Monster Integration - Chapter 1155 - Essence Rose II

Chapter 1155 - Essence Rose II

Chapter 1155 - Essence Rose II


We were halfway to the Poison Master when suddenly booming sounds started to ring from above. I don't even have to look for who is making the sounds; it is Kings that had finally started fighting.

We did not stop to watch the King's battle and continued moving toward our target white, cutting anything that came between our way before finally coming across our next target.

"Grey Veins Toadman." Jimmy Spat, as he looked at our Target, others expressions also became quite serious when they saw it. I did not have to ask when they became serious about seeing.

This seven f.u.c.k.i.n.g meter tall Toadman is attacking like a machine gun, every second, it is at least three poison blob bullets through its mouth means it had the capacity of attacking with two hundred poison blob bullets every minute.

The rate of attack is nothing; powerful Grimm Monsters have it. The real problem is those poison Blob Bullets. They are not extremely fast but also highly dangerous; a normal duke would be killed in a minute if one got ten shots of these bullets in his body.

It is now crazily attacking every human he is seeing; if not for maintaining sufficient distance, we would have got shot at too.

"We will follow our initial plan just this time we will handle minions while Micheal will go for the Boss," Jimmy said. Rove and Gina nodded immediately.

With everyone on the board, we did not waste any time moving toward the Grey Veins Toadman Poison Master but to reach it. We will have to first go through the seventy-some minions of it.

They have formed thirty-meter diameter protection around it, they would attack anyone who had come into their range, but I don't think they have much lifted the weapon since the battle started; the one they are protecting have a big enough attacking range that they did not need to attack.

Grey Veins Toadman noticed us and started to launch a barrage of the poison attack at us. It has very sharp senses and great accuracy as it attacks the places where poison will spread the quickest.

Chlap Chlap Chlap…

I have been prepared against the poison attacks, and just as they came at me, I defended against them with my sword.

These attacks are faster, but my team and I could defend against them, but we are not facing the Grey Veins Toadman alone. There are also his huge minions, and of which, twelve are coming toward me.

They are holding scimitars and their bodies boiling with their Inheritance Energy; these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds maybe not as armored and Onix Eyed Ratmen, but they are fast; they only took seconds to appear beside.

"Human Die!" They screamed and attacked me, seeing that I smiled before disappearing from my spot.


When I appeared again, my sword was in the chest of one Grey Veins Toadman; the b.a.s.t.a.r.d had died before it could do anything.

Slas.h.!.+ Puch! I disappeared again from my spot and directly in front of another and decapitated it before disappearing from my spot.

Chlap Chlap Chlap…

I again appeared behind another Grey Veins Toadman, and when suddenly, I found myself attacked by numerous poison bullets. These bullets were so fast that they had hit me before I could dodge; that is what it looked like.

Seeing the tens of poison bullets cras.h.i.+ng one me, the color of my face changed immediately. My skin had become sickly yellow, and I puked out the Green Blood. My movements became so slow that I am barely surviving against the attacks of the Grey Veins Toadman that had started carving my body bloodily.

I am getting injured by seconds, and my teammates wanted to come to help me, but they are being completely surrounded by the Grey Veins Toadmen while facing the poison bullets from the Grey Veins Toadman.

From the outside, it looked like it is game over for us, we have become another Hunter Team that will get exterminated in the battle, but when everything is going as Grey Veins Toadmen expected and they are dreaming about feasting on our body, a sudden change occurred in the battlefield.

A huge amount of this th.o.r.n.y vines came out of nowhere and enveloped the Grey Veins Toadman Poison Master, who was attacking with powerful poison bullets from the ground and, at the same time, all the injuries present on my body have disappeared.

Puchi Slash Puchi Slash Slash…

As I healed my injuries, I activated the 'Old Set' with considerable energy and started the ma.s.sacre.

Rose Death uses too much energy, compared to its 'Old Set' used peanuts. I started flashed across the battlefield, slas.h.i.+ng necks and punching the heart with my sword like a reaper.

In just half a minute, I had killed about forty Grey Veins Toadmen. There are twenty-some of them had remained alive, but I am sure my teammates would handle it.

I would have liked to kill all of them but Grey Veins Toadman Cursemaster is making trouble inside the vines, and if I did not handle it personally, it might get out.

So, after finis.h.i.+ng half of the Grey Veins Toadmen, I appeared next to vines and took control over it, and the next moment, the vines started to grow at a fantastic rate, and within a minute, it covered the whole fifteen meters.


"It is not that easy, you b.a.s.t.a.r.ds," I muttered when I noticed what had remained energies of Grey Veins Toadman Poison Master have become uncontrollable. It wants to self-destruct with what life has left in it, but how can I let it do that?

It increased my effort and sucked out whatever life that had left in it. I killed it completly and sucked whatever it had before the vines started to shrink, and when they were just covering a one-meter area, they began to come inside, and I got a glimpse of the most beautiful poison rose.

It is bright green, and if one did not look at aura, they will think it is some kind of life-related treasure, not a thing that could take their life with the slightest touch.