Mechanical God Emperor - Chapter 1464: Lord of Dark Island

Chapter 1464: Lord of Dark Island

Chapter 1464: Lord of Dark Island

Under the guidance of the key, Yanshen Divine Son appeared in front of the world full of fire of extinction, and the corners of his mouth rose into a smile. Fire of extinction appeared and surrounded him.

Yanshen Divine Son took a step and entered the world full of fire of extinction.

The fire of extinction surged towards Yanshen Divine Son and merged into his body protection fire of extinction, unable to harm him in the least.

Yanshen Divine Son is not only a 7th layer Eternal Sovereign, but he also wields the fire of extinction. The world full of fire of extinction is not a threat to him, but a holy land of cultivation.

Yanshen Divine Son burst out into laughter and spoke words of provocation: Zhenyan Divine Son, come in and fight me if you have the guts!

Zhenyan Divine Son looked at the fire of extinction, and his expression darkened.

Zhenyan clan wields the power of ogre fire. While the yanshen clan wields the power of the fire of extinction. In the world full of fire of extinction, Zhenyan Divine Son isnt a match for Yanshen Divine Son.

From the world full of fire of extinction transmitted Yanshen Divine Sons cold and cruel voice: If you dont have the guts, then get out of here! Otherwise you will die once I get the treasury of Flame Ogre King!

Yanshen Divine Son, you think that a mere world of the fire of extinction can stop me?!

Zhenyan Divine Son smiled frigidly and waved his hand, and a golden crystal ogre head appeared.

With a vicious flash in its eyes, the golden crystal ogre head broke out with Eternal tyc.o.o.n realm fluctuations of power and breathed in.

The world shrouded in fire of extinction turned into a terrifying whirlpool that flowed into the crystal ogre head.

The fire of extinction and ogre fire entangled with each other and finally extinguished.

The crystal ogre head has the power of an Eternal tyc.o.o.n attack sealed in it and is one of Zhenyan Divine Sons lifesaving trump cards. This is a reserve and a source of confidence of the divine son of a strong clan.

Of course, treasures that have an Eternal tyc.o.o.n attack sealed in them are extremely precious. In general, divine sons of strong clans only have one or two such treasures. Zhenyan Divine Son asked his clan for more such treasures in order to be able to quell Yanshen Divine Son, that is, to plunder the treasures of Yanshen Divine Son.

After the fire of extinction disappeared, a scorched and lifeless world appeared in front of Zhenyan Divine Son.

Behind the scorched and lifeless world, there is a world full of fierce wind.

Yanshen Divine Sons figure fluttered, and he plunged into the world full of fierce wind.

Zhenyan Divine Son, Kongling Fairy, and the other eternal Sovereigns cast secret methods, turned into streams of light, and drilled into the world full of fierce wind.

When they entered the world of fierce wind, they felt as if a 1st layer Eternal realm powerhouse cast a powerful large-scale offensive secret method and attacked them continuously.

Yanshen Divine Son and them had no choice but to activate powerful defensive barriers to resist the fierce wind.

Countless wind blades slammed into their defensive barriers and continuously consumed their power.

All of a sudden, an Eternal realm wind dragon 1,000 meters in length emerged in the world of fierce wind and bit an Eternal Sovereign, and terrifying wind force broke out and sliced the Eternal Sovereign into pieces.

A mysterious light ejected out from the center of Flame Ogre Kings treasury and shrouded the fragments of the Eternal Sovereigns body

A mysterious and great force emerged, and an Eternal imprint appeared from the fragments of the Eternal Sovereigns body.

Lord, save me! Please save me!

When the Eternal imprint emerged, the Eternal Sovereign issued miserable screams.

The Eternal wind dragon bit the Eternal imprint and crushed it in an instant.


Along with a miserable scream, the Eternal Sovereign fell directly.

He truly fell!

His Eternal imprint was crushed! He truly fell!

How could this be?

When the chasing Eternal Sovereigns saw this, they felt a chill go down their spine.

The most dreadful thing about Eternal Sovereigns is their immortal property. Even if they are killed by other fearsome beings, Eternal Sovereigns can be reborn in the universe or domain that contains their Eternal imprint.

However, the Eternal wind dragon crushed the Eternal imprint of the Eternal Sovereign, killing the other party for good.

There was a flash of shock in Zhenyan Divine Sons eyes: The arrangements left behind by Flame Ogre King are actually this strong?

When Flame Ogre King was alive, he was an unequaled tyc.o.o.n with a portion of an Eternal Sovereign Kings properties. When he slayed an Eternal Sovereign, he could extract their Eternal imprint and destroy it, truly killing the enemy Eternal Sovereign.

However, Flame Ogre King could do this while alive. But after he died, he may not be able to do this.

