Monster Integration - Chapter 1321 - Healing Kings

Chapter 1321 - Healing Kings

Chapter 1321 - Healing Kings

"If it had been any other Prince, I would not have entertained such request; healing a King is too hard, but since it is you, I will give you a chance," Ben said after some time.

"Come." He waved, and we walked out of Ward and minuted later, we entered another ward smaller than the ward I have been working, but the power of the people here is suffocating.

There are a hundred beds here, and on the hundred beds are hundred King Stage powerhouses. They are getting healed by eighteen King Stage healers, which are few compared to the number of patients.

This is also fatality Ward, and patients here are in serious condition; some of them could die in minutes. Healers are trying their all, but their numbers are too few; they could not attend to every patient in need.

"Let's see if you can heal the King Stage patients or not," Ben said and tapped on his holowatch, and the next moment, the energy layer covering our closest Patient have vanished.

A sickly looking bald young man appeared in front of our eyes. I could feel his King Stage aura, which is struggling against the Miasma and getting weak every second. If this continued, this young man won't be able to live for more than an hour.

"Mr. Will Donier, this Healer Micheal, he will try to heal you now." Said Ben to a bald young man about.

"A Prince?" He asked back in clear doubt. When we came beside him, all his focus on Ben, thinking it will heal him, and I am just a learner who is watching.

"Do not doubt Micheal, Mr. Will; he is the best healer Ive ever come across," Ben said. A smile couldn't help but appear on my face seeing the high evaluation of me from Ben.

Struggle appeared on the face of the bald young man's face before it eased and resolution appeared on his face. "Do it, even if you don't heal me, keep me alive for long enough that one of the healers could come and heal me." He said with a sigh.

"Don't worry; you will not need another healer, and before we start, I have to bound you; my healing method is a little peculiar; it gives quite a pain," I said. As I said, faint anger appeared on his face.

"Humph, the pain I had experienced in my practice is more than a little healer like can imagine, no matter how much pain you have method inflict there won't word releasing from my mouth." He said with confidence.

"Still, I would feel a little safe if you are bound." I insisted the anger on the bald man's face increased, but he toned it down with a deep breath; he is clearly aware that it is not wise to raise a voice against the healer, even if it is a low-level one as other healers would take offense and that would not be a good thing.

We are known for our gentle hearts, but we became very vengeful when you do or say to our own.

"Fine, do whatever you want." He said in humph as he looked away, seeing that I looked at Ben, who tapped few b.u.t.tons on his holwatched, and the next moment, many metallic bindings appeared and bound him.

They have bound every part of him that he could not move even an inch; he got extremely angry but chose to remain silent; the only thing he did was so shot me an intense glare, which I received with a smile.

"I will begin then," I said, and the next moment, a vibrant green Armor appeared on me, which surprised both Ben and Bald man.

I usually don't use my Healing Armor for healing as there is no need to, but this time, I had summoned it; I will need all the help I advantage I could to heal this King Stage powerhouse.

Two crystalline vines were released from my hands and moved toward the stomach of the patients. The Balm man shuddered to see the vines and their sharp end, which I had especially summoned to pierce the body of this King Stage powerhouse.

Puch Puch

My vines pierced through its stomach without any problem, and the bald man did not make a single sound of it. He did not make a sound when the vines started to spread through his body; he just bore with gritted teeth and glared at me intensely.

As the vines spread inside the bald man's body, I observed its inner defense, and I have to say it is quite amazing that I have to spend quite some effort to tear through the tenacious methods.

Finally, vines have spread through his body, and it is now time to extract the Miasma, which is extremely dense inside him.

Ehhhhhhh Ahhhhh….

As I started to an extraction, he started to make the noise through the gritted teeth, and when I finally increased the speed of extraction, it could not bear it anymore and let out of huge scream that startled the whole ward.

"Gentlemen, there is no torture going on here, just some peculiar healing." Bens voice rang out through the whole hall; still, three enforcers moved around me to protect me against some crazies who might attack me.

The bald man's screams are really loud, far louder than any Duke and Princes, Ive healed before. It is a good thing Ben had activated the soundproofing formation; otherwise, there would have been no end of people who might try to beat the s.h.i.+t about of me.

Soon the roses started appearing on the vine; Ben and enforcers started to plucking them without any problem. The Miasma inside the Bald man is a level higher; I had used quite a few formations on my armor to extracts it.

Time pa.s.sed, the bald man's screams became louder and louder, and more and more roses appeared on the vines, which were quickly extracted.

Such a scenario lasted for four minutes before it suddenly stopped; the screams have stopped, and so the appearance of roses as I had extracted all Miasma from the bald man's body, Ive healed him, Ive healed the King Stage powerhouse.