Monster Integration - Chapter 1090 - Supreme Cleansing

Chapter 1090 - Supreme Cleansing

Chapter 1090 - Supreme Cleansing

I don't know how much time had pa.s.sed when I had finally reached the 16th Move of Body Cleansing Technique. I have become extremely tired, reaching it; every part of my body is begging me to stop.

If I stopped for a moment, I would stop forever. The challenge had started right now, last time when I performed the technique, I had reached this stage, and now I have to move forward.

The 16th and final move Body Cleansing Technique; in this move, I will go through the Supreme Cleansing. This last stage gathers a Cleansing Energy that is a grade above the normal Cleaning Energy, which I had been gathering till now.

This higher Grade Energy will take my body through the Supreme Cleansing, which cleanses my body from the cells; when my body goes through the supreme cleansing, it will be cleaner than that of the newborn.

This new energy also makes the practice of the 16th move very difficult than others, the 16th move is a lot harder to practice than others, and unlike other moves when I would go through normal cleansing and Major Cleansing every few poses, in this nothing like that would happen.

I would only go through only one cleaning called Supreme Cleansing when I perform the 108th move.


With the gritted teeth, I continued. I had just seen how much energy the life force of the curse had burned away, and I know I have only half an hour; I have to make progress in half an hour and delay or fall dead like a dried husk which I am becoming.

Lifeforce is the building block of all beings, and it affects everything; when my lifeforce started to burn, change began to occur in me. My body is starting to turn thin and sickly yellow.

Now, all my skin stuck to the bone with a sickly yellow shade; I looked like a man who had not been fed for a month. It is a sight I had never expected to see, but now I am seeing it.

Seeing such sight of myself, the fire in my heart started to burn brighter, and I continued to perform without care for weakness that had seeped into every part of my body.

I have only one target in my mind and reaching 108th as soon as possible; any other thing did not matter.

I continued performing while also circulating the other two methods, and in this very second, I made huge progress in Supreme Combat Exercise; I had started to second Amethyst Seal.

I had created one a few minutes ago, and now the second one; as the creation of it started, a large amount of curse energy came at it baring its fangs, wanting to destroy the whirlpool that is sucking energy from the tower.

But no matter how much it tried, the whirlpool of Supreme Combat Exercise couldn't be crushed. Like last time, it continued trying till the seal was created before again going back and burning my lifeforce while the seal started releasing gentle energy.

I did not feel the energy, but when it came, the cursed energy attacked it like a hungry shark after Blood, and this time, it was able to burn half of the energy before it seeped inside me.

I continued with the practice, and every few minutes, I would create a few seals of Supreme Combat Exercise as I moved forward in Body Cleansing Technique.

Though I am making progress in two methods, there is not much progress that could be seen in Secrete Method except for Soul Tempering Essense getting refined and merging into my Soul with every circulation.

There is a lot of Soul Tempering Essense to be merged in the soul; every circulation only refines and merges a tiny percentage into my soul, which is very frustrating. With such speed, it would take days to refine and absorb all the Soul Tempering Essence I've drunk.

Seeing that, I don't know if I should laugh or cry seeing the condition I am in. When I gulped down the Soul Tempering Solution, I had thought a few hours would be more than enough to refine and absorb all the essence, but I was wrong.

The Secret Method is just f.u.c.k.i.n.g too slow; if I survive somehow, then I will get a headache of dealing with the poison of the Soul Tempering Method. Well, I will gladly take the poisoning of the soul if I survive; I am sure a powerhouse like Professor would have a hundred different ways to deal with Soul Poison.

I looked at the Secrete Method for a while before I again put all my focus on the Body Cleansing Technique, which I am performing with fervent madness while fighting a mountain of fatigue and soul tearing pain at the same time.

50th, 60th, 70th...100th, I continued, and finally I reached the 100th move, but there are still eight moves that remain, and I have fairly few minutes to live, nearly all the life force in my body had been burned away, and now there is only 10% of it remained which under the power of curse will vanish in less than five minutes.

If I want any chance to survive, I will have to reach the 108th move, in less than five minutes, only them I will see some chance of surviving; it is not surety either if grand cleansing would able do anything that will help me stall the Curse, but it is the only hope I have.

The 2nd hop I had put off the Ruby Seal is still quite far and would need at least an hour before I could have the 3rd Ruby Seal.

So, seeing no choice, I performed, I performed even when I had no energy remaining in my extremely sickly bony body.

I performed pose after pose without caring for anything and having only one thought in my mind, and that is 'Surviving.'


A loud Rumble rang through my body as I reached the 108th pose as I found my body was filled with white energy of Supreme Cleansing as I fell on the floor.