Monster Integration - Chapter 1300 - Mission I

Chapter 1300 - Mission I

Chapter 1300 - Mission I

"Thank You, Micheal, for a wonderful date; I did not know when I had felt this good on a date," Mira said as we appeared in front of her quarters.

"I enjoyed it too," I said, hearing that smile appeared on her face too, and the next moment, I found her lips on mine, and we are kissing under the moonlight.

The kiss was gentle and is like a breath of fresh air that I did not know I was starving for all this time.

"I expect a second date soon." She said as she broke the kiss and disappeared from my view while I remain standing before a smile appeared on my face.

It took me a while to get control over myself, and I was about to walk away when I noticed someone's gaze on me. When I look, I found a young man a few years older than me look looking at me with a peculiar gaze.

I gave him a slight nod before walking away; he did not stop me but kept looking at me peculiarly gaze, which I found quite strange.

If he had not been King, I would have talked to him, but he is King, and I don't want to go to a near strange person who could beat me with a single attack.

I did not return to my quarters immediately; I went to the hospital first, there I spent two hours healing the patients and conversing with healers before I came back to my quarters.

As I entered my quarters, I directly walked toward the refinement room and opened the faucets to fill the bowl tub, and added a drop of diluted essence of Miasmic Astral Rose before stepping inside.

The energy is still hard to absorb; I have to take it inside me before merging it with my body. The energy is extremely good; the only complaint I have is that it got absorbed into my body before I found circulate it fully into the route of Supreme Combat Exercise.

In this practice, I had failed to circulate energy in twenty-four circulation of Supreme combat Exercises. The energy got sucked apart before I could finish up ten circulations.

To circulate it through all twenty-four circulations of Supreme Combat Exercise, I will have to take a huge amount of energy into my veins that will last till all twenty-four circulations.

Getting the resource like Miasmic Astral Rose, others might not be interested in Supreme Combat Method seeing the efforts one has to make to create a lingle seal under such noncooperative energy, which gets easily merged when it entered the veins, but I am trying all to create the seals.

The normal seal and Amethyst Seals may not make much difference, but Ruby Seal made a huge difference that I could not give up on it.

The 30% increase in strength has got even more allure now that I had a resource like Miasmic Astral Rose, which is increasing my strength at a rapid pace under this extremely precious resource.

I have practiced with the diluted essence of Miasmic Astral Rose three times, and in these three times, I have not able to create a single seal. If it had been normal refining, I would have created at least five seals; I am a little disappointed by it but not sad.

I will have to continue trying, and it won't be long before I started creating seals of Supreme Combat Exercise at every practice like before.

After finished with forging, I showered and worked on my inheritance for some time before sleeping.

Six days pa.s.sed by, and six days, I had gone with another date with Mira, which is beyond amazing, and today would have been our third date if not me having to go to the emergency mission.

Since I am a powerful fighter, they have decided to use me rather than let me run through the Miasmic Forest freely. The mission is not dangerous, just a standard survey mission of a specific area.

I have to survey it and kill any Grimm Monsters that I could find. I would not have had any problem with any missions, but now I am having a problem with it since it had come between my date.

Not just any date, a third date everyone knows how important the third date, it is an important base of any relations.h.i.+p and whether the relations.h.i.+p will go forward or not will depend on this date.

Mira is understanding, as something like that had happened to our second date too. She had to go out for an emergency mission three days ago.

Still, on this worst day, there is one good news and which is that I had finally able to create the seal of Supreme Combat Exercise during my practice after seven days of repeated tries.

The way I used to employ was different for it, as no matter how much energy I took into my veins, it was not enough for it goes throught the twenty-four circulations.

So, I used a different approach; instead of taking energy at once in veins, I have to keep it sucking in a continuous stream, which is extremely difficult that by the time practice ended, I would be very tired.

I had been trying this method for two days, and only this time, I was successful. It was all thanks to Mira; it was her idea to use this method.

I did not mention Miasmic Astral Rose as many resources repel from the human body. The Miasmic Astral Rose is a too-rare resource that I could only talk to a few people about it, like a teacher and my parents.

Thinking of my parents, they should be able to return for that ruin within a week. I have been missing them quite a lot; I may not vising them much, but I regularly talked to them.

I sighed once again at those thoughts before I walked out of my quarters, as it is time to go out for a mission.