Monster Integration - Chapter 1157 - Essense Rose IV

Chapter 1157 - Essense Rose IV

Chapter 1157 - Essense Rose IV

"Die, Human!"

Both of the Grey Earth Crockmen roared and attacked, the Warhammer of one came from above and above, and sawtooth blade from the side. Their attacks are extremely fast and powerful as they are powered with Arts.

Seeing the attack coming at me with intentions to kill, the formations deep inside me lit up as if the beast had awakened, and I disappeared from my spot and appeared behind Grey Earth Crockman, who was attacking me with a hammer.

I swung my sword at it with intentions to cut off its next, but to my surprise, it moved with amazing speed and directed it's a hammer at its back from the front at amazing speed.


Its huge six-meter long Warhammer with meter-long head clashed against the took pick like the sword of mind that created a deafening sound which could be heard with the booming sound of Kings Battle from above.

The Grey Earth Crockmen looked at me in surprise as our sword clashed but not a shake came from me; no injury appeared on my body; h.e.l.l, there wasn't even a change of expressions.

Such an attack would have turned the normal Lord into a b.l.o.o.d.y Mist, and even powerful would have become quite injured, but they got nothing from me. Instead, it got from it.

The powerful energies it's attacked possessed sucked inside me and went to the different formations that had carved into my body. From immensely powerful energy, it had been turned to gullible raw energy, ready to be used by my hands.

I disappeared suddenly and before appeared in front of the same Grey Earth Crockman that I had attacked earlier and attacked, aiming to stab into its chest.


My attack stopped again and this time not by the hammer but by the saw-toothed blade by the other Grey Earth Crockman.

At the same time, Warhammer Came at me, burning in the violet flames. The attack is extremly dangerouns.

If I did not avoid it, it would be very bad for me. So, I desspeared and appeared behind the Grey Earth Crockman with a saw tooth blade which is also attacking me with its big saw-toothed blade covered in violet enemies.

These Grey Earth Crockmen are not pulling any pouches attacking me; after seeing how difficult an opponent I am, they started to use their powerful attacks.

Clang! My attack was again defended against by the Hammer using Grey Earth Crockman, but this time, it had not used the hammer but against a five meters long s.h.i.+eld that had appeared out of nowhere.

The s.h.i.+eld seemed to be of the same quality as the Warhammer as even if, after the direct clash, there was an only faint line on it, which also filed immediately, and the s.h.i.+eld has become as good as new.

I am not surprised to see it; the artifact used by the Price Stage powerhouse should not be of low quality that it could not defend against low powered enchantment of mine.

Seeing my attack defended, I again disappeared from my spot and appeared directly in front of Sawtooth Blade Grey Earth Crockman and slashed my sword at it with intentions of cutting its leg off when suddenly, I sensed something.


I cursed loudly as the arrow curse arrow pierced through my back. It is d.a.m.n painful; I had not expected that getting shot by the arrow would be this f.u.c.k.i.n.g painful, and this is just starting as another one is coming.

'Fifth Move: Rose Cover,' I muttered; I was planning to take another arrow, but seeing the pain I felt, I activated my defensive method, which I had kept on standby for quite a while.

Thousands of Rose petals started to swirl around me beautifully. Just the moment the rose cover appeared around me, three attacks struck me one after another.


First, the hammer struck the rose cover; after that, it is the sawtooth blade of the other Grey Earth Crockman before another curse arrow and despite receiving one after another powerful attack, rose protection held on without any problem.

The rose cover brightened up and started to swirl around me even at a faster rate. 'Now that I activated the defensive method, it is time to start on the real offensive.' I said in my mind before making my face place and showed the sign of the curse.


I screamed and launched the attack while still under the protection of Rose Cover. Seeing my attack, a smile could help but appear on the face of the Grey Earth Crockmen as they thought it was my last charge.

My sword moved toward them, on the way, it started to get heavy, and redness on its transparent edge became denser, and it spread for an inch. Grey Earth Crockmen, who was smiling became instantly serious, seeing the power of my attack.

CLANG! Step Step!

The Warhammer struck against my sword, and the Grey Earth Crockman holding it shook before taking two steps back. Seeing that, I appeared behind him and launched another attack without caring for the cursed arrow and sawtooth blade coming at me while releasing powerful energy fluctuations.

Rose Cover is a perfect defensive method. Inside it, I have complete flexibility to launch any attack. So, I appeared behind him and launched another attack.


It hastily defended against the attack while again taking a step back, and I launched another attack without giving it any chance. As for the attacks of other Grey Earth Crockmen, let them come; I did not fear them.

I continue to launch attack after attack without giving it a chance while it continues taking a step back. While attacking, I did not forget to make my symptoms worse, so I seemed more desperate.

Fear started to appear in its eyes and this past three times. It is barely able to save its neck from it. My attacks are getting stronger, filled with madness, and they could not do anything to me when I am in the protection of Rose Cover.

A Chance!

I saw the chance I was waiting for, I was attacking this one, but my target is completely another. Just as I saw the chance, I disappeared from my spot and appeared behind Sawtooth wielding Grey Earth Crockman.

As I appeared behind it, I moved my sword straight at its heart, it seemed to realize what was happening and activated its defensive method and, at the same time, whipped its blade back, but unfortunately, it was slow.

If it had not been caught by surprise, it would have been able to handle my attack at current power, but unfortunately, it had been caught completely off guard by my ruse.


A sound of stabbing rang out as my sword pierced through its heart after it cut through its defensive method like b.u.t.ter. As the sword stabbed through it, a torrent of Inheritance energy resealed from it and destroyed all its vital organs, including the heart and brain.


Just as I did that, I disappeared and appeared directly in front of Warhammer, wielding Grey Earth Crockman and decapitated it. This f.u.c.k.i.n.g Grey Earth Crockman was so surprised by its friend's death that it wasn't even able to react when I cut its head off.

I had thought it would struggle a minute or two against me, but this dumbf.u.c.k had made itself an easy kill that did not take any effort from me.