Me and Ojou-sama - Vol 2 Chapter 3

Vol 2 Chapter 3

2 – 2

Well, masturbation was something people do when they want and I think there were few who did it as a duty.

I was once too. But there were circ.u.mstances that made it can’t be like that anymore.

That was the third year of middle school, October, when I just became fifteen years old.

I saw a dream of raping Kotono, making a mess out of her.

The contents were the same as the ero-manga I read before I sleep.

ーIyaaa! no, no you can’t!

Not minding Kotono’s scream I forcibly opened both of her legs and violently rammed my fully erected p.e.n.i.s.

ーIt, it huuurts! Pull, pull it out! P-please!

Kotono opened her eyes that can’t see wide, begged to me while crying. Her cheeks were wet with tears.

Seeing that face, my p.e.n.i.s became more and more swelling up and then I slapped my glans to the deep of her womb with all of my power.

ーWhat is this? You said no but you’re so wet here, the truth is you want it, don’t you? This female-pig.

While throwing that words, with great vigor, I e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed inside of her.

I moaned, impregnating Kotono with a lot of s.e.m.e.n to the degree that my b.a.l.l.s were emptied.

ーIyaaaa! not indsiiiiiide! I’ll get pregnaaaaant!

. . . . . . and.

That’s where I woke up.

I sleep but my heart was beating so fast and I sweat like a waterfall.

of course, my crotch was damp wet.

Honestly, I was attacked by terrible self-loathing.

( Do I have an interest in rape act? )

I became completely scared of myself when I thought of that.

Dream represented our’s psyche.

In other words, in my innermost self, I had a desire to rape Kotono like that.

Speaking frankly, my head was full of worthless thing at middle school.

I also had an existence called Kotono and she still said willful thing like asking me to nap with her or piggyback her like when we still a child.

If this continues I didn’t know when my reasoning might fly and made that dream reality.

That’s why I a.s.signed myself to m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.e 2 times a day.

Once when I woke up early in the morning and once before I sleep. And then in that interval, I absolutely won’t think about Kotono at all.

With this, I might subside my boiling libido a bit.

I temporary succeeded with this plan.

Even if it was a rainy days or I had a fever( there’s also when it reach 39 degrees), no matter what happens, I did it at morning and evening without fail and spend the day feeling refreshed like a sage.

Being able to alleviate the stimulations from Kotono a bit, my reasoning rang the winning’s fanfare!

. . . . . . But.

It looks like I took the enemy too lightly.

Spring, advancing from middle school to high school.

I was bewildered once again by the raging libido storm.

Finis.h.i.+ng the daily routines, in no time one year pa.s.sed, Kotono became sixteen years old, five months faster than me, from there on she rapidly maturing.

There was a saying ‘Just as even coa.r.s.e tea tastes good when fresh’.

This was a cruel word, but even an ugly girls look beautiful at the peak of their youth, a girl, from when they reach sixteen years old was like a suddenly blooming flower, transforming to an adult woman.

Kotono who had a well-ordered face like a doll from the beginning, start to lavished a fascinating charm.

Kotono seemed to be a late-blooming, until that time she still had the stiffness of a young girl, If I had to say, she gave a ‘too perfect that lacks any human’s flaw’ impressions to people.

The slim and low on weight body became more mature, and her bra was 2 sizes up. ( Why I knew that? It was because Anna-san reporting it to me every single time of it.)

The stiff bud beautifully blooming, and at the deep of that was giving a seductive nectar, there’s no way I won’t react to that.

Even the most simple thing Kotono did in daily life aroused my immodest imagination.

For example when she tapped the table with her fingers when learning the morse signal.

When she casually flipped her long hair, or when she gulps some drink.

And also when she had a meal, when she brought it to her mouth ( especially spring roll or banana were dangerous ) I almost became erect and so quickly looked away.

There’s also the case that she can’t see, so she seemed to be indifferent that she was releasing that kind of pheromone.

That’s why she pushed the chair role to me as usual and when watching a film she sat beside and glued closely her body to me.

( Even if I said watching a film, she listens to the actor lines and heard the actual scene from me as the intention. She was a fan of Jackie Chan, Steven Seagal, Eddie Murphy, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and also Hiroya Is.h.i.+maru, Akio Otsuka, Atom s.h.i.+mojo, Tessho Genda.)

When reading a book aloud while becoming a chair, feeling the different until now, her soft b.u.t.t sensation, I almost came many times.

The age of sage was gone.

In short, the balance between what acc.u.mulated and extracted crumbled was the cause.

If the acc.u.mulated and extracted quant.i.ties were same, there won’t be a problem. However, because of Kotono growth, my s.e.xual drive became three times stronger than normal, masturbating twice per day were no longer sufficient enough.

And then October, when I became sixteen years old, I saw that dream again.