Monster Integration - Chapter 1023 - Fighting Elina III

Chapter 1023 - Fighting Elina III

Chapter 1023 - Fighting Elina III

We both moved toward each other at the same time with a speed that is way greater than before, earlier speed could not compare to the current speed of ours. It did not even take a moment for us to reach each other and attack.


Our weapons clashed resoundingly and with it, her inheritance energy attacked me. It flowed through my Totem Artifact, which had lessened its power by one third but the energy is still strong as it came at me.

As she touched my body, It instantly sucked by my armor and transferred to numerous Swirling formations, which are made of Fire Runes and Swallowing Runes.

The sucked energy entered the swirling formation where it swiftly got crushed and converted to raw energy which could be used by me anyway I want.

Before, my Armor used to use a tiny bit of this covered energy before releasing all through the formations.

But now, all the crushed energies were absorbed by Swallowing Runes, which swallowed all crushed Inheritance energy and converted it into pure energy which I could use.

I used all of the converted energy and some of my own and launched another attack at Elina; in this attack, I used the same amount of energy as a previous attack, but since there was converted energy mixed into it, it became faster and stronger.


We clashed, and this time, more Inheritance energy came at me, which again sucked my Armor, crushed and then covered before being used to power up another attack.

Before, my Swallowing Rule was not capable of doing that before it was only able to swallow the regular force and convert it and that force had to be used within a few seconds, but since my Swallowing Rule Advanced to the Intermediate Stage, it had changed.

It now could swallow any form of energy and convert it immediately, and I could store that energy into me for a full minute before using it. Swallowing Rule is great, especially when it is used with the Swallowing Type Runes.

With the Runes, its power increases immensely, which is very great for me as this is just a starting; with time, we will attack with more and more powerful moves; that time will be a real test of Swallowing Runes and the whole Runic Armor.

We were just fighting when suddenly, I sensed the aura of Elina and rise and knew she was using her Inheritance ability.

"Art of War: Battle Cleave."

Her armor shone faintly before it transferred the steely energy to her spear, which gave me the feeling that spear was a man who fought the war for days without stopping.

Spears are not suitable for cleaving as Sword and Saber, but when she used this move, I know I would regret it if I dare to underestimate this attack of hers.

So I tapped into the power of the Armor and swung my sword toward the Spear, which is cleaving down on me.


Her spear struck against my sword like a venomous snake, a loud clas.h.i.+ng sound rang out and her spear released a huge amount of Inheritance energy at me.

The amount is so huge that if it entered my body, then it would cut through every part of it and send me directly to death.

Fortunately, something like this won't happen; my armor will protect me from any threatening attack, including this. T

he huge amount of energy entered my armor, and just as it did, I powered up the all swirling formation, which immediately crushed all energies and swallowed by the Swallowing Runes, which immediately converted into energy.

"Art of War: Moon Stab."

I had just covered energy, and when Elina took back her spear and brought it stabbing toward me while releasing faint moonlight energy with steely energy.

Its speed is like a bullet that even a powerful Special Adamantine would be stabbed by before it could defend against it.

But I am not; I had always had my senses locked on her and launched my attack at the exact same moment she did. This attack of hers is even more powerful than the last, but I have no fear of it.


Once again, I countered her before launching the attack of my own with the power she had provided me with, also using my own power in an equal amount, which made it extremely powerful.

My thousand kilograms Sword moved toward Elina like a cannonball, wanting to blast her apart, but how can it be so easy. Her attack moved in sync with mine, and like a huge steel wall, her spear appeared in front of mine and stopped its momentum.

But that was just the start as the next attack was launched again, but this time it was her; we are both competing for the fastest and strangest, and I have to say, she is pretty fast and strong, but I do not a lack either.

The runes enhanced the power of my Runic Armor beyond my imagination; now, they are giving me speeds that are very few people who could compete against me in speed, and Elina is one of them.

Her speed is so fast that many times she would beat me in attacking first; I have to always power up the runes more quickly, digest the energy, and attack with it.

Though my Armor is more than capable enough to provide me enough strength to attack its own, I still like to use converted energy, it helps me save my strength which I am sure would be very useful later.

I am having very fun in this fight; not only is this fight exciting for me, but it is also helping me fix the flaws of my Runic Armor.

This is my first time using the Armor with such powerful fire ability and Rule power, so having flaws is quite normal.

As I fought against her, I noticed many flaws, some of which I fixed immediately while others I note it down to fix later. If I were to fix now while fighting, my whole Armor would collapse, and that would be disastrous for me.