Monster Integration - Chapter 1108 - Creation Heart Inheritance II

Chapter 1108 - Creation Heart Inheritance II

Chapter 1108 - Creation Heart Inheritance II

Tring Tring Tring

I was woken up by the alarm; I patted my holowatch to stop the alarm and slept for half an hour more before getting up. Today is the important day of my life; from this day, my life is going to be changed forever.

I am going to accept the Inheritance Today, My psych a.n.a.lysis went well, and they permitted me to accept the Inheritance; I now just have to go to the hall of Inheritance at 11:30 and start the process of Accepting the Inheritance. It is also good that n.o.body is vying for that Inheritance.

I got up, freshened up, and showered before I started to cook for us; I finished forty-five minutes later. We ate before resting in the balcony.

There are still a few hours before I go to accept the Inheritance, and till that time, I plan to do nothing but bask in the calming feeling of these beautiful vines.

The hours pa.s.sed, and finally, the time of my leaving had come; I walked out of my apartment with Ashlyn on my shoulder. Tem minutes later, I reached the Hall of Inheritances, one of the most secure places in the whole Academy.

Hall of Inheritances is a Black Ring Building with Floors Tall. It is made from Rare Armaldote Crystal, which is good at blocking the aura. This crystal is quite expensive, and they made a whole building out of it, but it is not surprising, seeing it is the most important building of the Academy.

It is a place where the life of the people change forever, and mine will too change in it. With that thought, I walked toward the building; as I got closer, the feeling of danger came at me. The closer I got, the denser it became.

When I reached its door, I was shaking. The feeling of danger is very intense, I've never felt such an intense feeling before, and the worst thing is, it is not even directed at me.

There is a very powerful formation laid on the building that can vaporize the Tyrants, not forget the old monsters guarding the building. They are the real defense of this building.

As I took a step inside the building, the feeling of danger completely disappeared, seeing that I couldn't help but take a deep breath. It's a good thing, It had disappeared; otherwise, I don't think I would have calmly been able to accept the inheritance.

I looked at the map I had been provided and walked according to direction; the building was neither empty nor crowded.

Nearly all the people I've seen here are Knight or Lords, there are very few high stage powerhouses that are present here, and those present are guarding the door of the Inheritance Room.

Soon, I reached the place. It is only quite a desolate place on the 1st floor. If not for the map, I would have thought I had come to the wrong place.


Soon, I found the door I was looking for, and it is being guarded by the old man who is playing video games with a peculiar smile on his; when I looked at what type of game he is playing, my cheeks couldn't help but turn red.

'This f.u.c.k.i.n.g old man does he not know any shame. He had grown so old but was still playing that kind of game.'

"Who are you glowering at, you brat!" I heard a sharp voice that broke me out of my thoughts. It was the old man who spoke; he had paused his game, not closed it, and looked at me gloweringly, probably blaming me for disturbing him from playing his 'game'.

"My Apologies Sir, I had no wish to disturb you, I had just come to accept the Inheritance," I said respectfully. "So, you are that dumb brat that chose to accept this useless inheritance." Said old barked

"Brat, many people have damaged their foundation with this Inheritance." "It's still not late, go back and choose some other good Inheritance; the academy has plenty of them." The old man said.

"My Apologies, Sir, I can not do that; this is the Inheritance I found most suitable for myself," I said adamantly, hearing that the old man looked at me concentratedly before letting out a sigh.

"It's your choice brat, but don't cry later when you realize you have accepted the wrong Inheritance." The old man said and opened the door that he had been guarding.

He opened the door and beckoned me in, and I come across the huge hall; in the center of the hall is a big platform, and on the platform, a Heart is floating. The Heart is unlike anything I've seen before.

It looked like it was made of Gla.s.s and is blue in color, but the next moment, I found myself wrong as it was orange color, and a moment after that, I found the Heart is Black in color. The Heart is not changing color; it is I who is seeing those colors, the color of the heart is constant.

'What the f.u.c.k I am talking.' I cursed myself when I heard what I said to myself, but I thought for a moment, I found it was true. The color of the heart remained the same; it is I who are seeing things differently.

"Brat you know the drill, right?" the old man said, disturbing my thoughts, "Still, I will explain since you are idiot enough to accept this inheritance," Old man said snappishly.

"So listen to well, brat, the only thing you have to do is climb on the platform and sit near the heart before placing both hands on it." "As you place your hands on it, start your breakthrough into Lord Stage, the Inheritance will automatically start imprinting itself on you." said the old.

"Thank You, Sir.: I said I had known it already but still thankful for the old man; this old man may have a snappish personality and habit of playing lewd games, but he is good at heart.

A second later the old man left after giving me a look and also closed the door from behind, leaving me alone with the Inheritance.