Monster Integration - Chapter 1225 - Burned To The Ashes II

Chapter 1225 - Burned To The Ashes II

Chapter 1225 - Burned To The Ashes II

"Growl Growl Growl…"

Unlike the other monsters who directly attacked us with the intent of finis.h.i.+ng us off as quickly as possible, these Ravaging Hounds did not do that.

Instead, they started to growl with their spiked mouth as they took slow steps toward us. It is quite a tactic to make an even battle-hardened person fumble for the right time to attack.

"Should we attack?" Jacob asked, "Leave them to me; I want to test my attack on them." I said that got me a questioning look from everyone; only Rachel seem to understand something.

She is the only person who had seen that attack or the 1st version of that attack. The upgraded one even more powerful, but Ive yet to test it; Ive never found the right chance to do it.

These people did not seem to believe my words and had their weapons out if something goes wrong.

Growl Growl Growl Growl Growl…

The Ravaging hounds continued to take a step toward us when and then there is only ten meters distance from us; they suddenly jumped and at very fast speed.

As the hounds jumped, my teammates looked at me with doubts and charged their attacks, which they would launch the next moment if something concrete did not come from me.

'Rose Refinement.'

They were about to attack the hounds when they saw big rose petals coming toward us very fast speed. There are twelve Rose Petals, and they a.s.sembled into the huge Rose when the Ravaging Hounds were just five meters ahead of us.

As the Rose is a.s.sembled, all the hounds stopped in Rose as if some power is binding them. They tried to struggle free, but they could not work free of the binding no matter what they did.

A second later, they were bound, the chest area of the hounds started to light up. First, there was no reaction from the hounds before their struggle before even fierce, but like before, they could not free themselves from their bindings.

Three more seconds have pa.s.sed, and how their chest is s.h.i.+ning like the brightest star and their howling like mad in pain as their bodies started to light up. First, it was gentle, but how long their bodies also started to s.h.i.+ne brightly, with their heart glowing most brightly.

'Dhub Dhub Dhub…'

They started to grow brighter and brighter when suddenly the hounds began to turn to Ash one after another before all the hounds burned to ashes. The petals separated and turned to twelve Rose before they came back inside me.

'Nine Seconds.' I muttered; it took nineteen seconds for the Rose to kill all the Ravaging Hounds; it is a little faster than I had expected.

"Wow, what was that," Jacob said in astonishment. "What is your Inheritance? It has strangest moves Ive ever seen." Mary said before she went where roses were and touched the Ash that hounds had turned to.

There was no proof of battle except for the Ash; not even a blade of gra.s.s had been damaged in my attack.

"Your move had used their own cores to turned them to ashes," Jim said as he dusted the Ash off his hands, which he had picked up like Mary. One of the changes I made was using monsters' own core to burn them when they are too powerful to be killed by Roses's power.

Though this way wastes monsters' bodies, it is still a better choice than Monster escaping the hold rose.

Yesterday's strengthening has a big effect on this move, if not it; I don't know if the Rose would able to keep all thirty-three Prince Stage Hound Monsters long enough for their cores to burn them into the Ash.

"Let's go; we have a long journey ahead," I said, that brought my teammates out of their stupor, and we again continued to with our journey.

Time pa.s.sed as we moved toward the Crown Tree while killing any monsters that came into the way. Ashlyn diverted most of the Monsters' big group, but two still came at us, and I have to use the Rose Refinement on them.

It was a good thing that there was some time distance between their attacks, and I had enough time to refine my energy to full again; otherwise, they would have emptied my half energy storage if they attacked back to back.

Rose Refinement is powerful, but it takes a lot of energy. Just a single rose Refinement attack takes 25% of mana, which is huge when one sees how big is my energy storage is.

Still, I am happy to spend it with the result it gave me; it helps me defeat a group of powerful enemies which otherwise might waste more time and energy to defeat, and it is very quick.

Soon the evening came, and we continued as we grew closer to the Crown Tree. We reduced our pace not to attract too much attention. We did well; we have the proof of what happened when you are not careful enough.

On the way to the Crown Tree, we have seen the bodies of Grimm Monster, which were torn to shred. The monsters seemed to have taken some sich pleasure tearing them; there was not a single piece of them bigger than my pinky; that's how bad it was.

Seeing such a mess, we have intentionally slowed down. The monsters tore the Grimm Monsters apart because they could not eat them, but if we lost to the monsters, we would directly end up in their stomach; no monster is dumb enough to play with their food.

We finally stopped at the same time as we reach our destination, and the look of utter amazement appeared on our faces.


I came out of my mouth as I looked at the humongous tree in front of me. It is extremely tall, so tall that some of its branches came out of the cloud and truck that is wide enough not properly to measure it.