Monster Integration - Chapter 1119 - Carolyn

Chapter 1119 - Carolyn

Chapter 1119 - Carolyn

Ten minutes into reading, I closed my eyes and appeared into my Inheritance s.p.a.ce. There I materialized the Book I am reading and a notebook to take the notes of what I had learned.

Seeing how profound the information is, I will need years or decades to read through the Book, which looks small but contains a huge amount of knowledge.

That being seemed to be keeping eyes on me, it seems. In the Book, not only it had provided the written information but also detailed runic records of which runes are better to hold my ability from which I could show its maximum power.

This Book is the right thing I need, and the Inheritance s.p.a.ce is the perfect place to study it; not only I could save the notes which will not vanish when I exit this place, but also time runs three times faster here.

In normal inheritance s.p.a.ces, the time runs twice faster, but in only Apex Inheritances, it runs three times faster. It is an ideal s.p.a.ce for practice for someone like me, who is always short on time.

I continued to read about my fire ability until I started on pages where the information goes so deep that I haven't understood it even after three years since I have this ability.

As I read further, I started coming across more and more applications of the ability. With my ability imbued into my const.i.tution, I will be able to do many things with it that normal people could not do.

I read about it for a few hours when I finally closed the Book and scribbled a few things on the notes again.

This book is going to help me very much in creating my own inheritance; I am sure with me studying other books, I will be able to create my own const.i.tutions.

After some time of resting, I fished out another book, this one is red, and it had the Sun carved on its page. I did not even turn the page; I just looked at the Book and found my Sun, rules comprehension increasing.

The Sun did not emit any comprehension aura or anything, but the design of it seemed to be a real representation of the Sun despite it being a plain sun diagram, the plain diagram of the Sun seemed to hold millions of its mysteries.

I continued to stare at it for an hour before I finally flipped the cover; though my Sunfire did not advance but reached very close to advancement, I am sure in the next few days, I will advance.

An hour later, I flipped the page and started to read, and was quite surprised to read that everything in the Book is about the application of Sun Rule. There is no explanation about the Sun Rule which helps me comprehend the rules further, just knowledge on its application.

When I think about it is not that surprising seeing that being did not want to give me a free meal. In the books, everything it has given me, I have to work hard to understand, there is nothing easy with its rewards.

After I read Sun Rule, I picked up a book on Swallowing Rule. The Book's front cover had a design of Black Hole, that is what I think it is, and seeing it, my comprehension started to increase till it reached closer to the small breakthrough.

When I read it, I found it is the same as the Sun Rule book, it only had applications of Rule power.

Time pa.s.sed by and I read one Book after another till I finished reading a few pages of all the seven books and all of them are completely mind blowing, but the one that impressed me is most of Book on my 2nd ability 'Mold', the being referred to as the 'Rule Breaking Power'.

It is an amazing power. If I can harness its true power, I will be able to do many cool things that seemed impossible to others.

I wanted to continue reading it, but I know it is time if I do not go outside and cook. Ashlyn will come knocking on this inheritance s.p.a.ce, not to forget how tired I've become after reading so much material.

After freshening up, I cooked food for Ashlyn and me an hour later took it to the porch under the night sky. The night is beautiful today, with a full moon s.h.i.+ning brightly on the clear lake surface, such beautiful scenery.

The dinner was delicious, the things I used to make them were really good. Even with my mediocre cooking, they have become delicious. After I finished eating, I lay there on the porch with Ashlyn enjoying the beautiful view.

"Are you Michael? The one that the Headmistress accepted as a student." I heard, when I looked, I found it was the girl who I saw fis.h.i.+ng earlier. "How do you know that?" I asked, it hadn't been a day since the Headmistress accepted me as her personal student.

"Everybody in the Academy knows it," she replied, hearing that I couldn't help sigh, I hope it did not attract too much attention; I want to study in peace and create the inheritance for Lord Stage before going to the battlefield.

"h.e.l.lo neighbor then," I said to the girl. She is about my age and is tall with blond hair whose shade I cannot identify correctly due to the lightning.

"Carolyn," she replied.

"How you caught any fish earlier?" I asked, "Only one, these Emerald Fin fishes are notoriously hard to catch." she said grudgingly, "I heard." I said I had only read briefly about them, but the information said the same thing as the girl had complained.

We talked for a few minutes before Carolyn went back inside her house while I remained on my porch for another hour before I, too, went inside.

With books checked, I have to look at my Armor and Refinement Tower and see what excited changes that being had brought to them.