stage powerhouses.

As all the chains concentrated on the three Emperor stage powerhouses, thick Black runic chains released from their body and moved toward the Crystal Spear and begin to cover it in the chains.

The three Emperor Stage Grimm Monsters continued to released black runic chains from their bodies cover the Crystal Spear. I watched it all carefully, wanting to see any chance of me disturbing the things without getting uselessly killed.

I did not see any chance; the Grimm Monsters may seem concentrated on their runic formations, but they are also keeping an eye on around for any possible; they are ready to deal with any trouble that might occur.

Seconds pa.s.sed by, and the chains have covered the 90% of the spear, now only 10% have remained.

Seeing that, I finally made my decision to act; I could not expect help from other humans, which I had expecting unconsciously, and the hidden being hadn't replied to any of my pleas to help, so I could only depend on myself to do to stop the Grimm Monsters whatever they are doing.

Though I know it might turn useless, but I have to try; I could let all the humans die, which they will. The Grimm Monsters are not so merciful to let the humans go.

Since they have planned and even willing to sacrifice millions of their kins, they must have some plans to deal with humans; they might even make use of bounded humans in whatever they are planning to do.

I took a deep breath and activated the formation behind my back for my absolute to move, which will use every bit of energy I have in a single attack.


I had just about to launch the attack seeing the black Runic Chains of Grimm Monsters about to cover the pink crystal spear fully when the hidden being's voice rang out in my mind as it spoke in the same relaxed fas.h.i.+on as it usually does.


As it finished warning me, it acted. I felt an invisible crackle inside, which rang through me before coming out of me. There was nothing, no sound, no effect, but I had felt like it had spread everywhere.


For second, nothing happened; there was absolute silence before a soul-crus.h.i.+ng shriek rang through the Crystal Ball.

The shriek was soul-crus.h.i.+ng that if not for strange energy covering me the moment it appeared, I am very sure my soul would have been torn apart by this shriek.

Ahhhh… Ahhhh….. Ahhhh….

I have been very lucky to be protected by the energy that was covering me, but these Grimm Monsters are not so lucky.

Except for three Emperors who are clutching their hands like mad, the other Grimm Monsters have collapsed on the floor and now screaming like a man while clutching their ears.

Seeing the way they are screaming, it looked like they are going through intense torture.

Yes, torture would be the right thing to say about what they are going through; forget the Grimm monsters on the floor, even Emperor is screaming madly; I mean, who wouldn't when their soul is being torn apart.

One can bear the physical torture but one not bear that of the soul, especially when something had torn it apart.


The Grimm Monsters were screaming badly when suddenly a change occurred in the calm miasma. It had become wild, moving across the whole spear as if it were searching for something.

I remained glued on my spot, not daring to move even an inch as strange energy covering me. I am very grateful for that as I am very sure that my Rule Bending power would not have been enough to save me from miasma and a delicate spider who had finally opened its eyes, and they are blazing in rage.