Medical Master - Chapter 1324 - Chapter 1324 Well Done!

Chapter 1324 - Chapter 1324 Well Done!

Chapter 1324 - Chapter 1324 Well Done!

Chapter 1324 Well Done!

Fourth Uncle, come to my office and have a rest.

He Xue stopped before a row of three offices and said.

The chairmans office?

There was a sign on the door of the middle office. When he saw it, He Dongming smiled and looked into the office. There, he saw Fang Qiu working at his desk. He Dongming instantly said with a smile, Since Im here, Ill get down to business first. You can get back to your work.

Er, let me take you in.

He Xue smiled wryly and hurried forward to open the door for him.

At least, she should introduce him to Fang Qiu. Her Fourth Uncle came here to see her, and she didnt want him to be driven out. That would be too embarra.s.sing.

At the other offices

The bosses of the other companies received the news: Qiming Pharmaceutical Company, Huizhong Pharmaceutical Company, and Heyi Pharmaceutical Company had joined forces and found someone to negotiate with Fang Qiu.

But these people didnt ask a lot of questions, nor did they say anything. They were ready to wait quietly. Could the three companies reach an agreement with Fang Qiu? They needed a person who dared to sound Fang Qiu out. Using this chance, they could explore Fang Qius bottom line and purpose.

At the base

Knock, knock, knock

He Xue knocked on the door as she stood there with her Fourth Uncle. Then she pushed the door open and entered.

In the office

And this is?

Fang Qiu glanced up at He Dongming and asked curiously.

This is my Fourth Uncle. Ive mentioned him to you. He has been very good to me since I was a child.

He Xue introduced him briefly.

Oh, nice to meet you.

Fang Qiu quickly stood up to greet him.

You shouldnt have. Im also glad to see you.

He Dongming replied with a smile.

Well, he has something to discuss with you. I wont disturb you.????e???e?. c??

He Xue said.


Fang Qiu nodded.


After He Xue left, He Dongming came forward, sat down before Fang Qius desk, and said, Im He Dongming.

h.e.l.lo, Mr. He.

Fang Qiu nodded and asked, Mr. He, youve come a long way to see me. What can I do for you?

Heres the thing.

He Dongming looked at Fang Qiu and said, A few friends asked me to meet you. They wanted to make peace with you.

When Fang Qiu heard this

He immediately understood what he meant.

Those Chinese Medicine companies had invited He Dongming to negotiate with him.

You are open and aboveboard, and so am I. I came here to see you on behalf of three companies: Qiming Pharmaceutical Company, Huizhong Pharmaceutical Company, and Heyi Pharmaceutical Company.

Looking directly at Fang Qiu, He Dongming spoke up, I dont know if any other companies are also involved. But the considerable dispute between you all has brought serious trouble to both sides. It has had a devastating impact on these three companies. I believe you should have known about their current condition. If the battle continues, they will only end up bankrupt.

At this point

He Dongming paused for a moment.


Beep, beep, beep

Fang Qius cell phone suddenly rang.

It was a text message.

Fang Qiu took out his phone and found it was from He Xue.

Business is business. To a businessman, business tactics are essential, and profit always comes first. But feelings and relations.h.i.+ps should be handled differently. Dont confuse the two issues.

Fang Qiu finished reading this text message.

He chuckled and put away his phone.

Please continue.

Fang Qiu said after he glanced at He Dongming.

He Xue had personally brought him to his office and specially introduced him. It meant this man was important to her.

Although they were talking about business, Fang Qiu didnt want to put He Xue in an embarra.s.sing position.

Therefore, he showed enough respect to her uncle.


He Dongming nodded and said, Your main business is cultivation, and your secondary business is the Foundation. Now everyone in Huaxia knows your Foundation is purely for public benefit. Since you set up the Foundation to benefit the people, I believe youre not a bad person. Deep down, you must have good intentions.


So, I hope you can show mercy to these three companies.

With this

He Dongming smiled and added, Of course, I didnt come here empty-handed. The three companies have made a few promises to me. They will provide your Foundation with the best medicinal herbs at lower prices if you let them off. In addition, each of them will donate 200 million Huaxia coins to develop the Three Billion Foundation. Also, they are willing to cooperate with your Foundation in as many aspects as you like.

In particular, when the three companies are recruiting employees, they will give priority to students from the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

Fang Qiu listened to him carefully.

Their sincerity is unquestionable.

Fang Qiu nodded understandingly and continued, I dont know why you agreed to come here for them, but I think you may not know the whole picture.


He Dongming was stunned.

Have you ever heard of an ancient saying?

Fang Qiu answered his question, Those who meet with a tragic ending must be troublemakers themselves!


Are there any hidden facts?

When he heard what Fang Qiu said, He Dongmings eyebrows shot up and he asked, These three companies plotted against your Foundation because they wanted your cultivation technique. Am I right?


Fang Qiu shook his head with a smile and said, Not merely three companies. Almost all the Chinese Medicine companies on the market are involved!


He Dongming was stunned.

