Monster Integration - Chapter 1178 - Radiant Grove

Chapter 1178 - Radiant Grove

Chapter 1178 - Radiant Grove

Ashlyn waked me up at 3:30 AM sharp as her s.h.i.+ft is over. The forest is too dangerous to sleep without any guard.

After freshening up, I made some s.p.a.ce and took out my experiment table and started my research. With the Teacher providing me enough research data and a.n.a.lysis, I am very close to upgrading my Inheritance.

If everything went well, then I will even have one more move, Rose Domination Set. Though I am close to upgrading, it is still far away before I could actualize it in the Inheritance.

I have come to this Ruin to find something that could kick me in my research and let me level up to Duke.


Time pa.s.sed as I continued when one and a half-hour later when sensors warned me of the monsters. I looked up and saw a snake monster coming toward the abode.

'Sigh' With a sigh, I got up from the experimental Table and activated my Inheritance before getting out of the abode.

The night hadn't been very peaceful; there have been two monsters that had attacked the abode during the night, which Ashlyn had killed.

'I will have to finish it as soon as possible; less the fight attracts more monsters.' I thought as I got out and sapped toward the monster in a sneak attack.

The monster was tough, and it took me more than five minutes to kill the Snake Monster. My luck was good that no monster ad got attracted by our fight.

After killing the monster, I erased all the fight signs, returned to the abode, and continued my research. The next one and a half hour pa.s.sed peacefully without a disturbance of any monster.

At six, I stored the experiment table back into my storage and went to shower before I heated the leftovers of yesterday. Ashlyn woke up by the smell, and we ate until nothing is remaining of leftovers before walking out of the abode.

I inspected the abode for damage before putting it back in my storage. The Cosmic Energy affects everything; even a duke level abode will become unusable if I kept using it for the year.

The things inside the Ruin would have been fine if it had been fifty thousand years.

Powerful things last long, but this cosmic energy does great damage to anything. With the constant a.s.sault of cosmic energy for more than fifty thousand years, even powerful things would wither away.

With abode in my pocket, I continued with my journey. Today, I am faster; all the monsters we have come across were quickly dealt with by the Ashlyn.

I wanted to fight monsters too; these monsters are powerful and worthy opponents to sharpen my skills, but I want to reach the Radiant Grove first; I am sure I will fight many powerful monsters there.

Time pa.s.sed, and I continued my journey toward the Radiant Grove. I started noticing that the concentration of Cosmic Energy is increasing as I head deeper, but the monsters also get stronger.

There were peak Lords and Initial Duke, but now there are Mid Duke, and they are strong, very strong. Seeing their strength, I was barely able to stop myself from fighting.

While I was brooding in shackles Ive created for my own, Ashlyn is having the time of her life. She is fighting any monster we have come across, leaving none alive.

She even killed two Grimm Monsters we have found; they were in quite a bad state when we found them. It only took Ashlyn a single attack to kill them off.

Soon the evening came, and we stopped at the same time as yesterday and secured the abode at a hidden place. Today, I cooked another Monster, which was even more delicious than the fish.

The Fish monster of yesterday was Initial Duke but the Turkey Monster of today was Mid Duke.

I wanted to cook it fully rather than pieces, but who will eat one and a half meter bird entirely, and I was in no mood for eating it for the rest of the week.

After finis.h.i.+ng dinner, I slept without wasting any time while Ashlyn kept the watch. She woke me up at 3:30 AM sharp, she slept, and I kept an eye.

My luck seemed too bad as the powerful monster I was waiting for disturbing me hadn't come; the s.h.i.+ft pa.s.sed without any disturbing element.

At dawn, I again heated leftovers of the last night and ate with Ashlyn before continuing our journey. If our luck is good, then we will reach the Radiant Grove by the afternoon.

We started our journey the same as yesterday; I did not use my sword and left all the monsters to ahlyn, who fought the monsters at her hearts continent.

She seemed really happy she is getting to fight the monsters. Back home, she rarely gets to do that; at most, I make her scout a way for us, and at the time, she sneakily kill Grimm Monster or two, but that is all.

Here there are no restrictions on her, no need to hide her abilities. She could fight with all her abilities; an hour ago, she had increased her size to ten meters and directly crushed the Lion Monster.

It was quite a funny scene; when she picked it up in her claws, its roared like mad and struggled like a worm; I couldn't help but laugh seeing the scene, even now smile appeared on my face when I thought about it.

"Radiant Grove!" said when I finally crossed the small river; this is the Radiant Grove boundary.

Currently, it does not seem any different than the forest, but there is quite a bit of it had survived the withering of Fifty Thousands years, and I am going there, searching for what I need.

Many people have found nothing here, but many have found the things that changed their like.

Two hundred years, a member of Tyrant Organisation has even found an Inheritance Source here, which was the most significant discovery of this Radiant Grove till now.