Monster Integration - Chapter 1137 - Optimizing

Chapter 1137 - Optimizing

Chapter 1137 - Optimizing

"This is from the Academy, and this is from me." The teacher said as she handed me two delicate crystal boxes. I took the boxes in my hands and opened them and found there are two talismans.

"The Black One is a defensive Talisman capable of defending you against the attack of Tyrant while the blue one is escaping talismans, it will transfer you to a safe location that is imprinted on it." Teacher said.

"This is too much, teacher," I said, the value to these things immense. Even the Emperor powerhouse did not get something like in Supreme, much less given by the Academy which couldn't be compared to the supreme.

"Keep, the Council has evaluated your potential and choose to give it to you, and as for the other one, how I can let my only student leave the battlefield without sufficient protection." She said; I wanted to say something but closed my mouth, seeing her expression.

"Thank You, Teacher," I said finally. "Good, there is one other thing; it is from the Academy." The teacher said before I could say anything, a matte black airs.h.i.+p appeared in front of me.

"The one given to you by Josephine is a little slow and lacks many necessary features that you will need in your travels." She said. This time I had unhesitatingly accepted it.

This is Wasp Fanatica ModelC12, a very popular and expensive airs.h.i.+p. Mainly it is used by Prince Stage powerhouses and run on Grade 2 (Violet Grade) Mana Crystals, though it accepts Level 1 (White Grade) Mana Crystals too; they are required in huge quant.i.ties.

The airs.h.i.+p is black like my previous airs.h.i.+p and also corvette. It had many functions that my previous airs.h.i.+p had and many more that it did not have. It is just the thing I required for my travels.

"Good Luck on the Battlefield, and when you return, I will expect to see your progress in your healing arts." The teacher said, and this time, I could detect a small warning in her voice. If I did not show any progress in healing arts when I return, she would definitely flay my skin.

This time I want to curse Elina very much, the teacher had very great expectations from her daughter to follow the same path as her, but Elina did not have any talent for Healing, nor did she like it.

So, when the teacher finally found an appropriate student, me. She had dumped all her hopes and aspirations on to me. It's a good thing, till now I was able to perform up to her impossible standard; the day I fall behind, my tortures will begin.

"Goodbye, Teacher," I said to her, "Goodbye, my student," she said in a soft voice; I looked at her for a second before finally going inside the airs.h.i.+p.

It had been nearly seven months since I entered the Academy, and in these seven months, I had not stepped out of the boundary of it.

I opened the command and chose the option; as I did, a faint vibration spread through the Airs.h.i.+p, and it started to fly up. Through the window, I could still see the teacher on the roof and looking at me.

I waved at her, and she waved me back; a second later, the airs.h.i.+p pierced through the sky as it gained enough height. I continue to look at the silhouette of the academy before it completely disappears.

With this new airs.h.i.+p, it will take me four days to reach the Mistson, and I have a lot of work for four days. With that thought, I made some preparations before I inclined my seat and closed my eyes, and the next moment, I appeared in my Inheritance s.p.a.ce.

There is too much work to do on my Inheritance, my s.h.i.+fts in the hospital and my practice with the teacher and Battle with Samual had given much of the inspiration I needed and also showed me some problems I had with my attacks.

As I sat on their chair and tapped a few times on a humanoid with a Golden Ring above its head. The next moment, five blocks of complex formation came out of the humanoid and started to float in front of me.

These Formations were part of the Rose Domination Set I had created. There are two sets in my Inheritance, first called 'Old Set, ' which is completely taken from my old runic armor with ist moves; it mainly deals with physical moves.

The 2nd part is Rose Domination, which I had created after Imprinted with Inheritance. It is created from the knowledge I had got from reading the seven books. I am proud of this set.

There are five moves in the Rose Domination, Two are Offensive Moves, Two are Healing Moves, and One Defense Move. I plan to add another one of two moves but currently, I do not have much inspiration to go forward with that idea.

I tapped on one formation diagram and expanded; now, I could see the complete runes of the whole movie. I have received some inspiration, and I plan to see if they will work.

I am working on the third move of Rose Domination: Rose Vine. I want to make the curse extraction quicker, and energy expenditure lessens. I have got a couple of ideas on faster curse extraction, and as for energy consumption, I have taken out some unnecessary elements and research on worldly energy formation.

The more worldly energy it will take, the lesser Inheritance energy I will have to put inside this move.

Time pa.s.sed by, and I continued tinkering, and as such, a whole day had pa.s.sed in Inheritance s.p.a.ce when I was finally able to make a small optimization. After checking it multiple times, I placed it back into armor and tapped it several times.

The next moment, I flung out inheritance s.p.a.ce, and Intense pain shot through my body. The runes started changing inside me; some runes were erasing whole other new ones got placed in their s.p.a.ce while sucking energy off from the resources I placed around me.