Monster Integration - Chapter 1174 - Castello II

Chapter 1174 - Castello II

Chapter 1174 - Castello II

Soon I reached the place where the Teleportation Gate to Castello Ruin is. It is in one of the city's squares that could hold two to three million people easily.

There are currently half a million people present on the Square, but there is still some time, and with people coming by the second, so a million or one and a half million would enter the Ruin.

In the central continent, the Ruins are not as much novelty as they are in the native continent. There is always at least one Ruin opened every month, and these are public Ruins, which in the hands of the Pyramid.

There are many private ruins too, which are in the hands of Organisations; the Academy also held several ruins. Most of them are common ones, but some of them are truly unique; I will surely visit those when they opened.

More and more people kept coming till their numbers reached about one and a half million. This number good but not that great when compared to the whole battlefield.

Like my teammates, many people have already entered another Ruin, which had opened two weeks ago. They had invited me to come with them, but I had declined the invitation as I am waiting for this Ruin to open.

Though that Ruin was good, its nothing that I wanted, or it could not give what this Ruin could provide.

I had planned to enter this Ruin even before I came to Fort Ardon; teacher had provided me with a list of Ruins, and I had added this Ruin to my list seeing the things it offers.

Finally, the two hours are over, and they sealed the Square before they started to fiddle with the Teleportation Gate. Unlike regular Teleportation Gates, this beam one to the world's boundary; one must be very careful in dealing with them.


The booming voice of Emperor Stage powerhouse rang out as he stepped aside from Gate. With his command, we already lined people sped toward the Gate without breaking any lines.

The energy of Emperor Stage powerhouse covering us; if anyone has done something that broke the rules, then he can forget about entering th Ruin and think about the punishment he will receive.

Finally, it is my time; as I reached near the Gate, I activated my Inheritance and jumped through the Gate.

I once again found myself in the s.p.a.ce Tunnel and couldn't help but shudder as I look around. The last time I was in a s.p.a.ce tunnel, I was thrown out in s.p.a.ce sea; if not for the professor's timely rescue, I would have surely died there.

Seconds pa.s.sed by, and soon I reached the end of the tunnel and thrown out of it very unceremoniously.


I fell to the ground loudly with my mouth in the dust; the fall was very sharp that I did not have any time to stop myself.

I took a break and about to get up from my spot when suddenly I noticed something which made me change my expression abruptly.


I cursed as I looked around; I am in some forest where trees are thin and looked dry, but they are not dead. A thick, vibrant life force could be felt from these trees, not to forget each of these trees are sporting some leaves on them.

I have never sensed such life force from any trees; the life force is br.i.m.m.i.n.g out of them. It is not surprising they have such great lifeforce; to survive in such an environment, they need such a lifeforce.

It is afternoon, but the whole forest is blanketed in a faint brown sheen; it is not a gloomy environment, but it is not vibrant either. This brown sheen is a dangerous Cosmic Energy.

If normal Lord in my place, he would have gotten seriously injured, even dead by now. In this environment, forget Lord even Duke will die if they stayed here long enough.

Its a good thing Ive had my Armor on when I entered through a tunnel; otherwise, even with Apex Const.i.tution, I would have been gotten injured by this energy.

I have to do two things: first is find where the h.e.l.l am I, and another is to get the h.e.l.l out of here. My Armor could stand this level of energy if it thickens as it happened in such unstable places, even my Armor would not be able to save me.


I picked the north direction and started toward it; this Ruin is nearly mapped. Though the map is not perfect, it will still tell me where I am if I find something notable as a reference.

I wanted to fly high to look for something, but I decided not to. This forest may seem calm, but it is filled with danger.

Such thick cosmic energy makes it very difficult for anyone to survive here, but some can still do it, and those able to do it and very strong.

The trees are not the only thing that could survive in such an environment; some monsters can survive in it and even use this cosmic energy to their advantage, like trees becoming extremely strong.

So, before I know where I am, I don't want to attract any attention from the monster.


I was looking around to find something to take a reference when I noticed something which had caught me by surprise. I activated full protection of Armor; sealed it entirely so that no energy could enter inside, but some of the energy did.

The leakage of energy is not surprising as very few seals are perfect, especially my armors, which inhales worldly energy every moment.

The surprising thing, instead of expelling this energy as it should have seen how dangerous it is, my Armor is using it.

The runes sucking this Cosmic Energy to strengthen themselves, and this only happens when it is beneficial to them, as my inheritance runes will resist anything that will harm them.