Monster Integration - Chapter 1068 - Ability: Mold

Chapter 1068 - Ability: Mold

Chapter 1068 - Ability: Mold


I fell on the floor loudly before losing my consciousness in tiredness; when I gained consciousness a few minutes later, I felt a little better.

I had pushed myself so hard that when I came back from conscious s.p.a.ce, I found myself extremely tired. I've never been so tired that, right after I came to myself, I fell unconscious.

As I became conscious again, I smell a vomit-inducing smell. Smelling that, a smile couldn't help but appeared on my tired face; I had gone through the 5th Major Cleansing.

Now, only the 16th Move of Body Cleansing Exercise remains; after my body went through the Supre Cleansing, I will get a stainless body with no injuries inside; it will be purer than that of a newborn baby.

Not only have I gone through the 8th level of Secrete Method and 5th Major Cleansing, but I have created the 2 Amethyst Seals, which is the record itself; I had never created two amethyst seals in a single run before.

After completely checking myself, I walked to the shower to get rid of this horrible smell. I wanted to make a breakthrough first but seeing how I don't want to vomit on my place of practice, I decided to shower first.

I showered, wore fresh clothes, and came back to the training room, which is now smelling like roses. There are no impurities on the floor or that horrible small; everything has vanished.

I again sat on the floor and took a couple of breaks to calm my very exciting mind before looking at Nero, who too seemed very excited about the thing that is going to happen.

With me reaching Marshal Stage, the bond of Nero and me would be completely perfected just like that of Ashlyn.

If I am lucky, I might receive a mighty ability, making me extremely excited despite knowing there are chances of me not receiving any ability.

If It had been any monster in Nero's place, I would not be excited. A single ability is enough for people; having more abilities is a burden to the mind and not worth it, so people did not bond with more than one monster.

"Nero, start to Level up," I said to Nero through our link; just as I did, Nero sent me excited emotions as he started the level up.

A huge amount of energy was released from Nero like a tsunami, the tide began to spread through every inch of mine and Ashlyn, filling every cell of us.

The amount of energy is really immense. If someone sees this, they would be shocked out of their mind; even professor Josephine would be quite surprised if she saw this.

As my const.i.tution has increased, so has the need for energy, and these energies are not only for me but also for Ashlyn, whose const.i.tution is even better than mine.

The tsunami of energy reached every cell of it, filling with energy advancing it with the power. The breakthrough had started, and I could already feel the significant rising of my strength.

It continued rising for ten minutes before it had completely stopped, and Ashlyn and I had formally entered the Initial Level of Marshal Stage.


The level up had just finished when suddenly Nero started to s.h.i.+ne brightly and as he, I started to feel my connection with him began to become stronger and stronger, and at the same, I felt very strange energy entering me through him.

It is not only entering my body and soul but also my source when the blueprint of the ability is present. Unlike the breakthrough, this process is quite slow, but I did not mind it; I am more than content to observe the changes it is bringing.

Despite this energy entering my body and soul, there seemed to be no change in it, and when I look at my source which I found I can't seem to access it; it is locked, which is not strange since most changes are happening in it.

An hour pa.s.sed by, and changes were still happening, but the speed had slowed down. If I am not wrong, the process will be finished within a few minutes, and I will finally get to see the ability that Nero had given me.

Few minutes pa.s.sed when changes had finally subsided and my connection with Nero had completely solidified. Just as that happened, I looked into my source, which has now expanded quite much.

Now besides the Source of my Fire ability and rules representation, there is another thing in my house.

It is completely back, and it's neither solid nor liquid. It is between both and is constantly changing sizes. Sometimes it would be a spear before it would turn into Hexagone, Pentagon, Pyramid, or any other shapes.

The shapes are not only standard geometric shapes, but there are shapes too, which do not make shapes; they are like mold, which could take any form without any restrictions.


I had just thought that sentence when Black Mold s.h.i.+ned for a moment, and information came to me. It could not be said to be information, more like an instinct that inherently let me know this ability is.


When I truly understand what my ability is, I couldn't help but gasp loudly. It is not an offensive or defensive ability but something that is thousands of times more valuable than them.

In front of this ability, all the natural restriction that binds one gets broken; it is an ability that surpa.s.sed restrictions itself. With it, I could do things that are impossible by the standard of common.

This ability completely deserves to be given by the being which has been birthed from energies of miracle fruits.

My ability could be called 'Mold' as it has the power of mold energy into my desired form. Through it, I can disregard the natural restrictions that energy possesses.


With this ability, I am truly looking forward to tomorrow's battles and also immensely grateful to myself that I indulged myself in my little experiment in conscious s.p.a.ce earlier; it will be very helpful now.


I sighed and took a couple of deep breaths; I have a lot of work to do; I don't know if I will get any sleep tonight or not.