Monster Integration - Chapter 1128 - Expectations

Chapter 1128 - Expectations

Chapter 1128 - Expectations

"The Armor looked good, it's a good thing you have kept it Silver and not made a rainbow out of it as you did in that little compet.i.tion." Teacher said, hearing that my cheeks couldn't help but turn red.

I've really become a rainbow man with my Armor in the final match of the compet.i.tion. This is why I decided to make my armor plain silver and made it beautiful using metallic cuts instead of colors.

"Take an hour to refine energy. I will test the power of your Armor within an hour." The teacher said and disappeared. Now that I had created the template, I got the inheritance energy; I now have to refine it to make it even more powerful.

I have to refine as much as Inheritance energy as possible. Teacher is even more merciless than the Professor; the few times she had trained me, she would break my bones every few minutes before healing me and fighting again. I would go through that vicious cycle tense of times within an hour; it was pure torture.

That time I understood why Elina shudders whenever she talked about training with her mother. I truly pity her. What I had experienced in a few months, she had been experiencing since she was a child.

I sat on the ground and closed my eyes, and soon, I found myself looking at the tower, and just like I had expected, there is a pool of energy that is ama.s.sing at the base of the Tower.

This energy looked like a mixture of Silver, Green, Purple energies. It is my inheritance energy; I had created it through the combination of six energies of my const.i.tution.

Usually, it is very difficult to merge the energies, but with Rule-breaking power, it became very simple. Still, I had to work very hard to create it; the six energies are not equal amounts.

I had tried out thousands of combinations before I chose this combination as my Inheritance energy.

So, without wasting any time, I took the energy into the Tower and started refining the energy.

It is extremely hard; it's like pus.h.i.+ng against the mountain still, I continued pus.h.i.+ng. I had experienced many things that made my willpower quite strong, so even if using the refinement tower is difficult, I continued through my efforts.

The runes of the first floor started to light up one by one till they all lit up and refined Inheritance Energy came out while giving off an immensely threatening aura, seeing the energy smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

The energy is powerful, but that is not what made me smile; the reason I smiled because of Tower. That being created the Tower with me in mind, or might I say my const.i.tution in mind as this refined energy came out of the Tower is changeable.

I could easily change it into one of seven energies it is made of; for example, if I need healing energy for a specific move or purpose, then I could convert the whole energy into healing energy.

I could even turn the energy two flavor energy while eliminating the other but current, on the 1st floor, incapable of doing that. I will have to take my energy to the second floor if I want dual conversion.

I already had knowledge about that, and I had designed some of my moves according to it. I continued refining the energy till my holowatch buzzed, only then I opened my eyes.

I was only able to fill 20% of my energy storage, which may seem low, but when one sees how big the energy storage of the 1st floor of the tower, one will understand how much 20% is.

My refinement speed is quite slow, but it will pick up speed after I get used to refining.

I was just fiddling with energy when I noticed a presence when I looked up, I saw the teacher had arrived and with her is a professor Josephine.

For the past six months, the professor had been out. From what the teacher had told me, after spending one month on the battlefield, she had gone to a couple of dangerous ruins where only Tyrants could go.

She coming here means she had returned from her trip to the ruin, and looking at her, she seemed fine means her aura is unstable like a rollercoaster as before.

"Teacher, Professor," I said, seeing them appear in front of me, "Well, Micheal, you have surprised me," "I thought it might take you a year, but you finished in half a year," Professor said to that, I just smiled.

"Shall we start, Micheal?" The teacher said suddenly, hearing my expression became serious. I nodded as I took a jump back. Creating the distance, I summoned my Totem Artifact.

Seeing it, both of them looked quite surprised by its design, the transparent blade is such an odd design, but they did not comment on it.

"As usual, I will only use Lord Stage strength." The teacher said, and soon, her energy transformed into a Rapier, which came me with the intense speed like always; the teacher did not hold back.

But this time, I am not as weak as before, the runes that are deep inside me lit up, and I sped toward the teacher with speed like never before.

"Good, my student, with such strength, there is barely any Lord who could Contend against you." "Even Ellie has to give her all if she doesn't last more than an hour against you." the teacher said as she ended the fight after beating me to a pulp again.

All I could do is smile at her praise as I covered my inheritance energy into healing energy and circulated through my body. Sounds started to come out of my body as I began to heal rapidly, surprising both Teacher and professor again.

"Now, let's start the real business." Teacher said after I got up from healing my injuries. Teachers' energy covered me, and I found myself disappearing from the hall.

The fight was just a trailer; if I performed badly the teacher would not have said much of anything or been disappointed, but I have to perform better at the place where the teacher is taking me. If I perform even slightly less than her expectations for me, then she will eat me alive.