Fang Qiu opened the drawer of his desk and took out the chains of evidence from the police station in Blackhill Gate Village. He put these doc.u.ments on his desk and said to He Dongming, The results of the investigation are out. All the evidence is here!

He Dongming took it to have a look.

Good heavens!

Sure enough, many more companies had been involved apart from these three companies. He saw that it was almost all the companies on the market.

I dont know if youve heard the whole story. Now I will tell you the key points.

Fang Qiu took a deep breath and said. First of all, there were four patients.

Because they took shoddy traditional Chinese medicine, they didnt recover. Instead, their conditions worsened. When I arrived, the county hospital couldnt save them. They were all ready to be sent to the hospital for further treatment. Even the critically ill notice had been issued.

It doesnt seem to be a big deal now, but if I had gone a day later, how many of these four patients would have survived? Im afraid they all would have died.

These four patients were related to four families. Besides, all of them were the breadwinners in their families. The death of one worker would hurt a family for several years or even decades!

And all of this was caused by fake drugs.

At this point

Fang Qiu suppressed the anger in his heart and continued, Why did I set up the Three Billion Foundation? It was because I accidentally went to the Leprosy Village in Nanjiang. That place was full of old and young leprosy patients. I saw how helpless those villagers were in the face of various diseases. They couldnt even buy medicine. That day, I decided to set up the Three Billion Foundation. It would serve patients in the countryside that had poor medical conditions. I want to help the patients in the countryside and am trying my best to save more people.

These pharmaceutical merchants can deal with me in any aspect, but they chose the most shameless way they targeted the Foundation and the patients in the countryside!

They directed and carried out this farce. They planned to cut off the supply of traditional Chinese medicine to the Foundation. In this case, the Foundation doctors couldnt provide these patients with medicine. They did all this to force me to hand over the cultivation technique to them.

They failed to threaten me. However, they didnt give up and did something even more vicious.

When Fang Qiu mentioned this

His face darkened, and he told He Dongming, Before you came here and before I exposed these three companies, they had already found two negotiators to talk with me. The first one told me that if I didnt give them the cultivation technique, they would unite to raise the prices of traditional Chinese medicine in the whole market. Then, those patients in the countryside could no longer afford the medicine!

Their evil plan would push the patients in the countryside to their deaths!

In this regard, I could only ask the Foundation to apply a subsidy policy. At least, we could ensure that the patients could get their medicine.

The second negotiator wanted to buy my cultivation technique, but I refused to sell. Even if I had to lose a great deal of money, I would never hand over my cultivation technique to these black-hearted pharmaceutical merchants.

Right after I refused them, they released news through the Honggang media. They said the Earthly Immortal Pill that had the Desert Cistanche as the main component produced by me might cause cancer!

At this point

Fang Qiu couldnt help sneering and said, Almost all the Chinese Medicine companies are involved in this matter. Thus, they were confident that I wouldnt dare to fall out with all of them. In their minds, I wouldnt have the guts to publicize all the evidence. After all, such a scandal would have a great impact on Chinese Medicine doctors, the Chinese Medicine industry, and society. Therefore, they had nothing to fear. They raised the prices and slandered me and resorted to all kinds of threats and inducements!

When He Dongming heard all of this

His expression changed drastically.


He had no idea what was going on, so he had come blindly to the cultivation base to intercede for the three pharmaceutical companies.

After Fang Qiu explained everything in detail

He was also angry.

He felt that he had been deceived.

When I was cornered by them, I asked a cultivation expert for traditional Chinese medicine to investigate the current situation of the Chinese Medicine market all over the country.

As Fang Qiu spoke, he took out the report of the Chinese Medicine market from Zhao Shanlin and placed it before He Dongming.

He Dongming picked it up and studied it.

The more he read, the more deeply furrowed his brows became.

All the evil things were done by them. They were like mad dogs. To achieve their goals, they were ready to do everything. My Foundation has been providing medical services for many villages. If they crush it, how many more villagers will die due to their illnesses every year?

Fang Qiu said angrily, If we continue to indulge them, soon traditional Chinese medicine will be useless, and the Chinese Medicine industry will be doomed too!

As pharmaceutical merchants, dont they know the current situation of the traditional Chinese medicine market?

No, they know it better than anyone else, but they have been pretending not to know and even encouraged the evil trends. Their purpose is to make money!

As long as these black-hearted pharmaceutical merchants conduct their medicine business in this way, the traditional Chinese medicine industry wont get better!

Im not doing this for myself. I can hold back my anger, but for traditional Chinese medicine, I cant ignore the harsh reality!

Fang Qiu made a powerful and rousing speech.

He Dongming had been listening to him with rapt attention.

He watched the young man before him and suddenly felt a deep reverence for him.

I was muddleheaded.

He Dongming stood up and said, Im sorry I came to plead with you before I learned the whole truth. I feel ashamed of myself.

Its a blessing for the Chinese Medicine industry to have you, an ambitious and promising young man!

Well done!

Those merchants are rich but heartless. They should pay the price!