Zhenyan Divine Son guessed the truth at once, and his eyes flashed with a scorching shade and his blood boiled: No! Eternal Sovereign King! This is the treasury of an Eternal Sovereign King! This is not the treasury of Flame Ogre King! But the treasury of an Eternal Sovereign King! No wonder Yanshen Divine Son wants to get this treasury at all cost! After all, since this is the treasury of an Eternal Sovereign King, it may contain secrets of the Eternal Sovereign King realm!

The Eternal unequaled tyc.o.o.n realm and Eternal Sovereign King realm are separated by only a step. But the gap between the two is as wide as an uncrossable chasm. Back in the day, Flame Ogre King was able to contend against Purple Flame King. Bit when Purple Flame King advanced to an Eternal Sovereign King, he easily quelled Flame Ogre King.

No matter how powerful an Eternal tyc.o.o.n is, but when faced against an Eternal Sovereign King, the only thing they can do is to run away.

In Eternal World, only Eternal Sovereign Kings can ignore an Eternal Sovereign army formed from Eternal Sovereigns and quell the Eternal Sovereign army by themselves.

According to legend, above Eternal Sovereign King realm, there is still the Eternal Sovereign G.o.d Emperor realm in Eternal World. But no one has ever seen an Eternal Sovereign G.o.d Emperor. The Eternal Sovereign G.o.d Emperor realm has become a myth. The most powerful powerhouses in Eternal World are Eternal Sovereign Kings who dominate the Ten Sacred Firmaments.

In the world of fierce wind, Eternal wind dragons appeared one after another and fought the Eternal Sovereigns.

Zhenyan Divine Son, thank you for helping me to tie down these Eternal wind dragons! Ill take my leave first!

Yanshen Divine Son spat out blood essence, and wings of fire unfurled behind him, flapped lightly, and raised storms of wind and fire. He he tore through the sky and flew out of the world of fierce wind in an instant.

d.a.m.n it!

With a ferocious flash in his eyes, Zhenyan Divine Son broke out with countless runes, surged with flames, and turned into a yanshen ogre four meters in height, with countless mysterious runes engraved on the head.

After his transformation, Zhenyan Divine Son turned into a stream of light, tore two Eternal wind dragons to pieces, and chased after Yanshen Divine Son.

In the world of fierce wind, where the Eternal wind dragons are raging, there are many Eternal Sovereign subordinates of Zhenyan Divine Son. Those subordinates were abandoned by Zhenyan Divine Son.

Unless Zhenyan Divine Son uses another Eternal tyc.o.o.n treasure, it is basically impossible to save his subordinates.

Zhenyan Divine Son, save me!!

Kongling Fairy surged with ribbons that blasted away one Eternal wind dragon after another. Her eyes flickered with a miserable shade, and she pitifully pleaded with Zhenyan Divine Son.

Zhenyan Divine Son had an expressionless look on his face. He didnt look at Kongling Fairy at all. After a few flashes, he flew out of the world of fierce wind and disappeared.

I knew you were unreliable! Lord of Dark Island, come out! If you dont come out now, I will have no choice but to leave!!

After seeing Zhenyan Divine Son leave, Kongling Fairys countenance changed. She waved her fair hand, and a black bead flew into the void.

When the black bead flew into the void, it burst out with black light, glimmered with countless runes, and condensed into a person. That person is the lord of Dark Island.

Lets go!

The lord of Dark Island looked at the Eternal wind dragons lunging at him with a solemn flash in his eyes and waved his hand, and a black Eternal Dark Diagram appeared.

On the Eternal Dark Diagram, black monsters appeared, intertwined with each other, and formed a black defensive barrier that covered the lord of Dark Island and Kongling Fairy and propelled them to fly forwards.

Along with fierce winds, the Eternal wind dragons tore at the black defensive barrier.

Countless wind blades slashed the black defensive barrier and raised ripples, yet they werent able to break the barrier.

After a dozen plus breaths of time, the lord of Dark Island flew out of the world of fierce wind together with Kongling Fairy.

When they flew out of the world of fierce wind, Kongling Fairy saw two terrifying flames burning a sea of ice.

As it was burned by the two Eternal tyc.o.o.n realm flames, the frost force of the sea of ice disappeared and turned into mist that rose into the air.

The ice direbeasts in the sea of ice were burned until nothing was left.

After the sea of ice was burned until nothing was left, the eyes of Yanshen Divine Son and Zhenyan Divine Son turned and fell on the lord of Dark Island and Kongling Fairy.

When Zhenyan Divine Son saw the lord of Dark Island beside Kongling Fairy, his expression turned ugly.

Yanshen Divine Son glanced at Kongling Fairy and burst out into laughter, and his eyes flashed icily, Ha-ha! Zhenyan Divine Son, it seems that smelly woman betrayed you too! Why dont the two of us join hands and deal with that smelly woman and the lord of Dark Island first, and then explore the treasury?

The lord of Dark Island uttered, Zhenyan Divine Son, Yanshen Divine Son is an enemy of our Boda Sacred Firmament. How about we join forces and kill him first, and then explore the treasury together?