Monster Integration - Chapter 126 Getting out of Marsh I

Chapter 126 Getting out of Marsh I

I got little startle seeing Rachel taking out her bow and started shooting, she had only taken out her bow once to fight against giant sawtooth earthworm monsters.

Compare to her, Max had no such reservation, in the whole day today, he had killed any monster that attacked him.

Rachel started shooting arrows after arrows, each arrow would strike on the head of the monster killing it in second.

As max reached inside a group of monster, every swing of his spear would kill a monster.

They kept killing as more and more monster started coming out of the lake.

''What kind power is this?" I shouted, completely losing my mind.

Two people, just two people have killed hundred of monsters within a few minutes and it's not like they had killed smallest once, they had especially targeted the largest ones.

'Is this madness!' I said in my mind, both of them killing monsters same level as chicken and they killing it hundreds in a few minutes.

"This is not their full power, they haven't broken even broken seal on their powers yet!" said Jill.

I would have asked her what she means by 'Seal' yet but I was too busy to watch the fight to concentrate on her words.

Soon Rachel stopped shooting arrows and Max has returned to his original place near Rachel.

They combine killed more than five hundred monsters and only stopped when they saw monsters coming out of the lake, leaving a thousand some monster to fight against us.

It is really crazy, to kill more than five hundred monsters in twenty minutes, such strength, I would do nearly anything for such strength.

Thousands of monsters roared like crazy at Rachel and Max, they may have become mad due to the influence of foreign energy but they still follow their instinct.

After seeing so many their kin had been killed by the Rachel and max, they just growl at but did not take a step to attack them.

After growling at them for some time, thousand some monster had turned to is with sadness and anger.

They could not take revenge at Max and Rachel but they sure can take that on is.

The monster charged at us crazily, running with their humanoid legs and waving sharp long claws at us.

I readied my sword and s.h.i.+eld and prayed that the monster I fight would be at the initial level of Specialist grade.

Soon monster clashed with us same some monster also ran toward us, flinging mud as they ran.

I started circulating the seventh move of supreme combat exercise, I was lucky enough to advance two more moves today, I hope that I would be enough to fight against this monster.

The group if the monster came closer and I was relieved a seeing there are some initial level monster in them

Seeing the group is separating, I ran toward the lone initial level monster who is nearest to me.

"Clank!" I countered my sword and I had to take a few steps back just to dissolve the force.

''f.u.c.k its strong!" I shouted it was quite a surprise move as the monster wasn't looking at me.

It still countered hastily with hastily and was able to use its full power but still able to push me back with a casual strike of it.

''Roaar!" Without giving me a choice, it attacked me with both of its knife-like claws, its speed was so fast that I am barely able to muster my defense.

''Clank clank clank!" My sword and s.h.i.+eld clashed against it claws.

'Whoosh' "f.u.c.k!" I cursed, just as its sword and s.h.i.+eld were cras.h.i.+ng against my sword, its mouth with the razor-sharp mouth is also moving toward my head to take a bite.

I can still hear the sound and feel the breath by ear as it mouth chopped down, it is a real feeling of death which I felt countless time in this realm.

Due to it being seven meter tall, I saw its mouth coming toward me and timely avoided its mouth while retreating using the recoil of the clash.

This time I was prepared as it attacked me, I countered is an attack well.

I thank whatever G.o.d I pray for giving me the initial level monster to fight if it was a mid-level monster, there would have been many holes in my body and I would not be far from death's door.

Against this initial level, I barely defending myself then there is no talking what mid or peak level would do to me.

''Yes!" I shouted loud as I am retreating from the force of the attack, I broke past the seventh circulation and entered the eight.

I can't seem to find the opportunity to use my skill! Its defense is almost unpenetrable if I activated my skill right now, it will stop by its claws and I will not able to injure it, even a bit!

I will keep looking for the opportunity and will only activate my skill when I am sure it will some use.

'Slice..' "s.h.i.+t!" I said as me shoulder sliced by a claw of monster, its good thing that moved on time and its claw did not reach the bone otherwise, my whole shoulder would have been gone.

Every time I clashed against yellow skin crocodile except for claws, I had to be careful of its mouth as well.

It bites toward me head every time my weapon clashed with it and I had to save my head from its mouth, even slight mistake on my part and my head will be chomped by this yellow skin crocodile.

Time pa.s.sed on and injuries of my body kept increasing but I never found any good chance to attack and I am running out of patients as injuries on my body kept increasing.

The only good thing happens it this time to forget the pain of injuries of my body.

I circulated the exercise without care and able to reach the 10th cycle but the pain of the tenth cycle is really killing me and I just want to to to stop it but if I stopped, I will get injured more often and likely end up dead and because of that fear I kept circulating it.

Running out of patience, I decided to use my skill and see if I could able injure it if I didn't even try then this monster will slowly when away from my strength and kill me at last.

''First Tide! Second Tide! Third Tide!" I simultaneous activated the power of three tides and attack.

''Clank!" My Sword and s.h.i.+eld with full power Third tide clash against it.

Despite my speed and strength three times stronger, its claws clash against it and except slight tremor from the body there no reaction from its body.

I am surprised but id expected this and already made plan.

Dodging its bite by craning my neck, I prepared to withdraw my sword, my halfway in withdrawing when as if it senses what I am going to do, its claw suddenly clamped on my sword and wouldn't let go.