Monster Integration - Chapter 1126 - Merging With Inheritance Template I

Chapter 1126 - Merging With Inheritance Template I

Chapter 1126 - Merging With Inheritance Template I

Five months have pa.s.sed since I started working on the template of my Inheritance and more than six months since I entered the academy; such a long time pa.s.sed, but I did not feel anything; for me, it's like a few weeks.

For the past five months, I have been completely focused on creating a template for my inheritance, not taking a break of the single hour, and finally, I had succeeded, I was able to create the Inheritance Template.

These five months had been really something, I had failed so many times that I had thought I might not really be able to create and even started thinking about destroying the inheritance and taking another, but I forged on and got successful.

Today is the fateful day when I fuse with that template, and if successful, then I will take my very first step in the Inheritance creation; I hope it will be successful; otherwise, all my hard work will go to drain.

For the past three weeks, the teacher and I are checking every nook and cranny of the template, and aside from some small mistakes, the teacher said it might. She is not too sure either; creation of Inheritance is no small matter; she did know whether my body will fuse with it or not.

Still, there is nothing I could do; I did the best I could, now the only thing remaining is a fusion.


I took a deep sigh and walked out to the porch before covering myself in dense worldly energy and shooting toward the center of Academy.

In the past six months, I have been regularly working on my control of worldly energy, and now it has become quite great that now just with the throught, I could summon a gust of it.

The current speed I am flying is three times that of what void boots could give me, and with this natural flying, I could do many things I had not been able to do before with void boots.


A few minutes later, I landed in front of the teacher's office and walked inside; now, unlike six months, the coming and going powerhouses do not intimidate me as they used to.

Knock Knock!

Soon I reached the teacher's cabin and knocked, it opened a second later, and a voice from inside called, asking me to come in.

"Are you ready?" Teacher asked from behind the desk, "Ready as I could be." I said with a soft smile, "Let's go then." she said, and next moment, the teacher white energy enveloped me, and a second later, I found myself in the small hall.

This hall is a copy of the Inheritance hall, a small size one. It is completely white and also has a platform just like it.

"Good Luck." The teacher said, breaking my thoughts, I nodded in thanks and walked toward the platform; soon, I climbed the platform and sat in the center of it.

Taking a deep breath, I closed and went into Inheritance place. The Inheritance s.p.a.ce is completely changed right now compared to five months ago, there are multiple Runic humanoids scattered around, but of all of them, there is one that is most eye-catching.

It is in the center, right in front of the chair. It is five-meter tall, humanoid, which is completely made of runes. From inside to out, it was filled with Runes, and seeing it, pride couldn't help but well up in my heart.

This humanoid results from my many sleepless nights, made of thirty thousand two and twelve runes—there are hundreds of small formations filling the humanoid from the inside out.

It is a template that I am going to merge with me. I kept it as flexible as possible so I could make changes; still, once merged, the changes I will be able to make will be only to a certain degree; I will not be able to perform a complete overhaul on it.

I admired it for a minute before my gaze turned serious, and I touched it with both of my hands and initiated merging.


A buzz rang out as I've been thrown out of Inheritance s.p.a.ce when I came back. I found runes are spreading into every inch of my body; they are not only outside but also inside.

Most of the runes are inside; there is less than 1% of it showing outside. These runes are spreading into every part of me, my eyes, my ears, my hands, my legs, everyone.


Soon they spread all over my body and before all of the runes lit up at once and created the suction, which is way stronger than I had expected, seeing that I couldn't help but curse.

The runes started to suck the energy, and they started with my body; in just a few seconds, all the energy in my body had been sucked, and they began on vitality; if not for the platform started releasing huge fog of energies, the runes would not have stopped sucking my vitality and would have been sucked dry in a minute.

The runes are crazily sucking the energy, and as time pa.s.sed, I saw a cloud of worldly energy appearing above me, and runes also started to suck energy from it. I had expected it to have such energy but not in such a flurry.

Seeing the speed it is sucking the energy; I know I had estimated wrong. If I am not wrong, then runes will become such three to four times more energy before they start to merge with me, and that is worrying me.

My body may be strong with Apex inheritance, but with these bomb-like runes started merging with me at the same time, I don't know if it will be able to bear it; I was already worried about my earlier estimation, and now with such intense energy, I've become even more worried.

I hope if things go wrong, the teacher will save me in time; only she has the capability to save me.