Monster Integration - Chapter 1212 - Refining

Chapter 1212 - Refining

Chapter 1212 - Refining

The master bedroom is more s.p.a.cious than the other bedrooms, and its interior is also more pleasant.

I did not stay in the room; instead, I walked into the practice room, which looked like it is made of wood and gave off a very calming woody feeling and felt like wood when it is touched.

Walking into the practice room, I opened the command, and the next second a copper tub started to materialize. The beautiful copper tub had materialized; I took out a bottle from my storage and began to fill the tub with it.

The water is not normal water but the cosmic energy-infused water; I want to refine my body into it. It will be pure torture, but I will have to do it for the strong body, whether I like it or not.

I did not directly get into it; I started to take out some stuff and throw it into the pool. These were some herbs and flowers I had picked up in the ruin; they are very useful in strengthening body and soul.


Some of the flowers and herbs directly melted as they contacted Cosmic Energy, while some did not have any change. With that done, I begin to take out my clothes, and soon, I am completely n.a.k.e.d from head to two; the only thing I am wearing is my storage ring and holowatch.


I gulped down saliva as I looked at Cosmic Energy infused water before finally taking a step inside. Whether it hurts or not, I have to do it.

"F.u.c.k.i.n.g h.e.l.l!"

I cursed loudly as I just dipped my two inside the water; the cosmic energy seeped inside me and started to tear me apart from the cellular level, and since I had locked my Inheritance, the runes won't suck any cosmic energy; it will tear through my body till it merges with it.

I did not remove my toe despite feeling intense pain; instead, I dipped my whole leg before bringing my other leg into it; as brough both legs, I slid down and laid my body in the pool.

Every part of my body is covered in cosmic energy, even my nose. Before dipping my nose in, I attached a small funnel to my nose to help me breathe underwater.


m.u.f.fled screams rang through my mouth as my whole body is dipped into the water. I felt extreme pain and, at the same time, saw the cosmic energy tearing my soul and body apart.

The upper level of my skin all but desspeared, making me looked like a freak from the horror movie, and this is just starting as more and more cosmic energy seeped inside me; its a.s.sault also became greater.

My const.i.tution and Healing rule is working in full power, but a.s.sault is too much for them. Every moment, I am getting more and more injured and wanted to get out of the tub at any price.

Each second I am squis.h.i.+ng those thoughts as the effect of the cosmic energy is clear. It is tearing through every cell of my body, but it became even more reliant when that cell healed.

Though it got destroyed again, it again healed and became even firmer. This is happening in every part of my body, and the more I stayed in this tub, the greater refining would be.


Time pa.s.sed as I continued to bear every increasing pain with gritted teeth. I don't know how much time had pa.s.sed when I felt the water's effects are slowing and injuries on my body started to heal very slowly.

The healing speed is very slow, and I still looked like a monster from the horror flick as the cosmic energy is still a.s.saulting me. If I got out of the pool right now, my injuries would heal in a minute, but I will not.

Another hour has pa.s.sed, and finally, all my injuries have been healed, and the water also stopped affecting, so I got out of the pool. I feel quite tired right with all the pain I had dealt with, but I could also feel the benefits it had given me.

With the refinement of Cosmic Energy, my body has got stronger and firmer, but this is just the starting. The water I had refined my body with was the lowest amount of cosmic energy; I have water in my storage, containing more than ten times of cosmic energy than I used right now.

After I looked at the time and saw only two and a half hours have pa.s.sed, seeing that I walked into the hall and rested on the couch for a bit before went to my Inheritance s.p.a.ce and started to write notes on what I had observed in Serena's Inheritance.

Serena Inheritance is amazing, and there are many points of which I inspired me. I want to implement some of these points to my Inheritance. This will not be copying; I will be designing the formations which will be suitable for me.

I spend about two hours in Inheritance s.p.a.ce before I got out and walked back into my room. I wanted to practice my cooking in the tome, but seeing how tired I was, I decided to sleep and practice in the morning.

I slept on the most comfortable bed Ive ever slept in; it just took me a few seconds to fall asleep and when I woke up early morning. I really did not want to leave my soft and squishy bed, but I did as there are too many things I have to do.

After getting up, I freshened up and showered before heating up and eating yesterday's dinner. With that done, I went to tome and started practicing my cooking.

Since the time I got tome I did not stay there for more than sixteen minutes but today, I had remained there for fifty-five minutes, fifty-five hours straight, it had tired me quite much, but it was worth it.

I got quite lucky and mastered another recipe, I would have liked to cook it outside, but now it is not the time.