Monster Integration - Chapter 1053 - True Power

Chapter 1053 - True Power

Chapter 1053 - True Power

The Wind Duplication is an envy-worthy Inheritance Ability of the Wind G.o.d Temple's main inheritance. It is the best ability to be used in War but it worked fine in dual too.

As I had said, the clones it had created are not completely realistic as what Elina did with her Art, one could clearly see them being wind clones but they are not as powerful as the clone Elina had created. These clones only have 10% power of the main body.

The reason this ability is envy-worthy because numbers one could create with it. The professor said, the most proficient one could create more than hundreds of wind closes that each had 10% of the main body, this is not Art of Elina could do.

In the War, they could become terror but here when in the duel they are not much use as I am only slightly weakened than him and his clones of 10% strength would just annoy me without dealing with much damage and that is what it is doing.

This envy-worthy ability of it will not be much useful in the next match as it is against me, it is due to that it had shown this ability.

It wanted to annoy me with the clones, so I could not focus properly which will give his chance of finished me off quickly without much revealing its power.

If there were others, someone of my strength, in my place that plan would have worked but now it will work in my favor.

More attacks mean more power, even if its annoying little flyes could only offer so much, I would still be satisfied by this power which will aid me to defeat the main body.

As the clones came out, a silver layer started to spread over my face. I usually don't cover my face, even though covering it with Runic Armor means more and more power.

I never liked helmets much, especially in the battle, I liked to keep my head free of all obstructions but now that these annoying flew had appeared, I had to cover my heard fully.

Who knows one of their blades might slip my defense and reach my n.a.k.e.d neck that would be a game over for me. So, it is better I cover my neck for both power and protection.

We continue looking at each other eye to eyes before taking back our weapons and attacking again. This is time, there is not only one person attacking me but five but I did not have care for the four of them.

Other people would not do that, these people have 10% power of the is enough to shake someone like Camila if it hit her Armor directly but my Runic Armor is different than the convection Armor.

No matter where one attack, they will still face the tensile defense which would immediately transfer power to the whole Armor through the intricate formation. No power will remain concentrate on the same place to damage unless it far beyond what my armor could swallow.

Clang! clang clang…

Our weapons clashed against and right after that, I another four attacked came at me with all of them being targeted at my head but they did not do anything except for creating sparks and shockwaves.

He seemed slightly surprised seeing me not caring about his closes soon his eyes hardened and he attacks with a lot more speed and power than before, seeing that I had too activated few runes and swing my sword in counter with my sword holding the same amount of power as his.

Clang Clang Clang!

Our weapons clashed faster and faster with more power, the pests that were attacking me had also increased their power but that did not anything but give more energy to swallow.

I am barely using any attacking him, all that I am using had come from him and little pests.

They are giving me so much energy that even if Simon increases the power of his attacks every time, I just have to use the converted energy of his previous attacks and attacks of his clones, and add a little bit of mine before attacking.

This too good. I had never fought such a battle where I used so little of my energy, here he is giving me nearly all the energy I need and also showing me his combat style fully without hiding anything.

I wish I come across such giving opponents more often, they are a nice surprise from the same old, same old I fight every day.

Still fighting him is not easy, he is the fastest opponent I've fought, such people are very trickier to deal with. With their speed, they could make a lot of stealthy moves that by the time you realized it, it is already very late.

He is taking full advantage of his speed, using every trick he had in his a.r.s.enal to him and I am doing everything to stop him. His blade would always be stopped by my sword.

I may have confidence in my Armor, but I am not an idiot to let his blade touch my Armor; powerful people like ten ways to explode in power at right movements, and I am not too sure my Armor would be able to withstand the direct strike of his full power.

Which is why I had been completely defensive, rarely launching the offensive of my own. I have been studying him with complete focus; I want to get the complete data on him so that I could finish him through his weakness.

Currently, from the strength, I can sense from him and seeing his speed, even if I used the full power of my Armor, I do not have full confidence to beat him. The only surely wat to beat his is his weakness.

Ten minutes pa.s.sed by, and attacks have grown even stronger; he has now revealed the power is compared to the strong Level 3 inheritance bearers that very few could match, anything further and his attack will reach that Level 4, his true power which I am he will start to use within a minute.

He by now cleary understood there is no way he could beat me without using his true power. So, he will show it whether he wants to or not.