Monster Integration - Chapter 114 Bile Centipedes

Chapter 114 Bile Centipedes

"THUD!" I and the monster's corpse fell on the ground with a large thud.

I take a deep breath to reduce the pain in my head, this time I used refinement engine, skill, and supreme combat exercise together.

There is hardly a loss to my head and my body became a lot stronger and tenacious after eating supreme combat fruit but still pain of using three is immense.

I had reached the 22nd move of supreme combat exercise, three moves more and I can create the third seal.

It is a good method to increase the moves of supreme combat exercise but it will not work for long.

The pain of supreme combat exercise circulation now approaching the pain of head slitting and I am sure that after I the third seal is created, the pain of supreme combat exercise will dawn on head-splitting pain.

This method will become useless by then and I will have to return to the same old technique to advance the moves of supreme combat exercise.

The fight may look like it had taken minutes but it all happened under five second.

I killed the monster in five seconds, I killed in one strike, this initial level monster wolf's combat power greater than any and mid-level specialist monster, I've ever fought in this realm despite being at the initial level.

This monster can easily kill mid-level scorpion in minutes and can fight with peak level specialist Scorpion in the equal ground.

I killed it, I killed it in one strike, I got up and about to remove my sword from its skull when I felt numerous gazes boring on my back.

When I looked back, I saw countless people were looking at me, even jill who is fighting against the wolf master also looking at me we awestruck expression.

"Micheal, that move was so cool." She said while fighting with the monster. ''I want to learn that moves you should teach me right?" She asked as dodge the claw of wolf monster.

It will be very hard for her, changing the direction of her body in midair, I only able to do it because of my fire ability but I still nodded to her excited face.

I quickly took out the monster core from the monster's body, I would have taken s.h.i.+ny metallic fur but there is not much s.p.a.ce in my backpack, I had already decided that I will only take those fur which has a very high value as there is no point in filling your backpack with useless junk only to feel weighted.

All people fought with all their strength because time is limited and there is someone to take a charge if they failed to kill the monster.

As the fight goes on, I just keep an eye on jill, seeing there is nothing for me to do.

Fighting with the monster wolf, I've come to understand the full abilities of my body and currently, I can say that I am currently equal in physical strength with jill.

Jill had gotten quite an experience in fighting the monster, especially when we were crossing the desert, her brother left no chance, whenever a specialist grade monster appears he would always let jill fight it.

The fight went on for half an hour before all the monster is killed and the group started walking again.

''How do you feel?" I asked Jill, this was the first time she had finished the fight within half an hour and she even ask her stag monster not to help as she wanted to kill the monster herself.

"Very good, I had first time killed the monster same level as me this quickly!" she said.

An hour pa.s.sed, in this time another group of the monster attack having same quant.i.ties having wolf monsters but we didn't have time to fight as took a dip on them.

''Chew!" Ashlyn again brought something again, she didn't care we are fighting or not, as long as there is no flying monster in the sky will fly around without a care.

It is some type of green herb, she didn't put in my backpack this time but given to jills Little deer, seeing this become excited and started to run around Ashlyn but she without care flew away again.

This scene had become very common, only sometimes did Ashlyn play with stag monster while other time she treats as lucky.

It saddened for a while for Ashlyn not playing with it but then she started to take a bite of that herb and ate with pleasure.

As we were traveling some people were fighting some stray monsters when we hear, vibration below our feet.

"Be careful, monsters coming from below!" shouted Rachel loudly and we all became extra careful as no monster is normal in this forest.

'Guh! Gug! Guh!' Tens large monster come out the ground, one boy leg nearly eaten by the monster but i is saved by the nearby corporal level Evolver.

''Eewww, Centipede monsters!" Shouted jill loudly seeing the monsters coming out from underground.

They really looked ugly as all if their bodies are vomit green, one would get a feeling of vomit just looking at them.

I had to be careful of their poison, normally centipedes poison is harmless but it hurts like h.e.l.l.

'Guh! Guh!' two initial Specialist grade come out ground not far from and suddenly lunged toward us.

''jill concentrate!" I Shouted as I prepare to engage these monster, one coming toward us are around seven meters and length and have high speed due to their numerous legs.

"Clang!" centipede and I clashed, I have too few steps back to excess force.

No matter how much man tries, a man can never be strong as a monster physically.

''Clank clang clank!" It defended against my sword with front feet and I have to use my boots to barely catch up to its speed.

Before using the skill, I fully want to strength and limits.

The monster in the forest are powerful but mad, the one went inside and madder the monsters they will find ita good thing as it better to fight against mad monster than somewhat intelligent.

''Firat strike! Second strike!" The power of the first strike won't able to do much, it is better to directly use the power of the second tide.

Bearing the hammering pain in my head, speedily run toward the monster.

''Bang!" I directly clashed against it with my s.h.i.+ed while holding the sword in my which swinging toward its neck and it can't stop it as it forelegs are against my s.h.i.+eld and it didn't have time to dodge.

''Kacha!" "Grrrr!" My sword cut the few of the joints on its neck, it screamed with pain and attack me with more madness.

I was prepared for it, still, I received many injured on my arms legs.

Drinking potion, I again dodged the monsters attack. With the heavy injury, its speed decreases a little but not much but I am not worried as long as I used skill one more time, I can kill it.

''Bang!"''crack!'' "puh!" I failed to dodge and receive the attack near my chest, which fractured and made me vomit a mouthful of blood.

Mad it may be but it is still a powerful monster of this forest that I barely contending against.

I had small and big injuries all over my body and getting more, if not for me eating Fruit of rebirth, I would be heavily injured by it by now.

Time on and a couple of minutes remain till I can use my skill again.

I am really jealous of Jill's speed type ability right now, with her speed, she is effortlessly dodging the attacks of scorpian while injuring it with her skill and she isn't even using her boots to augment her speed.

If I had her speed, I would have easily killed this monster right now.

"thud thud thud!" I took a few steps back as I defended it blow using my s.h.i.+eld.

Thank G.o.d I have this knight grade s.h.i.+eld or defending against this monster attack would have been very difficult.

"First Tide! Second Tide!" I activated the skill and used the power of both tides consecutive.

"Bang!" I rammed my s.h.i.+eld against the monster to keep busy it main attacking forelegs and used my sword with hand to attack its neck.

It is the same strategy I used earlier when attacking it.

''Kacha!" Its whole body separated from its head but kept moving for a while before stopping it completely.

I quickly drank healing potion and mana potion as I need both of them and removed the monster core out of its hears.

Looking around, I found many people injure but still fighting with free corporal level evolvers helping those who are in need.

Jill all so heavily injured the monster she is fighting and should be able to kill it soon.

This fight soon finished and everyone drank their potions and started to moved without resting.

All who entered this realm had experienced the wind and they can fight constantly for the day as long as they have enough potion.

As the day pa.s.sed, I fought against four more monsters, three on the same level as a centipede in one was a little stronger.

In that fight, my left arm completely broke and I had to fight with only with the right arm and by the time I killed it, my body got seriously injured.

If not for we had set up camp not long after, I won't be able to fight much, still with amazing healing power I got from Fruit of rebirth and drinking potion, it still took a day to completely heal that heavy injury.