Monster Integration - Chapter 1180 - Collapse I

Chapter 1180 - Collapse I

Chapter 1180 - Collapse I

"Kach Thud Kach Thud Kach Thud…"

It had been five hours since I had been digging into the stone mountain, and now I could completely pierce my sword into the stone if I wanted, which is entirely different from when I first starter where I my sword only dig a few inches into the stone.

Still, I am far away from reaching the entrance inside the stone mountain; it would take me at least tomorrow evening to do that; my current target is a hollow s.p.a.ce inside, which is few meters away from where I am digging.

Seeing my speed, it should take me about two hours to reach there, but I don't I could. I am exhausted; the maintenance of enchantment at full power takes a lot of energy.

I had to refine the energy with all my efforts to manage the expenditure, and did I mention how much energy the enchantment took, its a lot that I am barely able to keep up.

I had to force myself to refine the huge energy, not matter tired I am feeling.


One and half hour later, a big block of stone fell, revealing a large hollow s.p.a.ce; seeing it, a smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

I had kept this hollow s.p.a.ce as my target and had been forcing myself to dig reach here, and now that I did, I could finally stop.

I put back my sword and slumped on the ground tiredly. My whole body is sweaty, and I feel drained and do not want to lift even a finger; if not necessary to survive, I would even deactivate the Inheritance armor I am wearing.

Half an hour later, I finally moved from the spot. I did the first thing to create the obstacle on the way I dug, placing all stones I had stored in my storage before opening my abode in hollowed s.p.a.ce.

The hollowed s.p.a.ce is quite big; the abode will be double the size of the last night. I went inside the abode, and the first thing I did was shower, and after Ive done with that, I started to make dinner.

The dinner was delicious as always, and after I ate it, I slept and woken up directly in the morning. This is a hollowed s.p.a.ce with only one entrance, and with the number of sensors I put in the cave, there was no need to keep a watch.

After the shower and eating the last night's leftovers, I once again started digging with my sword. It is tedious, tiring work, but I have to do it to gain something.

I have come to this Ruin in the blind hope that I will find the thing I need.

Soon afternoon came, and I became dead tired as yesterday and just wanted to rest, but I kept going, resting means wasting precious time I had in this Ruin, and I don't want that.

Radiant Grove is not the only place I have to explore; there are some other places too and not to forget the Gigantic Crown Tree, which's every part is a treasure.

I want to try the Crown Tree, but it is extremely dangerouns. I could only think about going there if I became Duke and have sufficient power; I will not go there without it.

Going there with my current power would be akin to suicide, which I am in no hurry to commit.

So, even I feel exhausted; I continued digging, thinking of it like training with the entrance as an objective. The new perspective helped a little for a while before tiredness took over again, but even it came, I continued with a single-minded focus on the entrance.

Thud Thud Thud…

Finally, a stone fell with a thud, but this stone did not stop with a single thud. More and more thuds rang out as stone slide down on the stairs; yes, I finally reach the entrance.

It is completely dark on the other side, but I could see the stairs through my vision. With Apex const.i.tution, light and dark did not matter to me; I could see at night as clearly as I see it in a day.

I did not immediately walk down the stairs; instead, I sat down and took a relaxed breath. I am drained mentally and energy; there is barely 1% of energy remained in my storage.

I first want to rest and fill my energy storage fully before I went inside. This was a powerful organization site; even after some traps may still be active, I want to be weak and tired if one such trap sprung into action.

I rested for one and a half hour, recharge my energy fully before I finally got up and walked toward the stair.

Step by step, I walked down, taking every step cautiously before finally stepping into the big hall. The hall is s.p.a.cious and filled with things that looked fine except for being grey.

Looking at the furniture and small bookshelf, it looked like I was in the living room. With time, the building must have gone down to have a residential area underground because underground s.p.a.ces do not have big windows.

I looked at the whole living room with a broad smile; I had never expected to find a room in such perfect condition; it is very surprising. This is a living room, a living room with a bookshelf.

Without waiting, I moved toward the bookshelf. It is for knowledge Ive come to this room, and now I see the bookshelf, how I can not feel excited.


After checking for formation and trap, I touched the first book on the bookshelf, and just as I did, something bizarre had happened, the whole bookshelf had collapsed into the dusk, not a single page piece of wood have remained; all of it had turned to dust.

Thud! Dhub Dhub Dhub…

"F.u.c.k!" I cursed as I stomped my feet in anger; I was very hopeful about the book, but all my hopes have turned to dust, and my stamped had turned some more things into dusk.

The only thing that remained in the hall was dust and pieces of metals and some other stuff that survived the ravage of time and cosmic energy.