Monster Integration - Chapter 119 Williams Reques

Chapter 119 Williams Reques

Rachel had set up our camp beside Max's if one looked from a distance, he would see two big blue domes side by side.

I went inside and directly laid on the floor without freshening up first, normally I freshen up first before resting but today I am too tired to do that.

When Rachel had activated protection artifact, she said that she will make an important announcement two hours later before dinner.

It is probably related to the why max camp here, I am really curious to know why another camp is here.

It really feels good to just lay on the floor and rest, I got injured many times today, especially that time when I gripped claws of the monster with my bare hand.

I am still quite injured and feeling pain all over the body, the pain is least of my problem what I am worried about is my performance.

Today's fight with Black Earth Bear taught me many things about my strength and weaknesses.

If I rationalize my strength and weaknesses, then my first weakness would be my monster.

Compare to other monsters, Ashlyn gave me next to nothing physical enhancements and the fire ability that I gained from her is really weak.

I did not regret choosing Ashlyn, even for a second, I will still choose Ashlyn if I am given a chance again.

My second weakness is my fighting style, I did not know any fighting style.

I just learned Night Blade Style for barely a month, what I learned are the basic postures and they are not even complete.

Even Jill who is quite inexperienced in fighting, she is quite proficient in the fighting style.

I am one of the very few people here in the camp that don't know any fighting style.

There is no mulling over the things that I can't control, what I can do is increase my strength fast as I can.

There are two ways to quickly gain strength, one is to level up while other is Supreme Combat Exercise.

It not in my control to level up and I don't think Ashlyn could find another miracle fruit to level up, the level up option is completely up to the fate.

The second and last option is supreme combat exercise, I had already made the third seal, and I am circulating the third move to create the fourth seal.

Theoretically, anyone can create as many as seal one want as long as one has enough mana and able to circulate move of supreme combat exercise.

But it is very difficult, mana is not a problem as I have hundreds of bottle of mana potions, the problem is, its d.a.m.n painful.

I am nearly at my limit, the third movement of the fourth seal I am circulating feels very painful, it feels like someone grinding your bones and you are living that experience but supreme combat exercise is the only choice I have.

As I don't think Ashlyn going to bring such Miracle fruit that will increase my strength exponentially, I'll have to grit my teeth and endure the pain for strength or ill be serious trouble when we reach the core region.

I open my backpack while laying on the floor and took out fruit from it, there is still time before dinner and I am feeling really hungry.

''Ummm delicious!" I said after taking bile of fruit, I don't know where Ashlyn bring these types of juicy fruits but all of them sure tasty.

This fruit I am eating is green in color and looked like a combination of peach and apple but its sour fruit with a slight amount of sweetness.

After you take a bite of it, tantalizing sourness filled your mouth and when you thought the sourness will deepen, that's when slight sweetness filled in your mouth which makes it tastes so delicious.

Not only these fruits are delicious they are also filled with mana and other perks, like this one.

It is sending slight soothing energy into my body, its energy more mild than the potions.

In a few second the energy and soothing feeling disappeared but it also took my fatigue with it.

I feel quite good eating these fruits, although Ashlyn less and less each day but they are enough.

"Knock Knock!" A knock sounded on my tent, ''Come in!" I shouted and got up and sat by the flap of the tent.

Soon the flap opened and William came in a tent, I am little surprised seeing him, I thought it would be jill.

"William?" I said in the question, William and I consider pa.s.s by friends or just colleagues, unlike his sister who grown to be a good friend to mine.

He looked at me hesitantly as if wanted to ask something but hesitating about it.

I just about to ask him what does he want when he spoke.

"Umm Micheal, do you some of those fruits that your monster bring?" he asked nervously.

My expression turned askance as normally Williams expression is a mixture of serious and he only smiled when he talking to his sister or talking with her crush.

Seeing my instinctive askance expression he explained quickly, "Well, you know I finally got a date with Sienna but this dammed place disnt have anything, I was wondering if you have any of those delicious fruits to left." he asked nervously.

"Oh, congratulations!" I said and retrieved some fruits from my backpack.

So, this is why he is so nervous, I could totally understand.

I still remember how nervous I was for the first date that I took hours to get ready and even my mother had made fun of me, seeing me like this.

"here, take them!" I enlarge the bowl and put them inside it and gave them to William.

"Thank you!" he said and left quickly, he must be getting late for his date.

I did not do anything for the next one and a half hour, just laid on the ground and relaxed, enjoyed the silence of the camp.

I only got up and freshened up when it was time to leave.


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