Monster Integration - Chapter 11 Farewell

Chapter 11 Farewell

The 24 moves of Supreme Combat Exercise is not actually referred to the fighting moves but 24 different ways of Mana Circulation in the body.

Just like human body have blood veins it also has mana/magic veins but one can manipulate mana easily, by manipulating Mana certain ways produce certain effects.

That is how Supreme Combat Exercise and Skills come into being. Supreme Combat Exercise called the mother of skill because it's 24 moves makes use of all magic veins both active and inactive magic veins of the body.

It makes one completely familiarise all magic veins inside the body, the higher you go practicing Supreme Combat Exercise, the more familiar one became with his magic veins which in turn very important in creating a Skill.

The next point I read about this exercise made me most startled, it says after completing 10 set one's talent in mana abortion will upgrade upper Low level.

Completing 30 sets one's talent will upgrade to Medium level as more set's one done more one's talent will upgrade.

Our body absorbs mana from the surrounding, the better one's talent is more mana one's body able to absorb.

After reading all of this my body filled with vigor and I walk toward the backyard, 'Chu..' Ashlyn also came flying on my shoulder.

The backyard is where I do my physical training, Two full moons can see bathing the dark sky with their gentle light, it's one of the best time for practice.

I took out my practice sword from the shed and activate the camera to record my progress of the exercise.

I started swinging my sword in technique which I learned in the school and started to circulate the mana according to the first move.

First, I felt nothing as I circulate the mana of the direction of the first move but some time later I started to feel p.r.i.c.kling pain all over my body.

First, it is slow but then it comes with full force and it felt like there was hundreds of the needle are p.r.i.c.kling me, it was so painful that I just want to stop the mana circulation and drop the sword.

Enduring the pain, I persisted but soon pain of a hundred needles soon turned to pain thousand needles p.r.i.c.king me, I would have stopped if not for I am close to the completing first move.

Greeting my teeth I kept practicing my sword and circulating mana as the first move directed, every moment felt life hour as I kept enduring this pain.

'Ha..' Sound got out of my mouth as I completed the first move, I threw the sword on the ground and sat on gra.s.s taking a deep breath.

My clothes got drenched by sweat, it took me ten minutes to get myself under control, no wonder people don't do this exercise despite its many benefits.

I check the recording of the practice, it's only three minutes and 27 seconds but it felt like hours. I tap the play, after fully playing it, I tapped a few more b.u.t.tons.

"I can't believe it!" I said to myself, I played the scenes of my practice, I was quite startled so I compare with my earlier practice I've done.

My sword stroke 1.1 times faster than before albeit sword was shaking but still 1.1 times faster. Normally after bonding ceremony, my speed would have increased between 0.5 to 1.0, even if I consider my speed increased to 0.8 after the ceremony but there is still 0.3 left.

That 0.3 is definitely increased when I am practicing Supreme Combat exercise, according to what I've read earlier, every move will enhance my speed by 0.3 and if I am able to complete one set they my speed would increase more than seven times.

I laugh at myself thinking that even adults can complete 3 moves and I am thinking of completing one set, to complete one circle of that exercise I had to greet my teeth and close my eyes even my sword was shaking.

I rested for some time and pick me a sword and started circulating mana according to the first move of the exercise.

This time also I gritted teeth and closed eyes as I felt the eminence pain but I still endured and my sword was little less shaky than before.

Like last time I threw my sword and rested on the ground, d.a.m.n this exercise is really painful.

This time I barely able to open my eyes through the pain and my sword was little less shaky but I still completed my first move.

I practiced till late, my parents didn't disturb me seeing how diligent I am training.

By the time I am finished, I can perfectly circulate the first move of the exercise without closing my and sword shaking in my hand though I still gritted my teeth to endure the pain.

The main reason I am practicing this dreadful exercise to improve my talent in Mana absorption.

The rate of Ashlyn talent in Mana absorbing is one worst in all monster's, even being mutated of her species, that didn't change anything her Mana absorption talent still that Grey Spark Sparrow.

Her talent is so bad that the mana I've sucked from mana cloud is absorbed in the Refinement Engine could only fill up about 40% percent of its central storage, to fill it completely it will take about two days.

I had started to feel itchy all over my body from all that sweet I got when I am doing exercise now had dried up.

I directly went for the shower, after was.h.i.+ng away dried sweat, it felt refres.h.i.+ng.

I click a few b.u.t.tons on my holo-watch, I am checking the confirmation of my ticket as I will take the train to another city from the Carrol city.

I have to spend nearly all my saving on this trip and have enough which would last me a weak, after checking my ticket is confirmed I close the window.

I sit in the meditating position and prepare to refine mana.

There is no need to suck mana like before as all Mana which body absorbed will directly enter in the Engine, now I just have to refine it and compress it.

I start to operate the Refinement Engine, purifying and compressing the which absorbed by the engine before.

In an hour, I've finished refining all the mana I've absorbed, the central storage now filled 70 %, now is the main task is to re-refined the mana which is stored into central storage to make more purified.

Currently, the Purity of my Mana is at 34% percent which is equal to that lowest category Medium talent, if I want a level up to the 2nd level of private stage I have to 40% percent Mana purity.

I started to re-refine Mana from the central storage, it was a lot harder than purifying raw Mana, in one round of refining I became so tired that barely able to finish the first round of refinement.

Ashlyn comes out of me and slept within minutes on my chest, I tried to fall into sleep but it wouldn't take me, I decided to read new for a while, there is news about my favorite idol Elizabeth Collins.

She was winner League of Heroes fifteen years ago, she won the sweeping victory in league crus.h.i.+ng all her opponents.

She left the Republic soon after that and when she returned four years ago the whole Republic shocked by her progress.

She had become evolver who evolved pa.s.sed the 12th(field Martial) stage into a brand new boundary. She had merged ( Complete Integration) with her Monster Ivory Eagle in the front whole capital, it is her's Action figure I had in my room, on top of which Ashlyn liked to sit.

I've seen that video hundreds of times before they took it out from the web, The Ebony colored wings sprouted from her back, her nails became sharper and crown of ebony colored feathers manifested on her head, she looked really powerful in that form.

She had come back to back to Republic for some work, the President has organized feast in her honor and she even gave a lecture in the capital where the most talented young member's of Top Organisation and Government had a chance to listen.

I am so jealous of those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds as they had a chance to see and listen to her beautiful voice, their many comments left those attendees saying how amazing her lecture was how much they gained from it.

Time pa.s.sed by and it was the day I leave the town, In the past few I only ate, sleep and practice, I didn't even take out single step out of my house seeing this even my parent got little worried about my maniac training.

I made a quite a progress but it was not as fast as I expected. I only able to perform two moves of the Supreme Combat Exercises smoothly without shaking and closing my eyes.

Quite funnily I also able to do only two rounds Mana re refinement but the result was not that great, I only able to increase the purity of my Mana by mere points, now my Mana's purity is 34.8